Mantra Aum – What you need to know for self-practice

Mantra Aum – What you need to know for self-practice

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What is the sacred syllable aum, where did he come from? Mantra Aum is considered the main in Vedic culture. This syllable begin and end the sacred texts. Consider the history of the origin of AUM, the rules of pronouncing and the value of the combination of sacred sounds.

What do mantras mean?

To realize the meaning and meaning of mantras, you need to understand where they appeared from. Most of the sacred texts for singing are written in Sanskrit, but some syllables and combinations of sounds cannot be translated – they were heard in meditation enlightened yoga. These sounds have a special nature of origin – cosmic.

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As Pythagoras heard the music of the spheres, and the enlightened people heard special space sounds. So Mantra Aum appeared – the sound expression of the vibration of the universe. It is believed that in the mantra of AUM (OM) contained in an encrypted form all Vedic mantras.

Is it possible to attribute a mantra to prayer? Unlike prayer, mantra affects not only the spirit and soul of man, but also on the physical body. The practice of mantras has a powerful integrated effect on the human essence, covering all its components. This explains the healing effect on those who practice mantras and on those who listen to them.

Space Sound AUM.

Mantra Aum consists of several vowels and one consonant sound: a, oh, y, m. Merge of vowels “A, Oh,” we feel like one sound “O”. Therefore, Mantra Aum is pronounced and written as “Ohm.” The sacral meaning of the mantra consists in the union of three deities in one whole – Vishnu, Brahma and Shiva. The merger of the Divine Triads in a single essence is reflected in the confluence of the sounds of the sacred mantra.

The sound of “Ohm” is the original sacred sound that appeared in the Universe with the birth of Brahman. The trinity of the sacred syllable symbolizes and a single integer three components of life – creation, formation and destruction. The earthly expression of the mantra is the unity of three human aspirations – knowledge, desire, action.

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The practice of mantra harmonizes the tricious essence of a person – the body, soul and spirit. The vibrations of the sacred sound harmonize the subtle structures of the person and associate them with the physical body. The consonance of vibrations raises the physical body and derives to thin-plane levels, cleaning and spiritualizing. Multiple utterance of the Mantra OM frees the blocked energies, restores the aura and destroys the karmic blocks.

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Mantra Aum – Practice

How to pronounce the sacred sound of aum, how many times and at what time of day? These questions are worried about newcomers, for practicing yoga meditation to the symbol and sound of OM is a daily integral meaning of existence. As far as a person is habitually inhaling the air, the syllable of OM is familiar to the yoga. At the beginning of practice, you need to listen to the Mantra Aum in the record. Then repeat.

Mantra Practice Rules:

  1. Stay in the room alone and focus on your inner sensations. Let you not worry the alarms and concerns of the day, consider thoughts from domestic problems.
  2. Sit in a convenient position – the ideal is considered the pose of a half trip (then you can sit down in the lotus position).
  3. Free the body from muscle stresses, and the mind – from the internal dialogue (conversation with himself).
  4. Close your eyes and focus on silence inside yourself, feel part of the outer space.
  5. Start singing sounds, making equal gaps between them. At the same time, sounds should be gone in one breath (in exhalation), without interrupting a new breath.
  6. Imagine that you are in outer space, and the stars are flickering around you. You slowly float in emptiness, and only the vibration of the sacred sound disrupts the silence of the universe.
  7. Scroll to the fingers of the rosary beads, counting the number of pronounced syllables.
  8. When you finish singing a circle of mantra (108 times), slowly open your eyes and return to the Earth, in your room.
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Before starting practice, any yoga mantra is advised to make three deep breaths. This simple exercise helps to relax and tune in to the meditative way. Practice only in a wrapped room. Well helps to focus on the spiritual goal Smoking of incense – we will delight the aroma with the smell of the sandalle. Sandal is considered a sacred tree in India, its fragrance helps to tune in to spiritual practices.

Practicing aum, seek sound inside your body. First, the vibrations occur in the head and the region of the chest (the sound “A”), then they should descend to the solar plexus (the sound “O”) and the bottom of the abdomen (the sound “y”), then climb up to the third eye (the sound “M” ). Ideally, the sound should be felt by all chakrov pillar of a person – from the head of the head (vibrates the sound “M”) to the tailbone (vibrates the sound “y”), and between them vibrate the sounds “A” and “O”. Immediately it may not work, so start practicing with a small amount of sound pronouncement – 3, 6, 9 or 12 times (always multiple three).

After you learn to sing the mantle out loud, go to the next stage of practice – to utter in a low voice or whisper. This practice is harder than the first, because the loud reproduction of sounds stops the chaoticness of thoughts and does not interfere with focus. As soon as the sound becomes quiet, thoughts will start attacking the practitioner. Therefore, the main problem of spiritual practices is to stop the running of thoughts – internal dialogue.

The next stage of practice will be the mental utterance of the Mantra Aum. It is even more difficult than the vibration of sounds in a whisper. However, learn is worth it. With mental reproduction, the mantra of the mouth does not open – the sound is pronounced in the mind. Starting the practice follows from a small amount of pronouncing – 3, 6, 9, 12. Then increase the account using the beads of the rosary.

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How to determine the right rhythm of pronouncing? Focus on the knock of your heart and ride the rhythm with him. After mastering the audio vibrating azes, meditate on the AUM graphic symbol:

Result Practice

Many newcomers are interested, what gives a man the practice of Mantra Aum? First of all, consciousness is configured to cosmic vibrations and merges with the subconscious. After that, the perception of the world and all the processes occurring in it changes – consciousness is expanded. The person comes into contact with the consciousness with the highest mind and is experiencing spiritual ecstasy. This state is impossible to explain in words – you need to feel.

After expanding consciousness, enlightenment occurs – the internal comprehension of the unity of the universe, the harmony of all processes in it and the involvement of the universe. The practitioner begins to understand himself, his essence and true value. The spirit of man is exempt from the shackles of material and attracts into the spiritual spheres, drawing spiritual food. After that, the state of overlooking and ease can occur.

At the psychological level, a person gets calmness and a new look at the former household problems. Life situations lose their previous meaning, and trouble is the sharpness of perception. As a result, a person becomes balanced and calm. Sincere equilibrium inevitably leads to the healing of the physical body. So the practice of Mantra Aum brings not only spiritual, but also physical health.

Cleansing and opening of energy channels also leads to the improvement of the body: a person is less tired, he needs less food and time for sleep (restoration of energy spent). The coordinated work of energy channels and meridians provides full-fledged energy exchange with space, so the feeling of fatigue and breaking in the evening disappears.

Mantra Aum – listen to the performance of Buddhist monks:

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