Runes Magic – description, value and rules of use

Runes Magic – description, value and rules of use

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Runes are associated with people with something mysterious and mystical. These ancient signs are the alphabet that the ancient Scandinavian and Slavic tribes enjoyed. People believed that the sign was possessed by a powerful magical force that could change the course of events. The runes of magic were widespread in the northern tribes of Europe, they were applied to the body and objects, with the help of them recognized the future. Consider in detail the value of written characters.

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List of runes

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Rune Fekhu

Runa Uruz

Rune Tourisaz

Rune Ansuz

Rune Raido

Rune Kenaz

Rune Gebo

Runa Veuno

Rune Hagalaz

Rune Nautiz

Runa Isa

Rune Yera

Rune Evaz

Rune Pert.

Rune Algiz

Rune Soulu

Rune Taywaz

Runa Berkana

Rune Evaz

Rune Mannaz

Rune Laguz

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Rune Ingus

Rune Odal

Rune Dagaz

Rune symbols

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At the very beginning, the runic signs were the basis of the alphabet, which was used by the Northern German tribes. With the advent of Christianity to Europe, Rounic art was forgotten for several centuries, and since 1989 people again caused interest in people. Galdrov’s book was published in England – an old ruffy manuscript, and ancient symbols with a wide stream entered the consciousness of modern people.

Historians described several dozen rune alphabets, but the most common among them is the Karsannavian Futark. It is today that modern bunners are used today. Icelandic runes are also widely known, which are called Galdrastavami – these are the Runic Vych and Magic Pictures (Galdramyund).

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What is the magic of runes? It is believed that the symbol is a conductor into the world of gods and connects a person with otherworldly forces. Runic symbol is the material expression of the spiritual energy of the universe, which a person directs at his own wishes. What can be done with runes, what problems solve?

Run Application:

  • protection against evil and damage;
  • attracting well-being streams;
  • Healing from the ailments;
  • destruction of evil;
  • human challenge;
  • love spell and lapse;
  • harmonization of relationships;
  • spiritual development.

There is no such problem that it is impossible to fix with the help of runic symbols.

Legend of Runa

How did Scandinavian rune writing appear, who came up with it? The northern peoples of Europe believe that the runes gave people an ancient God alone. He received knowledge thanks to the tests that managed to make. According to the legend, one kept on a clear head down 9 days, for which he received a remuneration in the form of a Rounic writing. After 9 days, the honeybeer was given to each other, and he heard the names of the runes, which he handed over. God immediately recorded the symbols on the stone with his blood – this appeared Futark from 24 runes.

This legend echoes and with Vedic knowledge about receiving the sacred mantras enlightened yogins – they heard the heavenly sounds after multi-day meditations. Legends can be believed, but you can not believe, but a slender system of written signs brought people a lot of benefit.

How is the word “Rune” translate? In the Karsannavian language, this word indicated the “secret whisper”. The most amazing thing is that the Runic Alphabet was initially used for magical purposes, and not for everyday communication. This fact suggests that the runes were the prerogative of eryli priests and only after steel was used for the letter. Therefore, they are called the runes of magic, and use in magical purposes to this day.

Rune value – Senior Futark

Senior Futark consists of 24 characters, each of which has its own name and value. This is the most sought-after rune row, which are used by modern ERILI to compile formulas, galdrastruments and bets. Futark consists of three attitudes dedicated to the Northern Divities. Each Atte is 8 runic characters in a strict sequence.

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Att Freira

Fehu. – Rune of wealth and well-being. It is capable of multiplying material and spiritual things – money, knowledge, material items. The symbol fills the person with energy to achieve conceived.

Urussas – Rune of power and power. This symbol expresses a volitional male start contributing to creation. With the help of Urussas, invisible things can manifest in material form.

Tourisas – The energy of God Torah, strength in its original manifestation. Rune can create and destroy.

Ansus – Explorer between the world of forms and heavens. With the help of Ansus, the gods of the Upper World give messages to people.

Ridid – Rune directional energy to achieve a specific goal. The power of this energy may have a creative and destructive effect, depending on Eril’s intentions.

Kenas – the birth of something new, creative potential. With the help of Kenas, you can drastically change the fate of a person.

Gebo – Energy of reconciliation and association. This is the rune of harmony.

Vehicle – Rune of realization and embodiment of desires in reality.


Hagalas. – The rune of the destruction of the old for the incarnation of the new one. This is a powerful exemption force through suffering.

Naties – Restriction strength. It is used to coercive the execution of the Will Eril to another person.

Isa. – Ice symbol, cold. With this sign, you can stop any movement. Isa gives a density form.

Yer – Rune time frame. This is a symbol of the change of seasons, the interim result between events.

Eywas – Revaluation of values, a new look at things. This is energy for making a decision, starting action.

Perch – Rune of female energy. The symbol helps the emergence of something new, the disclosure of the potential.

Algis – Symbol of protection. This rune not only protects, but also gives wisdom to make the right deeds.

Sowlu – Solar Rune, Cleansing Flame Symbol. This is the fire of the destruction of the old for the birth of a new one. Also, Soulu opens talents and abilities in man.

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ATT Torah

Tayivas – This is a victory sign in battles. This is the rune of a noble warrior who defeats evil. Gives inspiration and self-confidence.

Berkana – Symbol of female start. Rune protects homemade hearth, women and children. This sign is used to help the neighbor.

Evas. – shifted the case with a dead point. The rune is used for healing severely ill, for the onset of long-awaited change in life.

Mannas – human symbol. This is the rune of self-knowledge, acquiring the true goal and aware of its destination.

Ingus – Rune of fertility and abundance. The symbol helps accumulate energy to embody the conceived.

Odale – Symbol for protecting ancestors. It is applied to clarify the situation, removes wroks and zombies.

Dagas – Symbol of the sun in the zenith. Rune eliminates all unnecessary, preventing progress towards the goal.

Method of use of rune

How to use the runic symbols to solve the problems? To do this, you first need to master the value of each sign. Magic Runic is a writing of characters into a line or drawing a pattern from signs. To begin with, use only one, two or three runes – you can subsequently go to multi-storey packs.

The scheme for the preparation of the Runic Formula of three RUN:

  1. Rune to enhance action;
  2. The main rune (the meaning of the problem);
  3. Activation of action in the outside world.

If you need to create a formula from more characters, this scheme acts:

  1. Central runes describe the problem;
  2. The extreme runes sequence the energy of the conversion into the outside world.

Rune magic is a way to communicate with the world of gods, which helps change circumstances. Knowledge of ancestors enclosed in the symbolic image, and now help people in solving problems. However, the Runic Olders can and harm a person if the lick will be made incorrectly.

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