Remover Negative Mantra – listen online for free

Remover Negative Mantra – listen online for free

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Mantras are special sound combinations with the mention of the names of Vedic deities. Consider cleaning the negative mantra. The article will discuss about the three powerful Vedic cleansing channels of the deities – Durga, Kali, Shiva, Vajrasattva, Avalokiteshwara, Ganesh. With the help of mantras, you can get rid of negative, diseases and failures. Mantras help in the performance of desires and spiritual development.

What is cleansing mantras

In which cases it is necessary to practice cleansing mantras and can they use the usual uninitiated in the Vedic tradition of man? Since most mantras appeal to universal space sources, any person can practice them. If you feel the influence of negative energies, things fall apart, and the disease aggravated, it’s time to appeal for help to divine sources of protection.

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Cleansing mantras – a powerful spiritual conductor that helps to get rid of karmic retardation. Vedic tradition believes that any misfortunes and diseases in this world are response of the largeries of past lives.

Mantra as a powerful tool of spiritual impact helps to free themselves from the karmic load and correct the position. However, a person must realize the imminent of karmic rewards and continue not to burde out his own karma wrong actions.

How do you work with a retractable negative mantra? During the pronouncement of the sound formula, the energy of a person with cosmic energies is attended, due to which there is a powerful cleansing. The multiple repetition of the sacred formula forms a spiral that absorbs negative energy, freeing the person from the cargo of problems and failures. At this time, the human aura is restored, and negative essences are cut off. A person feels inner relief and joy.

Mantra Vajrasattva

Vajrasattva is literally translated as a “soul of lightning” or “Diamond Soul”. Vajra symbolizes the essence of Buddha, one of his hatches. The function of the Vajrasattva in this world is cleansing from all unnecessary, harmful and evil. Vajrasattva is mercy, wisdom and compassion of all Buddhas together. To practice the Mantra Vajrasattva need to visualize (represent) of the deity or contemplate their image.

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Cleansing the sixislog mantra of Vajrasattva sounds like this:

The full version of the cleansing (stroke) mantra sounds like this:

During practice, imagine how black energy leaves your body and dissolves in white light of heavenly cosmic radiance. The source of this shine is Vajrasattva.

The result of the Mantra Practice will get rid of diseases, negative situations, the evil eye and damage, inner calm, exemption from the emotions of fear, hatred and envy. It is recommended to start the practice of cleansing that it is from this channel – the Vajrasattva canal.

Mantra Avalokiteshwara

This is the Personal Canal of Dalai Lam, who contributes to cleansing and spiritual insight. Avalokiteshwara symbolizes the combined consciousness of all Buddhas. The mantra is practiced to address communication issues with others, eliminate conflict situations, achieving mutual understanding in the family and with close people. Also Mantra Avalokiteshwara is practiced for the healing of diseases of the hematopoietic system and organs of vision.

Reading the mantra excites the flows of a white-purple shade. This is a meditation on the spark of God, which is inside each person. The Mantra energy gently affects the aura, cleaning and restoring it. After practice, headaches and cardiovascular diseases disappear. Tibetan monks living in harsh climatic conditions practiced by Mantra Avalokiteshwara all life. It heals from colds and strengthens immunity.

Mantra text:

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Durga Mantra

In the Vedic tradition, Durga is a symbol of the Goddess Warring. The word “Durga” denotes inaccessibility, the invincibility of the Spirit. Durga is a set of forces of all the deities. According to the legend, during the struggle of the Gods with demons, each of them emptied a glowing beam. The combination of all divine rays and got the name “Durga”. Each of the gods bestowed his weapon, so Durga has all kinds of protection and attacks on the source of evil.

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So, Durga is a divine force to destroy demons and evil, acting in the name of order and harmony in the universe. This is rather aggressive energy, but its militancy is directed only to the destruction of the forces of evil. If insurmountable obstacles arose in your life, please contact Durga. If chronic disease is depressed, ask for aid from Durga.

Durga excites the flow of yellow-orange color, which has a healing effect on the internal organs of a person – the abdominal cavity. Her strength destroys the stones in the kidneys, liver and ducts. The practice of mantra gives courage and strengthens volitional qualities. A person finds confidence in his power and the joy of life. This mantra from negative is the strongest. Durga cuts out the essences parasitizing on aura, which destroy human energy.

Mantra text:

Mantra Ganeshi.

The soft cleansing power of Ganesh eliminates any obstacles on the life path. In contrast to the energy of Durga, the channel Ganesh is not aggressive. The energy of Ganesh destroys negative thoughtforms, clears the mind from fear of failures and failure, eliminates external obstacles. Ganesh is the green light of the traffic light on the human life path. However, practice with the Canal Ganesh requires the purity of intentions and desire for spiritual growth. Ganesh gives everyday wisdom, turnover and good luck.

Mantra text:

Mantras Kali.

Cali image symbolizes the power of the universe. The word “Cali” in translation denotes “black”. This is a commotive militant shape of Durga, the goddess of death and the destruction of demonic forces. You need to seek help to Kali in cases of damage. Mantras, cleansing with negative energies and entities, is mantras of the goddess of Cali. The energy of the Cali Channel is blue with dark purple: it is such a color that the psychics are selected during the practice of Matr Cali.

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Therefore, while reading the cleansing formulas of Kali, it is necessary to represent the flow of dark purple energy that destroys negative black clots – it will strengthen the result. Cali practice helps from energy vampires, in treating from alcohol and drug addiction, during the destruction of any negative programs, with the exile of evil spirits and ghosts.

Mantra text:

Mantra Schiva

After the practice of Kali, you need to read Mantru Shiva, her spouse. The Shiva canal has a cleansing, restoring and protective action. If Kali’s energy crashes everything around, then Shiva energy acts more softly and soothing. Shiva helps to eliminate bad thoughts, extinguish bad inclinations, gain internal harmony and balance. Energy color Shiva – blue. During the practice, it is necessary to visualize the blue streams in which the throats of dark energies dissolve.

Shiva helps in the healing of brain vessels, strengthens memory, restores performance and energy. A man is freed from fear, feelings of panic and failure. Shive worship mantra creates wonders:

Mantra of cleansing space

The next mantra helps to cleanse the space and all the objects in it. It is always read during the buddha offering and before meals. While reading it is necessary to light incense and represent how smoke smoking dissolves any dark energy in itself. To do this, ignite aroma with the smell of sandals or other cleansing plants.

When do you practice mantra? It needs to be read after home quorption or when you feel that a heavy atmosphere appeared in the house. They read the mantra and after the guests of guests, especially after common fences. You can read the mantra on the spring water and sprinkle all the room and all objects.

Mantra text:

Mantra, cleansing the space from negative energies, can be listened in the record:

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