Runes – Ancient Scandinavian Magic Alphabet

Runes – Ancient Scandinavian Magic Alphabet

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What are Runes? This is an ancient Scandinavian magic alphabet. Translated the word Rune denotes a mystery or secret. The secret letter was originally created by Scandinavian priests to record magical spell formulas.

According to legends, the runes gave God alone, who received them from heaven. Subsequently, the rune alphabet was used for other, not magical, records. For example, you can find poems recorded by run symbols. In the article, we consider it precisely the magical meaning of the rune alphabet, we will examine each rune separately.

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List of runes

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Rune Fekhu

Runa Uruz

Rune Tourisaz

Rune Ansuz

Rune Raido

Rune Kenaz

Rune Gebo

Runa Veuno

Rune Hagalaz

Rune Nautiz

Runa Isa

Rune Yera

Rune Evaz

Rune Pert.

Rune Algiz

Rune Soulu

Rune Taywaz

Runa Berkana

Rune Evaz

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Rune Mannaz

Rune Laguz

Rune Ingus

Rune Odal

Rune Dagaz


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Runic alphabet is called Futarc. There are several dozen different alphabets, among which the greatest spread received the eldest Futark. This alphabet consists of 24 characters separated by 3 attta – 8 runes in each. Each rune carries a certain magic value and expresses the energy flow of the corresponding property. Moreover, each rune binds a person’s consciousness with a certain Nordic deity and expresses its quality.

The runes were recorded on the stones, burned on the tree, sharpened on paper. Runes decorated with metal weapons, burned them on the helmet of warriors. Archaeologists still find in excavations evidence of the use of runes in ancient. The ancient runes did not lose their importance and in modern times, they are used by lawrs of the whole world to create bets and progress.

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First att

Fehu. . This rune opens Futark and denotes property and possession or possession of property. The symbol is associated with the material aspect of being and earth well-being. However, the fee does not express the essence of monetary signs, but is an archetype of wealth. It can be a house, a cottage, a car, a powerful table, etc. Applying a faughter, remember that the concrete goal of achieving well-being should sound in the Stava Target, and not an abstract concept of wealth.

Urus . This is the second rune of the first attta, which expresses the effect of action. Here the content acquires the form and becomes embodied. This is the power of energy action, the male aspect of force. Strength Urus can save any obstacles on the way, its destructive aspect must be used very carefully. Urus use in cases of need to change the circumstances or inhale energy into stagnant affairs and events.

Tourisaz Used to protect against magical influence. Limping it – spike. Spike barbed plants have the ability to dispel negative energy. Another Association of Touriszes is the hammer of God Torah. If you need to destroy the negative in any kind, tourisas apply.

Ansus It is considered one of the sacred runes and denotes the “Message”. With the help of Ansus, you can desonize your vibrations with the vibrations of the otherworldly peace and receive information from there. Rune cleans consciousness from unnecessary and prepares to the perception of the subtle world. Ansus is used in spell-based rites and magical ceremonies.

Ridid Indicates a trip and road. It symbolizes the dynamics of movement, direction on the selected course. Rioto helps to move towards the goal, bypassing any obstacles. Feeling goal and will to action – characteristics of this symbol.

Kano. Symbolizes torch, light, flame. The rune is used in situations when it is necessary to clarify incomprehensible and secret. With the help of Kano, you can find an answer to the exciting question, and also awaken love in the heart of a person.

Gebo Symbolizes the unity of opposites, partnerships. This symbol is often used in love magic to create a union or saving it. Gebo enhances energy connected together.

Vehicle Indicates joy, achieving the scheduled, successful end of the case. Often, vehicles are used to achieve harmony between two people in both love and business relationships.

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Second Att

Hagalaz Symbolizes destruction. The symbol is used to destroy partner and love relationships, to purify space for new beginnings. This is a change, update, destruction of the suspended and unnecessary.

Nautiz Symbolizes the need for something, need. This rune expectant position, it requires to take patience and wait for dark times. Growth and development are absent, there is only a forced stop.

Isa. Symbolizes ice, cold, stop. Isa freezes any relationship, feelings and events. It is used to fix the result achieved so that there are no changes.

Yera It matters “harvest, year.” The rune helps to achieve the goal, it strengthens the result achieved and allows you to enjoy the results of hard work – to collect a crop.

Eyvaz Symbolizes protection. Also, this symbol refers to the delay and obstacles on the way. It is necessary to show perseverance to overcome the obstacles. Also, the symbol is used to be able to penetrate the essence of the events of interest.

Perth Symbolizes secrets hidden, subconscious. Another value is the female Lono. In magic, perters use for the treatment of female diseases and to objectify. Rune contributes to prediction rituals.

Algiz Protects from evil forces, unlocked and curses. Ancient Vikings depicted on helmets Vychi from Algiz – a horror helmet. The rune helps to avoid danger, maintain the resistance of the Spirit in extreme situations. Also Algiz helps to establish a direct connection with the retirement of the gods.

Sowlu Promotes breakthrough. This is a symbol of the sun and victory, vital energy and good luck. Rune is used in the Talismans of protection against black witchcraft and trouble, as well as to clarify the situation.

Third Att.

Tayivaz (TIR) – Rune victory. She gives good luck, helps to overcome any complex situations. Tayivaz symbolizes male energy and is used to attract a man in love magic.

Berkana Indicates the feminine beginning. In Magic, Rune is used to protect children from evil and trouble, to protect a pregnant woman. Since Berkan is associated with growth, it is used in the talismans of protecting gardens and country sites. This is also one of the kiving runes.

EVAZ. It is a manual change, it is used to promote the situation. This is a symbol of persistent and bold people, weak spirit will bring trouble. Since the symbol of the rune is a horse, it is used to create amulets athletes.

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Mannaz Symbolizes man. Rune is used for fruitful cooperation with people, in love magic – for love spells. The value of Mannases is revealed in combination with other runes.

Laguz Symbolizes intuition, foresight and prophecy. Laguz is also associated with deception, marrots and mirages. It is used in situations that need to be kept secret or to bring charm. Women talisman with runea Laguz helps to keep attractiveness and sexuality.

Ingus It is a manual fertility, ending endanits. At the same time, it personifies the disposal of the entire senlable and superfluous. If you need to implement a creative or business project, use Ingus. Ingus’s magic applies for the treatment of infertility and increase sexual attractiveness.

Otila Symbolizes inheritance, possession, separation. Otila’s talismans helps to guard her household property in a bundle with other runes. Energy Otil helps strengthen related links, build a new home and attract cash flows.

Dagaz – This is a transition to a different level of development, change, update. It is used to resolve deadlocks when it cannot be shifted from a dead point.

Groups of runes

Also, in addition to the autonomous value of each runic sign, there are also group values โ€‹โ€‹of symbols – they combine three signs of each row. Description Runes:

  1. Runes of victory;
  2. Runes of beer;
  3. Runes of the Volshbb;
  4. Overtable runes;
  5. Runes of the surf;
  6. healing runes;
  7. Runes speech;
  8. Runes of thought.

Runes of victory were portrayed on military armor to attract strength and protection. The runes of beer were portrayed to protect against malicious energies and to clarify the truth. The wolves were used in predictive techniques.

Owning runes were used to help the feminine. The runes of the surf were depicted to protect in maritime travel. Healing – for treatment, Runes of speech – to help to eliminate disagreements and conflicts. The runes of thought helped to achieve clarity of mental activity.

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