Mantra Hare Krishna Hare Rama – Listen online

Mantra Hare Krishna Hare Rama – Listen online

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Hare Krishna is one of the mantras, which won the widest distribution outside of his homeland. In the middle of the twentieth century, it could sometimes be heard not only in Asian countries, but also on the streets of major European cities, even the United States did not remain aside. Despite the fact that the attitude towards the mantra, and the very creation, the ambiguous, Hare Krishna allows people to enter direct contact with the Divine Forces, and this means a greater force of prayer chants.

Krishna’s spiritual power

This mantra is distinguished by an incredible force, aimed primarily on the purification of the energy field from evil, evil thoughts and sinful particles. Healing of the Spirit is the basis of the Indian teaching.

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But not everything is so unilateral, as it may seem at first glance. The healthy energy shell contributes to the formation of good health of the physical, and from here there are the rest of the benefits: drowsiness is eliminated, workability increases, and therefore work will become more efficient, revenues will be raised.

There is no difference, whether you sing the mantra ourselves or have found an entry on the Internet for listening, the effect will be the same. The difference is one – when listening, the symbolic victim is not brought in the form of your voice, so the sinful elements of the soul remain unchanged. If there is a need for cleaning from them, then you need to sing “Hare Krishna Hare Rama”, repeating the text 108 times in a row.

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Mantra Hare Krishna, listen 108 times:

IMPORTANT: Do not trust the words of street krishnaitov that their version of singing Mantra is the right one. Many of them are sectarians distorting ancient teachings. You do not get the benefit, but the wallet will significantly lose weight.

Easy and power

Mantra became particularly relevant right now, in our time of crazy rhythms and permanent employment. Words are extremely simple, and the lack of need for preparation for prayers allows it to sing it at any convenient time. At the same time, the power of prayer does not weaken under any conditions.

The basis of the mantra lies in frequencies and sound resonances. People tried to understand the frequencies that are closest to the deities for a long time. Hare Krishna turned out to be in second place by its accuracy, releaseing forward only Orthodox prayers.

The most important natural vibration

Remember what the Bible tells us? “At first there was a word,” that is, some vibration that gave rise to everything that is now on Earth. So, Mantra Hare Krishna is able to reproduce the oscillations that are closest to the original sound. In other words, mantra allows you to speak with the highest forces in their own language.

Now let’s translate the said language. Imagine that you communicate with foreign business partners who know your native language well. But at the same time you can speak with them in their own language, and very worthy, almost without an accent. What do you think it would be nice? Naturally, it means that the probability of signing a profitable contract is seriously increasing.

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Also with the highest forces. They can communicate with people on any of the shortcoming world, but the most favorable dialogue can only exist in their language. Creating certain vibrations during the singing “Hare Krishna Hare Rama”, a person can arrange a capricious deity and get the desired. No wonder this mantra is called one of the most powerful.

Japa and Kitrine: different approaches to the singing mantra

Approaches to singing and listening mantra can be two types. The difference lies in the situation and the number of people participating in the prayer. Here, as they say, taste and color, someone loves the team, and someone is proud loneliness in a relaxed atmosphere.

  • Japa involves the individual reading Hare Krishna. This usually happens in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere without musical accompaniment. Praying closes in the room either leaves for nature, isolating itself from society at the time of singing. The mandatory attribute is rosary that help concentrate on the mantra and move away from themselves household thoughts. Prayer itself is read by a semi-clip with eyes closed.
  • Kirtan – collective singing Hare Krishna. People may be at least a million people, and not all participating people should be ideological Krishnaitis. If you can’t find yourself a company, then ask relatives and friends to support you. It will affect them only positively, and you will get the desired company. As in cases with jap, it will be necessary for rosary, but it is desirable to add quiet and balanced music without words.

IMPORTANT: Public reading Mantr, though not a violation of the laws established by the highest forces, but may cause dissatisfaction with the people around. Therefore, it is necessary to look for a solitary place to read the kirtan, in which no one can distract you from prayer with its negative.

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