Runic alphabet – history of origin, description and meaning

Runic alphabet – history of origin, description and meaning

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What is a rune alphabet? In the consciousness of a modern man, this concept is closely connected with Scandinavia. However, the rune alphabets of several dozen, and on the territory of Russia, there was also own rune letter. We will analyze all the differences and generalizing moments associated with runic inscriptions.

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List of runes

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Rune Fekhu

Runa Uruz

Rune Tourisaz

Rune Ansuz

Rune Raido

Rune Kenaz

Rune Gebo

Runa Veuno

Rune Hagalaz

Rune Nautiz

Runa Isa

Rune Yera

Rune Evaz

Rune Pert.

Rune Algiz

Rune Soulu

Rune Taywaz

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Runa Berkana

Rune Evaz

Rune Mannaz

Rune Laguz

Rune Ingus

Rune Odal

Rune Dagaz


The word “rune” has a Scandinavian, Anglo-Saxon and Icelandic roots. This word is translated as a mystery, whisper or a mysterious whisper. The name did not happen by chance: the ancient northern tribes believed that the alphabet runes had a mystical origin. According to the legend, God alone received the rune signs due to the heavy test – he resulted 9 days on ash as head.

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Where did the value of the whisper come from? According to the approval of the ancient Erils (Priese), one heard the name of the runes after he washed a honey drink. God immediately recorded signs on the tree with her blood. This is the legend of the origin of the alphabet of runes.

Rune alphabet has distinctive features – division into three parts (ADTU). Each ATT is devoted to a certain deity:

  • The first – goddess Freary;
  • The second is Haymdal;
  • The third is to God Tor.

The initial name of the symbols of the alphabet was not preserved, as he was for several centuries forgotten after the arrival of Christianity on the northern lands. Runic symbols were replaced by Latin writing and completely forgot about them. What we have now is the restored version of the alphabet, over which modern Scandinavian bunners have worked.

Most of the inscriptions did on the stones, in the later centuries used tartaats – rounded metal plaques in the form of medallions with the image and the inscription. Common material for the image of the road symbolism was wood and metal.

With the help of Runic writing, a message was recorded to the gods, magic spells and memorial inscriptions. Runic monuments made of stones glorified the valiant Vikings, the memory of heroes and exalted kings. Sometimes everyday records could be found, but mostly ruffy alphabet used for spiritual purposes.

Runes of the Scandinavian alphabet

There were several alphabet options. The Prakandanidavine (Osmermansky) Runic Rhuntaries, who called the name Futarka is widely known, the Senior Runes. Modern rugan row is as follows.

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First ATT:

  1. Fehu – cattle breeding, property;
  2. Urus – bison;
  3. Tourisas – Damn, spike;
  4. Ansus is God;
  5. Rido – path;
  6. Kenas – torch;
  7. Gebo – Dar;
  8. Veuno – joy.

Second Att:

  1. Hagalaz – Grad;
  2. Naties – need;
  3. Isa – ice;
  4. Yer – Vintage, year;
  5. Eywas – Tis;
  6. Perters – the value is not defined;
  7. Algis – elk;
  8. Soul – the sun.

Third Att.

  1. Takes – Tor;
  2. Berkana – Birch;
  3. Evas – horse;
  4. Mannas – man;
  5. Lagus – Lake;
  6. Ingvas – Ingvi;
  7. Dagas – day;
  8. Otila – heritage.

They wrote signs from left to right, however, a reverse spelling was practiced. You can also meet the writing with overwhelmed runes. For the separation of words used points, crosses or colon.

Jr. Futark was used for domestic purposes and served to write letters and other records. Senior Futark used only for magical purposes, in household practice it has never been used. Only dedicated to the Runic nearby Futark, as the sacred value of the runes was known only to them.

Also known to the Gothic rune row used in Eastern Europe. The Anglo-Saxon Alphabet Runes appeared due to the movement of the German tribes in Britain. There was also a mixture of the Scandinavian and Anglo-Saxon Runic Rune – Marked Runes.

Over time, the alphabet runes have undergone phonetic and graphic changes, some signs have been added, and some characters are eliminated.

Encrypted runes

These inscriptions were magical and called knage. Runic Vyaz is a connection of several runeal signs into one. As a result, a graphic pattern is obtained, endowed with a magical meaning. Knitted runes are writing signs on a common vertical line.

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Branchy runes are also a Tynopisi method. It is distinguished by the image is not the rune itself, but its ordinal number in Atte and the numbers of the Atta himself. The drawing looked like this: on the vertical feature, horizontally directed lines were drawn, denoting the sequence number (three lines – number three, etc.). The lines on the left designate the ordinal number of the attta, on the right – the sequence number of the symbol in the founder.

Armanic Futartk

This is a rune alphabet for predictions of fate. It has several modifications changed and added two new ones. Alphabet for predictions on the runes introduced a modern explorer Gvido background sheet.

Using Runes

In the modern world, the alphabet runes use only magical purposes. In esoteric stores, you can find Rune sets for predictions, runic talismans and charging. Sets make from certain species of wood, bone or stone. At home, you can make a set of salted dough.

Bunities invented an additional twenty-fifth rune, denoting a clean destiny. She was called Rune Odin. In magical purposes, special spells for runic bets are visions. In Visas, the Runologian expresses its intention, with the help of which the Runic flows should go to change the circumstances.

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