Vedic Mantras: how to pick up for yourself and read correctly

Vedic Mantras: how to pick up for yourself and read correctly

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Vedas and all that is connected with them is gaining popularity. And no wonder – Vedic knowledge helps to gain harmony in all spheres of human life. Spiritual practices are able to bring a person to enlightenment, make it happy, understand the essence of many things. And Vedic Mantras, as one of the varieties of ancient spiritual practices, are able to solve many problems.

What is Vedic Mantras?

Mantra is a sacred text that can be compared with prayers, psalms or spells. As a rule, these are words, syllables and sounds that are reproduced in a certain sequence.

There are many Vedic Mantras, each of which bears its value and has a certain force.

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Features of Vedic Mantra:

  1. Accurate sound playback. During singing mantras, you must repeat the necessary words with maximum accuracy.
  2. They have a deep impact on the thoughts, the mind and emotional state of a person. In Hinduism it is believed that mantras can even affect physical health.
  3. Pronounced in a specific language – Sanskrit. This is an ancient Indian literary language, which is literally translated as “perfect.”
  4. Each sound, syllable and the word mantra carries a huge religious meaning.

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Vedic mantras can be listened, but can be pronounced on their own. They will be effective in any case. But it is better to start at first from hearing Mantra to delve into their meaning. And then when the sounds fall in memory, you can practice reading and singing the necessary mantras.

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How to choose mantras and read them correctly

To choose mantras you need to approach seriously. These are not just words that you need to follow and repeat, not delight in meaning. Reading Mantra is a complex Vedic ritual with many rules. Here are the main of them:

  1. Decide for a view. Depending on what needs to be achieved, pick up “your” mantra. Listen to it several times, listening to the reaction of the body, mental state.
  2. You must be sure that the sacred text was correctly memorized. Start to repeat it only when you are confident in the exact playback of sounds. It is necessary to learn how to pronounce the mantra with the necessary vibration, completely, not forgetting the syllables and not swallowing sounds. The words of the sacred text should flow from the depths of your soul.
  3. There is a certain number of mantra repetitions. They should be at least nine. Maximum – 108. The number of repetitions of the Vedic Mantra is always multiple of nine.
  4. Before reading Mantra, make sure that you are in the right state. You must be calm, relaxed. Feel that nervous and annoyed, – postpone the reading of the Mantra to a more appropriate case.
  5. It is important to learn how to be relaxed and concentrated at the same time. Relaxation – for body and emotional state, concentration – on the correctness of the pronunciation and sound of the sacred text.
  6. The perfect spiritual state suitable for reading mantras is neutral. Throw away the alarms and sadness, leave your thoughts disturbing. It is important that there should be no positive emotional overexcitation – strong joy, for example.
  7. Be prepared that the reading of the mantra will turn out with you not from the first attempt. Any spiritual practices penetrate consciousness and assimilated by a person gradually. Take patience, and you will succeed.
  8. Carefully monitor your spiritual and physical condition. If you feel no matter, leave the mantor reading until you are completely healthy and mentally calm.
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Observe these rules, and you can bring to life all that positive energy that Vedic Mantras gives.

Absolutely forbidden

It is important to know both when it is not recommended or prohibited to start reading the mantra, as well as engage in any other spiritual Vedic practices:

  1. In a state of hangover, if you abused alcoholic beverages on the eve. The next day, after the abundant limit, the mind and consciousness are in an unclean state. If you start reading mantras, you just hurt. Because the universe reacts poorly to such requests. Do not risk.
  2. After the use of narcotic and any dashboard. Despite the fact that in the ancient India, special dopeful incenses were used, which helped to reveal the consciousness and increased the action of the mantras, the modern person cannot be used by similar means. And not only before reading Mantra, but in principle.
  3. When you have a limited amount of time. If you have a free hour, and then you run in cases, you should not spend this time reading Vedic Mantras. Read ski, they will not bring any result.

In general, for any spiritual practices, it is better to highlight a whole free day when you sleep well, rested, there are no distracting cases.

Watch the video about Vedic Mantra, which eliminates the negative and bad emotions:

And remember that the Vedic Mantras is not used for mercenary purposes. They are used to reveal the consciousness for the positive energy of the universe. They are able to affect your life if your goals are positive, do not harm others, but only help reveal your spiritual potential.

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Mantras bear blessed energy for any living being, help bring life to harmony and peace.

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