Rune Sig: what sense are, methods of making

Rune Sig: what sense are, methods of making

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Rune Sig carries a deep sense of the sacred, which is incorporated into the style and history of the ancient symbol. It is a powerful magical tool that is able to dramatically affect a person’s life, if you use it as a talisman or guess.

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Meaning of Ancient Runes

It is believed that the images on various materials runes affect the inner world of man and able to transform the surrounding space. Since ancient times, Sieg runes used to protect, get the help of higher powers, defeat the enemy, affect all sorts of events.

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In antiquity rune produced by all possible means: on excised bones slaughtered animals, wood, leather or portrayed on the stone.

Particularly potent considered charm in the form of a cube cut from bone or timber holder and soaked with blood. This talisman protects from enemies made unbeaten attached forces.

Runes were used in divination and other magical rituals to get advice, be healed of illnesses and for other purposes.

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Sieg rune – symbol particularly powerful. It is endowed with the power of victory, solar energy, and has the following properties:

  • It gives strength and enthusiasm, inspires feats. It helps to quickly get the result on the way to his goal.
  • Gives its possessor the power of life, endows the desire to win and protect from enemies, send good luck in the battles and fights.
  • It helps to quickly finish the job and complete successfully.
  • Positive effect on the organs located in the solar plexus and helps to heal from disease in this part of the body.
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How to use the rune Sig?

Depending on what type of goal you are pursuing, to follow certain rules in order to get the desired result:

  • If an urgent need to gain strength before an important stage in life, it is necessary to portray the character as you wish: on a piece of paper or cardboard, cut a tree or embroidered on the fabric. The process sends a mental request: ask for help higher power, and it is sure to come.
  • Sincerely and unconditionally believe in the magic power of the runes. Faith – the engine that activates an ancient symbol of magic and helps it to affect your life. But the doubts and fears of significant “brake” effect.
  • Once the image is ready to rune will activate it. This is most easily done with the help of fire: burn paper or opal candle flame workpiece.
  • If you are constantly in a negative environment, for example, your colleagues – and envious gossip, customers are constantly coming with complaints, fabricate a protective talisman. It will be a kind of energy barrier, through which your life will be able to get only positive emotions.

Runes can be used for divination. But in order to master even simple techniques, you must first learn the meaning of all the runes, because each character has a value, which is surrounded by will be in the balance Sieg.

What gave meaning Rune Sig Slavs?

Different people attach different meanings runes. Ancient Slavs:

  • Runes used as amulets, symbolizing the spiritual connection between man and the higher powers.
  • They believed that runes help connect to egregor forces, filled with the wisdom of the ancestors, recharge your energy Roda.
  • Rune Sig was a symbol of strength, deep knowledge, the integrity of the human soul. It is inextricably been linked with the sun, solar energy empowers.
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The ancient Slavs rune symbolizing the victory over himself. No wonder – Only a warrior who has won himself can defeat the enemy, even surpassing it in power.

Meaning rune Sieg in Nordic tradition

Germanic peoples are an ancient symbol of its own value:

  • Zig – transmitter magical powers and a strong, combative energy. To use this property sign, he was portrayed on stones, bones and metal.
  • At the time of the runes they have lost popularity, but they are again reminded of the early twentieth century and was used in occult practices.
  • Rune was considered quite dangerous, because the power that it gave, could bring a lot of trouble if used improperly. The best example of this – the life path of Hitler, who from an early age interested in the occult traditions of their ancestors.

Watch the video about the Slavic characters and rune Sig:

Special features of the amulet

If you decide that the properties of the runes Sieg you need, you can make an amulet with a picture of this ancient symbol. Features and nuances that must be considered:

  • Choose the right day of the week. It is best to fit runic magic rituals Tuesday and Saturday. Tuesday – if you need a guardian, Saturday – if you want to bring good luck and to create opportunities for success.
  • During the creation of the amulet is abstracted from extraneous thoughts. Focus your attention on what you want to get. Ask for help and support, the protection of the higher powers.
  • Choose suitable color. Red emphasizes power and energy, yellow symbolizes positive solar energy, brown gives resistance, and black – protects.
  • To activate the amulet, you must bring the victim to the ancient deities. Nothing supernatural or ominous is not required – just put the glass with beer, wine or dish with fish next to the amulet.
  • At the end, say: “I emphasize you by four elements!”
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Important : To forever enlist the support and magical properties of the rune, you can portray it on the body as a tattoo.

But consider this step well – to get rid of the intervention of magic will be impossible. Try to start making a temporary tattoo with Henna. Watch your sensations – whether there is a feeling of comfort or, on the contrary, there are unpleasant and disturbing phenomena.

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