Ommah Shivaya – Mantra with a miraculous action

Ommah Shivaya – Mantra with a miraculous action

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Om Namakh Shivaya is one of the most important mantras in Voice and Tantra. In it, praying appeal to the Hindu God Shiva. The direct translation of the divine song sounds “worship the Great (Shiva)”. The detailed value of this mantra, as well as the rules for its reading you will learn after studying the following article.

What are the mantras?

Mantras, or divine songs, is in Hinduism an analogue of prayers and spells used in Christianity. They are also an appeal to the divine entities who ask for help in different aspects of life.

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For example, famous mantras for health, good luck, money, attracting love. And there are quite unusual options – let’s say, Atharva Veda mentions cases when people caused rain with the help of Divine songs.

There are still mantras who are designed to protect a person from the influence of evil spirits, those that protect the on the eve of important events, purify consciousness, provoke spiritual growth and perform many other functions.

Initially, all the mantras were recorded in the Vedas. True, over the past few decades there are a lot of modern options for prayers.

A total of 5 varieties of sacred texts, namely:

  1. Dhyana-Mantra. Used in meditative practices. At the same time, the practitioner causes a specific image in his consciousness, that is, it says sacred words and thinks about a certain deity. Such mantras are designed to provide the help of higher strength, seek their blessings, transfer some requests.
  2. Bija Mantra. If you translate the word “bidja” from Sanskrit, then it means “seed”. Bija Mantra is the basis of all other prayers in Hinduism. They are the most popular in the world: here include the famous Mantras “Ohm”, “Hrim”, “Chrum”, “Shraume”.
  3. Stunt either stotry. They are represented by temple prayers in which various deities are glorified. These mantras call us the names of the gods, tell about their acts and great strength.
  4. Fourth category – This is pranama-mantras. Translated from Sanskrit, the word “Pranama” means “name”. These religious songs express their honor to the deities, they are read in the temples, they call the gods and their spiritual teachers.
  5. And finally, the shutdown category – Gayatri-mantras. It is said that the correct execution is possible not for everyone, but only for the most talented adherents of Hinduism. Allegedly these secret songs are given to students with sufficient experience from their spiritual mentors. The goal of the Gayatri-Mantra is raised to a higher stage of spiritual development.
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Interesting fact. Earlier, the Gayatri-Mantra Hindus was given only special students, because ordinary practices simply impossible to understand their meaning.

Mantra Ohmmama Shivaya: Features

In the mantra of Om Namah Shivaya embodies the fifth of natural primary elements:

  • On – earthly element;
  • Ma – water;
  • Shi – fiery;
  • VA – air;
  • Ya – Ether.

This mantra, just like the Gayatri Mantra and Maha-Merijuni-Mantra, is one of the most ancient Divine songs in Hinduism. The followers of religious teachings believe that the sacral words of the mantra are in the heart of the Vedas. And therefore, called the prayer “The core of the chanting of the Lord.” It takes an appeal not to the destructive Ipostasis of Shiva, but to the world spirit (Paramatman).

This prayer is similar to others, requires a clear pronunciation of all sounds. At the same time, the accurate translation of the text Ommakh is missing. Believers believe that their spiritual mentor treats the meaning of the mantra, as he himself understands it. There are several typical decoding options that we will consider further in the article.

When is the mantra-appeal to Lord Shiva? As a rule, it is executed at the beginning of meditative practice, yoga exercises, and is also an integral part of the practice of singing of Hindu prayers.

Mantra Ommama Shivaya: meaning

Previously, the material mentioned the main values โ€‹โ€‹of the Divine Song. Now it’s time to deal with them in more detail.

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So what happens to a person with regular repetition of sacred text?

  • It is exempt from any negative feelings and emotions (lust, anger, envy, greed, jealousy, despair and fear).
  • Mantra, like soap, purifies the mind from any negative states, eliminating the impurity accumulated during life, imperfection.
  • Prayer has devastating properties, contributes to mental cleansing from poor energy and information programs.
  • Ensures any negative impacts such as external and internal.
  • Promotes the acquisition of internal and external harmony.
  • Allows the mind to be in a state of silence and rest.
  • Promotes intuitive insight, makes practicing fearless, hardy, detached, confident.
  • Eliminates bad karma.
  • Thanks to the reading of this mantra, you can attract various wealth and benefits into your life. With its help, the wisers comprehend the sacred state of Saryuja-Mukhi – compounds with the Almighty.
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Prayer covers several temporary measurements immediately, where our goals and intentions are being implemented. Have you ever thought about why so many goals and desires remain unrealized? The reason for this lies in a huge number of “mental garbage”, represented by contradictory desires, aspirations that go from past reincarnations or are provoked by the influence of other people.

