Runic layouts: Methods for gadas and interpretation

Runic layouts: Methods for gadas and interpretation

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Depending on what you need to find out by divination, choose certain rune layouts. First, specify the question, the answer to which you are interested, and then proceed to the magical ritual.

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Signal “Random Rune”

This is the fastest way of divination on the runes. All that is required from you is to clearly formulate the question, and then randomly reach the rune. Its value will be the answer.


  • Divination helps to get a specific answer about the outcome of the situation exciting you.
  • Formulate the question very clearly, avoid ambiguousness and ambiguity.
  • Imagine mentally, in which area and the field of knowledge is the situation.

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Exception: You can get an arbitrary rune every morning – its meaning will tell about the events of the coming day.

Triya Norn method

The method of three Norn is a simple alignment of three runes:

How to guess:

Ask a clear question about the situation that worries you

  • At random, get three runes and decompose on the table in the manner indicated in the picture.
  • The first rune is the reason for the situation that roots goes into the past events of your life.
  • The second rune is a symbol of this and recommendation, as you need to act that the outcome of the situation arranged.
  • The third rune is the likely outcome of the situation, its result and future consequences.
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If the signs of signs conflict with each other, it means that the situation is rather contradictory and ambiguous, and its exodus will depend only on your actions.

Quadruple layout

This method of divination will help to know how favorably the circumstances in the situation you are interested in.

Run location scheme:

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  • 1 – Present, current state of affairs.
  • 2 – Interference on the way to the goal. Factors that should be eliminated so that the outcome of the case is favorable for you.
  • 3 – Your assistants and patrons. All that will help achieve a goal with minimal efforts.
  • 4 – exemplary result. How will the events forgue, if nothing is taken.

Five Run

For divination, it is necessary to formulate a question, determine the sphere of life, which he directly concerns, and decompose the ruins as follows:

  • 1 – the personification of your true desires and intentions. Probably there will be surprises – you will have to confess in the actual position of things yourself.
  • 2 – Answer if your desires will come true whether to realize the goals. The degree of reality of intent.
  • 3 – Council of the Runic Symbol. A sign that will indicate what needs to be done primarily so that the circumstances are favorable for you.
  • 4 – indicates the specific steps that must be taken to achieve the intended goal. Or vice versa – the Council inactive and allow events to develop naturally without your intervention.
  • 5 is the likely outcome of the event in the future and its consequences that will affect your life.
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Singing “Cross”

This method of divination should be applied when there are several stakeholders in an important event or situation, whose needs must be satisfied.

Scenario Scheme:

  • 1 – the causes of the situation that occurred in the past. Your actions, actions and thoughts that led to the current position of things.
  • 2 – essence, root problems. The state of affairs in the present. Chances of success.
  • 3 – how the situation will develop, events will develop in the future, if nothing is taken.
  • 4 – What needs to be done to all participants of the case in order for the outcome to be as favorable for everyone.
  • 5 – those circumstances, change which you are unable. They need to just accept and send strength to eliminate other problems.

Hextead layout

This is an improved “Cross”. The fortune telling is used in the case when it is necessary to help not only yourself, but also another stakeholder.

Scenario Scheme:


  • 1 – the state of affairs in the present time, the actual reflection of reality.
  • 2 – personification of a person most interested in the outcome of the situation. The characteristic of his personality and how this personality will develop with time.
  • 3 – events that will occur in the coming days.
  • 4 – Causes of situations that are rooted far away.
  • 5 – What specific actions must be made to make everything be resolved with the desired result.
  • 6 – what to wait in the distant future, if the situation is permitted by the desired manner.

Watch the video about popular Rune Layouts:

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Singing seven runes

Seven in this case – the symbol of the week and all of her days. Therefore, the most common goal of divination is to find out which events will come in the near future.


You can interpret in two ways. In the first, every rune will correspond to the day of the week: the first – Monday, the second – Tuesday and so on.

Rune values ​​according to the second interpretation method:

  • 1 and 2 – a symbol of the problem and how you perceive it. Subjective attitude to the situation.
  • 3 and 4 are the reasons and factors, thanks to which the situation is as if there is currently. Help to understand what the root of the problem is to eliminate the main reason and easier to get out of the situation.
  • 5 and 6 – advice, how to act so that the result is favorable for you. An indication of which circumstances should pay special attention.
  • 7 – end result. If the rune fell out in a negative meaning, special attention should be paid to the previous paragraph. Then there is a chance to turn the course of events in the direction you need.

Important: Conduct a divination session in full silence, try to completely concentrate and abstract from extraneous thoughts. Any interpretation skip through the prism of the mind, but listen to the sensations of the soul – how much the prediction speaks.

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