Om Tare Tuttar Tour Sokh: Magnification of Mantra, Administration Tips

Om Tare Tuttar Tour Sokh: Magnification of Mantra, Administration Tips

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Green packaging is one of the revered goddesses of Buddhism. From Sanskrit, the word “container” is translated as a saving star. The goddess helps in healing diseases, solving household and love problems, protects against the troubles and performs intimate desires.

Consider the topic: “Om Tara Tuttar Tour of Soka” – the value of the mantra. When you can practice the mantra, how many times to say how to correctly pronounce what conditions to be observed.

Goddess Tara in Buddhism

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The image of the container is so powerful that even her image brings blessings to the artist. Mantra Green Tara especially read Dalai Lama. The goddess of Tara is embodied compassion and mercy, love and care. At a minute, the danger and despair, Tara comes to the rescue if they were asked about it in the prayer-mantra.

In Buddhism, there are 21 embodiments of the goddess, but the greatest spread was the image of green and white containers. Green packaging is depicted with lotus flower in hand and looks like a simple earthly woman sitting on a lotus throne.

Belonging to the world of the gods is expressed in the color of her skin – green. In Buddhism, gestures carrying sacral meaning are of great importance. The right hand of the goddess is located at the knee – this is a symbol of benefits. The left hand is located in the chest – the symbol of protection.

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According to the legend, Tara was a wise girl who dreams of achieving enlightenment. Despite the fact that she managed to become enlightened, she continued to love people and help them after their death. Mantra “Om Tara Tretar Tour Soka” is a call for help.

The goddess hears these words and quickly responds to prayer. Just asking it to be needed with a clean heart and light intentions: the packaging will never help in achieving self-employment purposes.

“Om Tara Tretar Tour Soka” – the value of the mantra

What do these words indicate in the sacred language? The meaning of the pronounced words is:

Now we will analyze the sacred meaning of the words literally:

  • Ohm – sound, at the frequency of which the universe vibrates. Giving the sound of OM, a person goes into the spiritual space.
  • Tare – removal from earthly sensations, access to divine worlds, salvation from earthly hazards.
  • Tutar – getting rid of karma and negativity, elimination of fears and internal locks. This elimination of everything that prevents the goal.
  • Tour – calls for good luck and luck, allows you to reveal the domestic reserves of the human essence and know the true Ya.
  • Soka – refers requests to heaven (sometimes pronounced like Swaha or Sokham).

If you give artistic form words, we get the next appeal to the goddess:

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Appeal to the container is filled with not only a plea about salvation, but also the desire to get wisdom and enlightenment. The goddess performs the wishes of a person who seeks to gain wisdom on the earthly path, and not seeking earthly goods for themselves.

The packaging will help get rid of the negative and devastating thoughts, which are ruining the inner world of man and lead to mental confusion. Happiness is impossible without finding inner peace and harmony – exactly in this and helps the goddess. Inner enlightenment opens a true picture of what is happening, and the person chooses the right way to solve problems.

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How to practice mantra

Tara has 21 embodiments, it means that you need to read the mantra for three weeks – 21 days. The time of pronouncing the sacred text does not matter, the main thing is not to miss a single day.

The period of 21 days has another value – it is after 21 days the cell cells are fully updated. If you asked about healing, after three weeks you will get a perfect result! You should not expect instant healing – Mantra does not violate and does not cancel the laws of the universe.

How many times does the Mantra “Om Tara Trettar Tour Soka” read? It is advisable to pronounce this text 108 times in a row. Take the rosary or beads, on which 108 beads, and read, turning through the beads with your fingers. One bead is one reading text. Material manufacturing beads does not matter – wood, glass, plastic.

Does a special mood need while reading the mantra? It is necessary to remove from the earth’s fuss and imbued with the feeling of eternity. Remember that you are dealing with a transcendental phenomenon.

Therefore, the main setting should be the desire to get supernatural wisdom and an eponyma. Mantras do not work according to the principle of “buying rally”, they always require spiritual renewal of man and the desire for the knowledge of the truth.

To fully enter the flue of the goddess of the container, you need to visualize (present) its image or look at the goddess statuette or image. Imagine that silver threads come out of the hands and body of the goddess and penetrate your soul and body.

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This is a light of wisdom that will spend you through any obstacles, rolong negative entities and deletes any fear. To make it easier to tune in to the goddess flow of the goddess, turn on the mantra in the record and listen. Then join singing.

Anthem Tara.

The energy of the goddess is very soft and positive. It works on the inner plans through a person’s subconscious. It does not matter whether a person understands the meaning of pronounced words or does not understand: the goddess comes to the rescue.

This mantra helps in solving ordinary household life issues. It is read to eliminate obstacles, getting rid of diseases and troubles, to resolve the issues of relationship with the opposite sex, at the birth of a child and in many other matters of the household plan.

Under the mantra of the green container, children are well falling asleep. The sacred text can be read on the spring or melting water, and then drink.

The daily practice of mantra gives peace, sincere equilibrium and a feeling of happiness. It can be practiced without a request for salvation to gain universal wisdom and knowledge.

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