In the Shiva Mantra, a special energy structure is laid, which allows you to pass through the layers of mind and time, the minimum reducing time from how you set the goal, and before it was carried out in practice. This amazing divine song allows you to make sure the metaphysical law “Everything you want is real.”

Therefore, the regular pronunciation of sacred words will help embody everything in life, what you dreamed of. The main thing is that dreams are really yours, proceeded from the depths of the heart, and have not been imposed on the outside.

Mantra “Ommakh Shivaya” is one of the few, for reading which does not need to receive a special dedication. However, those who have it clearly win from ordinary practitioners, because thanks to the repetition of prayers, they learn to see all the perfection of the universe.

How does the mantra power manifest?

This process will be gradual, regular practice is important for him. Repeat the mantra regularly and many times, try to realize her deep meaning, the intimate value it carries. If you do it chaotic, randomly, being in a scattered consciousness, do not get any healing effect.

All syllables of the Great Divine Song correlate with one of the spiritual worlds (measurements). Based on what frequent practice allows you to be provided in any states of consciousness and study any plans for existence in the Universe.

At the same time, on the plane of the energy membrane, all syllables of mantra are associated with one of the energy centers (chakras):

  • Ohm – with Ajna-Chakra;
  • Yia – with Vishudha-Chakra;
  • Va – with anahata;
  • Shi – with manipura;
  • Mach – with a swadhistania;
  • On – with Mladjar.

All followers of tantrisism, Shivaizma is obligatory regularly read the Mantra “Ohmmakhi Shivaya”. These are their daily prayer, which is supported by a continuous connection with the Lord Shiva. And it is important, as it helps to cope with the negative influence of illusions (Maya).

In Hinduism, Shiva is not just the highest god (Param Ishvara), the God of Gods (Mahadeva), but also the greatest teacher of teachers (Mahagur), the soul of all souls (Paramatma), the highest lord of Tantra and Yoga (Yogheshvara).

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He is perceived as Parameshthi Guru – the highest teacher, the inner essence of all the famous spiritual guru. When you dream to gain his constant favor and awaken the sacred state of Shiva (Shivatattva), regularly sincerely and devotedly with complete self-dedication practiced Mantra “Ohmakhy Shivaya”.

Proper reading

With the help of a repeated repetition of the sacred prayer, a person will be able to get rid of any sinful thoughts, emotions and desires, clean their mind, going to a new level of consciousness.

For this mantra, special dedication is not required – it can use everyone, regardless of their religious flow. But some schools are prohibited by the use of this prayer, while the person does not pass the introductory ritual in the tradition.

How to correctly read the Divine Song?

  1. It is allowed to read in thoughts, whisper or loud – as a practitioner prefers. Typically, beginners sing a mantra in groups of aloud videos or sang the teacher.
  2. To refer to the desired number of times, ordinary butties are used, on which 108 beads. 108 repetitions are equivalent to one circle. And how many such circles you need to fulfill the day, everything depends on the desire of the practitioner.
  3. Those practices that are engaged for a long time have been performed by a prayer with a whisper either in thoughts, without moving lips. The last option is the greatest difficulty, because thoughts constantly interfere without giving concentrate on the score.
  4. The most advanced is allowed to sing a mantra while they make a leisurely daily walk.
  5. Time of day when reading prayer, also does not matter much. But, as a rule, mantras are performed in the morning when the sun rises. Hindus believe that this is the most favorable time to engage in any spiritual practice. Although Mantra “Ohmmakh Seva” is considered universal, and therefore it is possible to sing it.

In conclusion

It is possible to summarize that the “Ohmamakh sewing” is a very powerful mantra, which is suitable for any man involved in spiritual development and thirsty Divine Aid. It does not matter its race, religion or sexuality.

Would you like to rid your body and soul from the accumulated negative? Then regularly practice the mantra and soon notice the positive changes in your life!

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