Mantra Warm Vajrasattva: Practice at home, tips

Mantra Warm Vajrasattva: Practice at home, tips

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Buddhist Mantra Vajrasattva is one of the most efficient and popular in Tibet and India. It is called magic and miraculous. The perfectly selected sound of the sacred sounds grouped into a hundred syllables, has a powerful effect on the subtle bodies of a person and makes cardinal changes on the physical plane.

Consider the topic: Practice Mantra – Warm Mantra of Vajrasattva. How many times you need to pronounce the text at what time of day, how many days in a row – all the answers will be in the article.

Vajrasattva in Buddhism and Hinduism

Vajrasattva is an embodiment of purity and impossibility. This image in Buddhism symbolizes sincerity, sinlessness and freshness. Vajrasattva is depicted on the lotus throne with a lunar disk.

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In his right hand, he holds Vajra – a symbol of unshakfulness and compassion. The left hand of Vajrasattva holds silver bells – symbol of spirituality and wisdom.

The word “Vajrasattva” translates as a “diamond indestructible creature.” There are other interpretations of this word – “soul of lightning”, “force, similar to the blow of thunder and zipper.” Under this title, the five embodiments of Buddhas who have reached enlightenment, purity, harmony and resistance of the Spirit are combined.

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Mantra action

Washing mantra is known since ancient times, it was used by Buddhist monks to deliver the soul from sins, corrected karma and transition to a new level of perception. Mantra power is so great that it is able to correct the karma of the past embodiments of a person.

The text is written in the sacred language and the literal translation has no. Through the pronouncing of the sacred sounds, a person appeals to the divine essence asking the cleansing of the soul and to give the enlightenment.

As a result of the practice of mantra, the following results can be achieved:

  • get rid of chronic diseases;
  • facilitate mental suffering;
  • get rid of immoral thoughts;
  • get rid of internal blocks – malice, envy, jealousy;
  • calm the soul and achieve enlightenment;
  • understand your earthly destination;
  • Clean from induced negative magic;
  • Clear and correct the karmic load.

Mantra action provides only on those people who sincerely want to get rid of their own negativity, seeks to comprehend the wisdom and gaining enlightenment. Without a sincere pure heart, it is impossible to gain spirituality.

This is what is written in Tantra about the practice of a 100-syllable mantra:

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How to practice mantra

The sacred text can be listened to the record, sing or read. To better enter the meditative state, accept the cleansing shower or bath and delight the incense – aromaway with the smell of sandal or lotus. Smells excite the astral body of a person and adjust to the perception of transcendental vibrations.

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At the beginning of the practice, you can simply listen to words in the record, then try to repeat out loud. During meditation, you need to represent the image of Vajrasattva or to contemplate the image in the picture. In Buddhism, Vajrasattva is a symbol of cleansing and getting rid.

When you learn the text of the mantra, repeat it along with the record. In the future, you can practice the mantra on your own, using rosary with beads – 108 pieces (one hundred ninth beads in rosary serves to separate). According to Buddhist, the one who said Mantra million times can achieve enlightenment during life.

Mantra text:

Literary translation of text:

Explanation of translation:

How many days do Mantra practices – 100 syllated mantra of Vajrasattva? It should be read daily 108 times (or 21 times). The more day you dedicate practice, the better for you. The time of day for practice does not matter: the main thing is that no one bothers you. Some yoga recommend meditate completely naked. If there is such an opportunity, take advantage of it.

Mantra Vajrasattva is practiced with visualization – the image of the Golden Buddha is needed. If visualization fails, you can look at the statuette or image of the Buddha.

To get the cleansing of sins, you need to sincerely repent of your heart – otherwise you will not be able to achieve purification. However, your soul should take a conscious decision – not to make more sins, go along the path of wisdom and purity. If you are not ready for this decision, ask the highest strength to give you a reason.

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Mantra Vajrasattva – Mantra of purification of huge strength karma. What does practitioner feel at the physical level after mediation? The result of the practice is:

  • The feeling of lightness in the body;
  • less need in a dream;
  • good health;
  • clarity of memory and thinking;
  • The development of intuition.

In tantra of pure repentance, it is said that the practitioner’s daily meditation becomes the son of Buddha in life and Bodhisattva after death.

Listen to Mantra Vajrasattva write:

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