Name Runes of the Senior Futark and their meaning, Runic Properties

Name Runes of the Senior Futark and their meaning, Runic Properties

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The origin of the runes is associated with the Scandinavian God God, who received knowledge with heroic way – he kept on the ash under the head of 9 days in a row. Nowadays, bunners are used by a well-designed senior Futark, consisting of 24 denial signs. Consider the name of the runes and their value for magic. It should be noted that the mantic value of the runes is different from the magic. The article will be discussed precisely about the magic interpretation of the elder Futark.

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Runic symbols

The name “Rune” comes from the ancient Years of the word RUN denoting the secret, whisper. The ancient Germanistic word RUNE is echoing with it with the same meaning. The Old Aglian meaning of the word is translated as “trusting the mystery.” In the general meaning, the word “Rune” can be translated as “Tell, pass the secret with a whisper.”

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Senior Futark is a rune alphabet consisting of symbols widespread in the northern part of the European continent. It is worth noting that the versions of the Runic alphabet are many, and each of them differs from another way of pronouncing, interpretation, writing and meaning. This applies to the elder and younger Futarkov who received the greatest distribution among modern RuNologists.

Runic alphabet is divided into three sections of 8 characters in each. Section is called – ATT. Consider writing signs and magical interpretation:

  • in direct;
  • In the shadow value.

Shadow (inverted) The value of the rune is not always opposite to direct, but enhances its negative meaning.

Att Frey

Rune Fekhu Related to material well-being, property, inheritance, possession and cattle. It also symbolizes good luck, fart and gift. Financial receipts can be both earned and obtained as a gift.

The shadow value of Runes is talking about losses, losses, catastrophe associated with property and well-being. The same applies to the loss of respect and confidence. This includes the concept of fear, cowardice, greed, poverty, slave capture and nonsense.

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Symbol of Uruswaz Literally denotes wild bull. The value of the rune is physical endurance, power, excerpt, speed, powerful potential (not always disclosed). The symbol indicates a strong physical health, energy in action, perseverance and courage, understanding, wisdom, knowledge. Rune indicates sudden changes for the better, power and support, male potency and power.

Shadow value – illness, tolerance, submission of circumstances and other people, vain efforts, mistakes and errors. Also the sign symbolizes gross strength, ignorance, greed and atrocity. Changes can be sharp and rapid.

Runa Tourisas Indicates blind power aimed at changes. It is always destruction and conflict. In Magic, Tourisas denotes cleansing, destruction of the negative element of the fiery element. This is a male symbol, god-rod, Rune indicates sexual desire and fertilization.

Shadow Tourisas is a symbol of danger, insecurity, betrayal and depressiveness. These are always criminal thoughts aimed at evil. Often refers to a woman or a bad person. All the dark paints of feelings are violence, malice, hatred, torment, lie.

Rune Ansus Symbolizes God Odin. It is always power and power, enthusiasm and inspiration, as well as speech and transfer of something. Ansus is a symbol of support, blessing and understanding. This is harmony, truthfulness, good health and well-being.

Shadow Ansus is a delusion and mistake, misunderstanding and trying to manipulate, arrogant and arrogance, vanity. Also points to boredom.

Rune Raido Indicates a wagon, chariot, journey. Symbolically rido may designate a change in ideas and perspective. Rune Indicates the correct direction of development, the fulfillment of desires.

Shadow Raid is a crisis and destruction, injustice and cruelty, errors. Sometimes – death.

Rune Kenas Indicates a torch or lighthouse. It is knowledge, illumination or discovery, fire transformation, the power of light, sexual passion and energy.

Shadow Kenas denotes a disease, an unstable position, error and illusion. This is unrealized potential and collapse of illusions, humiliation and nudity.

Rune Gebo Darkens a gift. The symbol is associated with interchange, barter, contract and cooperation. It is always a balance of energies.

Shadow Gebo is associated with losses – bribes, taxes, fines. As well as greed, sacrifice, dependence, lack of support.

Vehicle – Rune joy. This is physical and psychological pleasure, prosperity and community, fame and recognized success.

The shadow vessel means grief, rage and madness, depression and psychosis, unjustified risk, delusional state, intoxication.

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Rune Hagalas Indicates a greeting. This is a rust of elements, a controlled crisis leading to harmony. The value applies to both the material and the region of the unconscious. Rune symbolizes patience during testing.

