Runes and their meaning and application on the body

Runes and their meaning and application on the body

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Before the appearance of Latiza, the peoples of Northern Europe used the Runic alphabet. Since ancient times it was believed that his symbols had mystical properties, so they were used not only for writing, but also to create amulets, fortune telling and conducting magical rituals. Today, you can know the runes and their importance in the use of on the body can be every, but it is important to be careful, because the improper treatment of them will result in a mass of negative consequences.

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Rune Fekhu

Runa Uruz

Rune Tourisaz

Rune Ansuz

Rune Raido

Rune Kenaz

Rune Gebo

Runa Veuno

Rune Hagalaz

Rune Nautiz

Runa Isa

Rune Yera

Rune Evaz

Rune Pert.

Rune Algiz

Rune Soulu

Rune Taywaz

Runa Berkana

Rune Evaz

Rune Mannaz

Rune Laguz

Rune Ingus

Rune Odal

Rune Dagaz

Meaning of signs

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Runes are able to indicate a faithful way, and also help to achieve the desired goals and know themselves. For the magician they are a universal tool, with which you can open a secret veil of the future, past and present, get answers to important issues and create an overlap against negative impact. To carry out magic actions, runic signs are applied to bones, stones or wooden plates that are constantly carrying with them in a small bag. To use the runes as a talisman or guard, signs are applied to the body or make decorations.

Over time, the Runic alphabet was transformed and complemented by new signs. Today, only the most ancient option called “Senior Futark” is used for magical purposes. It contains 24 characters separated by 3 groups that wear the esoteric term “EtTir”.

Runes of the 1st Ettyra

Feu – property, wealth.

Helps to achieve success, well-being and financial independence. It has a positive effect on human health and protects against negative impact. Params consisting in long-term relationships, Rune will help strengthen the physical attraction and return the former passion.

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Urus – bull, bison.

Promotes the implementation of plans, introduces positive changes to the human life and gives it physical force. Women this sign gives special attractiveness and attractiveness. Also, the ur will help get rid of the problems of the reproductive system.

Tourisas – Giant.

The keeper of order, equilibrium and common sense. This symbol will not allow to get rid of the right path, and will help to take the right decision even in the most difficult situation. POSITIVE ENERGY Runes Tourisas is able to alleviate suffering seriously ill people.

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Ansus – God, Higher Spirit.

Stimulates the mental activity of the brain, thanks to which a person perceives new information better, stretches to knowledge and develops creative abilities. People prone to self-analysis, this Runic Symbol will help to become a holistic person by gaining harmony with the inner “I”.

Raido – road, journey.

Engine progress, pushing to continuous development and improvement. In difficult situations, it helps to keep the sobility of the mind to make the right decisions. Raido is a reliable defender for travelers and businessmen, because Wanings from trouble and envious.

Kenaz – torch, flame.

It helps to achieve their goals faster, contributes to the execution of desires and inspires new accomplishments. Rune gifts the irrepressible desire to go forward to success and suggests the right path to him. In personal relationships, Kenaz awakens the former passion and helps couples to fall in love, even when they are on the verge of separation.

Gebo – gift, generosity.

Symbolizes unity, mutual understanding and love. This rune symbol harmonizes the body and the soul of man, which gives him an understanding of true desires and needs. Gebo suggests which partners should be chosen to build a happy romantic relationship, as well as a profitable business partnership.

Rune Wuck – joy, happiness.

Moves with confidence, purposefulness and unshakable faith in victory. Attracts happiness, glory, unconditional love and recognition of others. WUNO will support in minutes of moral weakness, and will save from depression and sadness.

Runes of the 2nd Ettyra

Hagalaz – Grad.

It is calm, equilibrium and protection. It helps to gain an emotional balance, which allows you to maintain peace of mind and sound sensitors in stressful situations. The negative incidents in the life of a person Haralaz with ease converts to positive.

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Naties – need, need.

