Working mantras to attract a beloved man

Working mantras to attract a beloved man

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Love is a very important feeling for a person without which he cannot fully enjoy life and be happy. Unfortunately, finding love is very difficult, often for this you have to turn to unconventional methods (different magic rituals, conspiracies, and so on). Mantras to attract a beloved man will also provide their help in this matter, we will talk about them next.

How do mantras act for attracting men

Sounds are a kind of appeal to the universe. The life of a person, regularly practicing mantra, is radically changing for the better, and the sacred texts help it.

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In some mantras, the Divine force comes to the rescue, and in others they use the power of nature, but for all of them one feature is characteristic. It is important that the person sincerely believed in the word of the Divine Hymn. The universe is capable of feeling the power of human faith, and it is from her that the implementation of the desired will be dependent. And if, for example, there is a doubt if you really need something, then mantra may not work at all.

Due to the fact that the names of the deities are used in the mantrach, it becomes possible to activate the sacred code, which, together with faith, will help you tune in to the desired frequency to achieve the desired one.

Preparation for reading mantras for love

So that the mantras attracting men have had their own action, you need to adhere to certain rules for their reading.

  1. Choose a quiet place, sit down at a convenient position, pick the desired motive and sacred text.
  2. The mantra needs to be listening or weave twice a day – in the morning and evening hours.
  3. Before being taken for the magic process, make 2 deep breaths and exhalations.
  4. In the process of reading, visualize, as if your body is filled with bright sunny rays.
  5. For a better effect, Mantra is read a couple of times a month.
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The texts of the mantra are written in the ancient sacred language – they are recommended to read them in the original without translating. The first time it is better to use audio record, listening to each word. And over time you can learn text for memory.

With regular practice of sound vibrations of love, soon in your life will be included sincere and mutual feeling that will give your life a new meaning and make you more harmonious. It is important that you perceive this practice with all seriousness and necessarily believed in a positive effect.

Examples of mantras of love

Then we give examples of mantras who are called upon to give you true love.

Mantra “Garden Patim”

Her text is as follows:

“Garden Patimi Parameshwara”.

The divine song needs to sing exactly so many times how many full years it turned man, plus add one another week to them.

For example, if you are now 25 full years, then Mantra for you will be 26 weeks. And if you are 42 years old – it is performed for 43 weeks and so on by analogy.

Mantra Krishna (Mantra of Love)

The words of this mantra personify clean and sincere love, similar to spring water, the same elevated, as a mountain, beautiful, like a sunset and dawn, fragrant, like birds singing … This divine song will attract your half to your life and fill it with various happy events.

The reading of the mantra should be carried out, being alone with you, with covered eyes and concentrating in the state of happiness. To enter the state of pacification, you can take advantage of relaxing incenses.

It is necessary to pronounce such magic text:

“Jai Radha Madhava

Jai Kunja Bihari.

Jai Gopi Jana Vallabh

Jai Giri Vara Dhari ยป

Divine Mantra of Love

Mantra, giving divine love. Her practice will allow you to get it an elevated feeling and realizing it in harmonious way. It should be noted that this sacred song does not help directly meet her husband, but will make your loneliness and a period of waiting for your destiny is not so painful.

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“Om Parama Prema Rupaya Namaha”

Transfers Divine Mantra so:

“Prema” – this particle symbolizes love.

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“Parama” says about the “elevated”, “Divine”. The combination of Parama Prema will tell about the “Higher (Divine) Love”.

“Rupa” – “Form”.

“Namaha” – translates as a “greeting”, also speaks of openness.

Literally, the mantra can be translated as “Greetings of sublime love, manifested in a form understandable for me.” Love manifests itself in his physical manifestation – it can be friendly, in relation to a child, parents or even plants and animals.

Mantra “Om Sri Krishnaya”

Singing or listening to this divine song is guaranteed to fill you with joy, enjoyment, love, will help to achieve gentle and trusting relationships, meet your destiny, and also reveal from the best party.

“Sri Krishna Govindaya Gopidjana Walabhaya Makha”

Tibetan love mantra

This is a variant of a very powerful love mantra. For the first time it is better to start reading on the full moon. Repeat the ritual of 3 pm, and then resort to it every Friday (it is exactly the best day for love magic).

They read the mantra alone, pre-visualizing the arrival of a large and light feeling in their lives. Try to show your desire for the relationship as much as possible, as well as enjoy all love joys. Believe the fact that the highest strength hear you and are ready to help!

And then say 4 times the sacred text:


Before that, throughout the day you need to think only about good and preferably not much overnight (reduce the number of food consumed and rest more). And when the evening comes, it will be necessary to light the candles (pink color) and repeat the mantra four times. This mantra is very effective.

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Mantra Kama Gayatri

It will help you increase your sensuality, get sexual strength and sexual pleasure, as well as filled with vital energy, cheerfulness, resistance and endurance.


Pushpavanaya Dhymakhi

Tanno kakama prachodyat “

Mantra of tenderness and love

In addition to the fact that this divine song attracts love to your life, it also helps to fulfill a hidden desire. Best for her reading will suit Sunday. The pronunciation time is early morning until you have gotten from the bed.

The total number of repetitions is thirteen times according to such a scheme:

  • seven times – loud voice;
  • five times – whisper;
  • Once – mentally.

When you read the mantra for the last time, you need to make your desire aloud, and then let him go.

“AUM – Jaya – Jaya – Sri – Shivaya – Swaha”

Mantra of Love and Passion

When you start practicing this mantra, your body will begin to vibrate at a certain frequency. It is quite difficult to track these vibrations, because our ego does not allow them to fully fully, but over time they become more noticeable.

Magic words mantras:

“Om Klim Kama Dahu Swaha

Om mitra mitra

Aham Prime Aham Prime

You need to read the mantra every day for eleven or twenty-one days.

You can strengthen the effect of the Divine Song, if you hold in your hands in the process of its pronunciation of pink quartz.

It is important, practicing mantra to attract a man, do not forget that in order for them really to act, you must truly be prepared for new relations, love, meeting your second half. Indeed, otherwise, their effect will be zero.

At the end of the article, we suggest you to listen to the mantra to attract your loved one and happy events:

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