Shadow Hagalaz is pain and suffering, stagnation, crisis, loss, catastrophe and disaster.

Rune Nautis – This is the need for something. Sign symbolizes breakthrough through difficulties leading to success. This is the power of will, defeating suffering and trouble. Rock and the power of fate over man, forced patience.

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Dark Nautis – restrictions, extreme need, hunger physical and emotional, lack of forces, hard work, all sorts of deprivation.

Runa Isa denotes ice. It is a stop of development, obstacle and restriction, the period of clutch and inaction, the search for meaning. Isa enhances the value of nearby characters.

Shadow Isa is egoism and mania of greatness, illusion and treachery, cunning, blindness.

Rune Yera Indicates a year or harvest. This is the result of the effort spent, earned success, justified hopes. World, harmony, prosperity.

Shadow Yera – conflict, delay, change, cancellation of the achieved, incorrect choice, poverty.

Rune Avas Indicates a TIS tree. This is protection and power, movement energy, feeling of purpose, step to victory, stamina. It is also a person who can be trusted.

Shadow Eyvas – destruction, powerlessness, chaos and disharmony.

Runa Perth (Perch) – This is a symbol of fate. The rune is related to female nature, mystery, hidden, the changeability of fate. This is joy and good share, as well as friendship and support.

Shadow Perth denotes the dependence, lack of support, illness and failure.

Rune Algis – This is an ancient moose symbol. Protection in all manifestations, defense ability, communication (channel) with higher forces, advice to trust intuition.

Shadow Algis is a danger, lack of support for the highest strength, ban, rejection of the request, warning.

Rune Soulu Symbolizes the sun. This is life force, health, achieved success, fire power, cleansing, positive changes.

Shadow Soulu – loss of goals, justice and vengeance, wrath of gods and destruction, false direction, false success.


Rune Tayivas – Symbol of the God of the sky Tira. This is power, justice and justice, knowledge and analysis, victory in dispute or competition, self-sacrifice.

Shadow Tayivas – struggle, conflict, failure, defeat in the fight. It may be excessive imparation, blocking mental abilities, defeat or refusal to fight, unreasonable self-sacrifice.

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Runa Berkana – The symbol of the goddess Bert (Birch). This is a revival, abundance, prosperity and fertility, renewal and power. Can talk about love intrigue.

Shadow Berkana – Cheating, Stagnation, Lack of Fundamental, Basicness, Anxiety, Domestic or Family Problems, Distorted Understanding the Question.

Rune Evas. denotes a horse. This is a symbol of movement, may designate a vehicle. Indicates the choice of the right direction leading to progress. This is a trust, a successful marriage, mutually beneficial cooperation.

Shadow Evas – anxiety, uncertainty, disharmony, betrayal, destroyed dreams, waiting for change.

Rune Mannas Indicates a person. This is a symbol of relationships between people, friends or enemies, cooperation, intelligence, communication.

Shadow Mannas – lack of support and help, manipulation, deception, self-exclusiveness, mortality.

Rune Lagus Indicates water or leek. This is a water element, source of abundance, update and revival. All related to imagination, dreams and mystery. It can also mean a criminal world, loss of achieved or exorbitant fee for success.

Shadow Lagus is a confusion, an incorrect decision, obsession, madness and insanity, wilting and illness, desperate position. May talk about suicide.

Rune Ingus – The symbol of the land of the land of Inga. These are natural forces, fertility, male potency, implementation of plans, homemade hearth, warm relationship, care and understanding. Protection, help, resting time.

Shadow Ingus – hard work, slavery, despondency, no change, powerlessness.

Rune Dagas Indicates a new day or dawn. This is self-confidence, clarity of intention, planning, achieved success, strength to make changes, balance of forces, security, happiness.

Shadow Dagas – completeness of completion, the end of the cycle. In a negative value, hopelessness, blindness.

Rune Otila Indicates hereditary property. This is something important and valuable. The symbol means homeland, ancestors, spiritual heritage, security and prosperity. This is an increase in something.

Shadow otila – flawlessness, lack of foundations, rock, hopelessness, homelessness, restrictions, slavery.

Rune Virne – This is an empty symbol. The origin of this rune is incomprehensible, it was added to Fuhatakh in the eighties of the last century. It is recommended to remove it from the runic set and not to use.

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