It is a faithful companion and reliable protection in difficult life periods. It is capable of enduring endurance, patience and perseverance, thanks to which a person can overcome any obstacles, cultivating self-sufficiency and invulnerability. This symbol helps in finding reliable and loyal partners both in love relationships and in business.

Isa – Loda.

Symbolizes self-control, restraint and coldness of reason. Rune contributes to an increase in the internal force that helps to cope with failures and difficulties on the way to the desired one. In the daily life of Isa makes order, organization and promotes concentration on truly important matters and events.

Yera – Vintage, year.

Speaks about unhurried, but correct promotion of affairs, achieving success and gaining great profits. Yera will become a talisman for businessmen and business people, because This rune sign is a guide to happiness, well-being and wealth. But it is not necessary to hope for a momentary solution of the tasks set – you should be patient and step by step to move towards the goal.

Evaz – Tis, Pine.

Pulses a strong, hardy and purposeful personality. Evaz protects against negative, making incorrect solutions and lesions. In addition, Rune promotes the development of paranormal abilities.

Perth – mystery.

Gives a feeling of stability, constancy and confidence. Opens new facets of personality, hidden talents and abilities. It eliminates past years and gives the opportunity to implement new plans that previously seemed impossible.

Algiz – elk, reed.

Protects from enemies both in physical and spiritual terms. Cuts personal property from loss and contributes to enhancement. Contributes to improving brain activity and cleansing aura.

Soulu – the sun.

Rune has a very strong and light energy, which allows it to influence all the positive aspects of the person of man and his environment. Soulu gives unshakable confidence and perseverance, without which it is impossible to achieve his goals.

Runes of the 3rd Ettyra

Teivaz – God, warrior, victory.

Wakes up courage, determination, purposefulness and perseverance. It helps to fight personal fears and overcome weaknesses. Increases sense of responsibility and improves the ability to assess possible risks on the way to achieving the goals.

Berkana – Birch.

Creates and protects family bonds, establishes relationships with loved ones and increases well-being. Promotes the normal course of pregnancy and prosperity. Develops personality and creativity.

Evaz – horse, horse.

Enerfates with command spirit and initiative, builds trusting relationships. Under the influence of the runes of EVAZ, business trips and various changes are successfully and easy.

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Mannaz – man, man, opinion.

Motivates, awakens the desire for improvement, emphasizes optimism. Opens new talents and abilities and suggests how to use them right.

Laguz – water, lagoon.

It helps to establish harmony with the inner world, sort out their own emotions and feelings. Protects love relationships, pushes to reconciliation and discloses sexuality in women.

Ingus – Guard, God fertility ingvi.

Gives a person a gift of convictions, resistance and exposure. Supports in new endeavors, prompts the right way to solve problems, removes tension and fatigue.

Odale (Otil, Salt) – inheritance, separation.

Indicates personal drawbacks, develops talents, helps to cope with difficulties and find a way out even in the most difficult situation. Reliable adviser in the selection and purchase of housing and other valuable property.

Dagaz – day.

Promotes the successful completion of cases, the end of conflicts and the failure period. Emphasizes inspiration and enthusiasm to implement new projects. Combines families and strengthens relationships.

During fortunes, in addition to the characters listed, additionally use an empty rune, which symbolizes God Odin. As an independent element means something unrecognizable, closed or inaccessible, but in magical scenarios can be interpreted differently.

Hole applying on the body

Since the ancient centuries, it was believed that the Runic Symbols are a powerful occult tool, so they were used as charms. Initially, these were decorations and small talismans, which were always kept with them, and over time, signs began to apply directly on the skin. Tattoos with the image of sacred symbols to this day retain their relevance.

So that ancient signs have had a positive impact on a person, it is necessary to apply them correctly. The assumption of even the slightest errors can entail a series of problems and failures. Do not portray runes on the body without a clear understanding of their essence, values ​​and consequences.

To obtain one-time assistance, for example, solving any problem, it is recommended to apply a sacred symbolism on the skin with a short-term effect. Skurning and constant tattoos are resorted only when they wish to globally and irrevocably change their lives.

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