Runes for weight loss: their list and effective ways of application

Runes for weight loss: their list and effective ways of application

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Runes for weight loss are an excellent help in the fight against overweight. Let’s talk about the principles of working with the runic symbols and what combinations will help get closer to the figure of your dreams.

What is runes and why are they needed?

Runes are a powerful magic instrument, ancient alphabet symbols in which a huge sacral meaning is concluded. It is believed that Runic writing was transmitted from ancestors to descendants in order to preserve ancient magical knowledge.

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Appearance, internal importance and symbolism Runes changed over the centuries. Our ancestors enjoyed runes for such purposes:

  • Conducted rituals over newborn and deceased. In the first case, to protect the baby, in the second – in order for the soul of the dead man to find peace.
  • As writing signs to maintain and accumulate knowledge.
  • As a faith, which defended the warriors during battles and battles.

But if earlier the mystery runes were stored in strict secrecy, now the knowledge of ancient magic is available to everyone. You can with the help of ancient characters to achieve such results:

  • Disclosure energy channels, give energy freely flow through the body.
  • Close energy flows – this property is used in negative magical rituals.
  • Protect a person or a certain object from negative intervention.
  • Put protection for a magic ritual.
  • Restore circulation energy in all chakras and energy meridians of the human body.
  • Restore man aura, get rid of energy clamps.
  • Reveal the secrets of the future, to work out the past, adjust all the stages of life and send energy into a positive channel.
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Overweight and other health problems are always a consequence of improper circulation of energy in a thin body. Runes help thoroughly work this problem.

How to work with runes for weight loss?

It is important to observe all the subtleties and nuances of the Runic Rituals to get the desired result. It is necessary to know the properties and values ​​of the characters and the features of their use.

Here are a few rules that need to be adhered to:

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  • Refrain from taking alcohol and other toxic substances during the period of working with runes.
  • Observe the post or diet, refuse food of animal origin.
  • Develop awareness, learn to visualize the result to which you are striving, formulate your desires correctly.
  • To enhance the effect, you can use incense or essential oils.

Decision awareness is not easy, but regular practices will help make a step forward. Here are some ways:

  1. Meditate. Examine all sorts of meditation methods. This will teach you to relax consciousness and concentrate on the necessary thoughts.
  2. Do not admit negative thoughts in your life. As soon as something bad is curable into consciousness, immediately start thinking about good.

Runes for weight loss tested with a pattern

And now the most “tasty” – symbols that are endowed with healing force and help you find a dream figure.

Important : Work with runes for weight loss in that time when the moon is in a decreasing phase.

Here is a list of runes, which are effective in achieving your goal:

  1. Isa – Rune, which helps “freeze” weight in one place. Extra kilograms will no longer appear, while the other runes have successfully done their work.
  2. Rune Yera helps to send the energy of your body to healing. Due to the sufficient energy potential, health problems, which could be the cause of excess weight.
  3. Rune Soul fills the person with light solar energy, helps to restore the energy balance of the body. He contributes to the accelerated splitting of fats and bringing them from the body.
  4. Runa Calagaz also works for fats splitting.
  5. Berkan allows you to achieve slow, smooth slimming that will not harm health, in contrast to the cardinal methods.
  6. Dagaz helps concentrate weight loss on those parts of the body that you are not satisfied.
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But the proven rune combination of slimming symbols:

But do not forget that Runes are not a panacea. No magic will help to lose weight if you continue to eat hamburgers, drinking them with a harmful cola. Therefore, observe the basic principles of healthy nutrition and lifestyle:

  • Enter an active lifestyle. We are more likely to go on a fresh rest, do sports, walk on foot, run. Choose the sport that you like best.
  • Watch the power. Exclude harmful foods from the diet, you are useful and diverse, observe the balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

Beauty lives in detail. If you drastically review your lifestyle, set up a comfortable and useful meal, runes will repeat the weight loss process.

Watch the video about how to lose weight with Runes:

How to write runes for weight loss

It is very important to correctly apply the runic symbols on the workpiece:

  1. Apply marks on paper, wood or glass.
  2. Use only red and black flowers.
  3. Visualize the end result you want to achieve. Imagine while working with runes your slender, beautiful, taped body. Mentally draw images, how they admire your new forms around.

Runic magic is a very powerful and effective tool to achieve everything that you can wish. But remember – it works only from those people who believe in it. It is faith – a peculiar engine and an activator of the magical properties of ancient signs.

And better not tell anyone about those who lose weight with the help of runes. Risk to bring the wave of criticism, condemnation and mockery. It will prevent the result and make you doubt the healing power of the runes. Therefore, leave your intention in secret. At least until they find a slender figure.

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