NASA’s JPL head Dr. Laurie Leshin on UFOs and alien life

NASA’s JPL head Dr. Laurie Leshin on UFOs and alien life

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Dr. Leshin recently spoke about JPL’s mission to explore other worlds and offered her thoughts on the recent UFO hearing. Speaking to Fox 10 Phoenix recently, Leshin described how, even as a young girl, she had been intrigued by photographs of Mars and wanted to “reach out and touch” it.”One of our biggest ambitions at JPL is to find life elsewhere,” she said. “We’re trying to explore all kinds of places in our solar system and beyond that might have life.”

“If you’re a scientist, the biggest question you can ask is, ‘Are we alone in the universe?’ So that is what we’re trying to answer. We’re on the precipice of it.”

As for the recent UFO hearing, Leshin seemed to be less enthusiastic. “Absolutely not. No,” she replied when asked if she had ever seen an alien spacecraft.

“I mean obviously there’s lots of interest. Our interest is in following the scientific evidence in looking for life elsewhere, and I think we have the chance in our lifetimes to answer that question.”

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“Whether it’s intelligent life. That would be very interesting, obviously. But if you just look at life on Earth. It stayed very, very simple for a very long time.”

“Single-cell organisms. The algae in our pool we all know about in Arizona. Things like that.”

“That’s much more likely the life we’ll find … especially locally.”

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