Mantra goddess Lakshmi – Listen online

Mantra goddess Lakshmi – Listen online

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Mantra Lakshmi is a request for this Indian goddess about obtaining wealth, as well as prosperity and fertility. Since ancient times in Indian culture, the mantra was used to achieve various purposes, and today they are popular all over the world. Many people actively use Mantra strength, but how to contact the Martha to the Goddess Lakshmi, you will learn from this article.

Sacred texts Mantra Lakshmi

Mantra Mahamtra

People who want to get the location of the goddess in most situations are applied by Mahintra Mantra. Her text is as follows:

Om Hrrim Sri Lakshmi Bho Namaha

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Listen to her:

For success, the daily repetition of the mantra one hundred eight times is necessary. This divine song will help to succeed in absolutely any field of life, make you rich both in spiritual and in material plan, will teach to enjoy life and give real love.

The goddess Lakshmi refers to girls and women, because they are a support for representatives of a strong sex, so it gives them beauty and attracts a strong and sincere feeling in their lives.

Especially strong Mahamtra becomes from the thirteenth of April to the fourteenth of May. The perfect option is to repeat the sacred text six times a hundred and eight repetitions.

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For as soon as possible and effective achievement of your goals, it follows when pronounce the words of the mantra, think as much as possible about its great strength, as well as about her request.

Want to establish a connection with this deity? Then regularly repeat the mantra dedicated to her or perform meditation to its sacred face. Then you will achieve stunning actions – your life will soon change in the positive direction.

It is very recommended to deliver a small goddess of a small size in your home. Also, wanting to achieve her attention, the Hindus seek to decorate their homes, taking into account her preferences.

Lakshmi loves large flowers and through them generously gives the surrounding her divine energy. Therefore, it is worth put in your room Narcissus, lotuses, roses or dahlias. If at the same time they will stay fresh and save an attractive appearance, it means that Lakshmi is configured to you quite friendly.

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Also an effective way to strengthen communication with the deity is the use of decorations from her favorite materials. Lakshmi loves gold. And from minerals preferences almandines, lazurites, chrysoberyllam, jade (yellow and red flowers). Wearing the decorations of the stones described, you thereby demonstrate the goddess your desire about getting her grace.

Mantra of wealth

The second effective mantra of Lakshmi is mantra of wealth. The amount of its repeats is less than the previous option, and is only thirty-seven times. But you will need to pre-prepare in the form of a mantra for configuration – Prattehan.

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First, nine times repeat the words of the following sacred text:

Mahalakshmi Namastubhyam Namastubhyam Sureshvari Hamastubhyam Namastubhyam Dianidhi

Then voiced out loud your deliberate and competently formulated intention and only then take about reading the mantra itself:

I shrimp Kamallee Prasidda Prasidda Mahalakshmi Makhalakshmi

Listen to this mantra online:

The systematic practice of such a strong text will help you with the achievement of the right effect due to the strength of the Divine Lakshmi. Especially pronounced will be the result, if the reading of the mantra will have to fall in the period from the sixteenth of October to the fifteenth of November.

The use of Mantra Lakshmi gives people not only wealth and success, but makes them happy, fills with the feeling of joy and tranquility and expels any sadness from the heart, in it that hollows.

What will help mantra goddess lakshmi

The goddess is also known as an universal mother who protrudes the intercession of all who sincerely prays her before God. He cannot refuse his beloved spouse and performs all her requests. Therefore, the appeal to Lakshmi is quite popular, in the process of prayer, people get a blessing from her, as well as the fulfillment of their innermost desires.

  • Representatives of the strong sex of the goddess gives success in the business sphere, good luck, prosperity and well-being.
  • And girls – enhances their external appeal, gives external beauty, improves the state of health, makes more charming for men and opens knowledge of love caresses.

Of course, if you want Mantra Lakshmi to bring the desired effect, be sure to follow all the rules of its application.

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Lakshmi personifies the female energy and fertility

The goddess Lakshmi (Lakschmî) in the most ancient period of Hinduism personified with the Russian goddess of the share. In the Middle Ages, there were certain changes in the Indian Pantheon of the gods, and each of the highest deities received his wife (or Shakti – that is, strength). Lakshmi became the eldest wife of God Vishnu, it was very often treated with various requests.

The goddess made it possible to achieve success in the field of trade, and also contributed to material prosperity. There are many effective rituals and sacred songs that establish contact with Lakshmi.

Hindus believed that in the hands of the goddess carries joy, good luck, grace, contributes to the involvement of wealth and consolation of the suffering. The name “Lakshmi” with Sanskrit is translated as “happiness.”

The sacred Lick Lakshmi combines the divine and earthly, personifies the cosmic harmony in our universe. The goddess is a savior, she comes to help in a difficult moment, showing her divine generosity and rewarding everyone who appeals to her.

In India, there is still solemn celebrations in honor of Goddess Lakshmi every year. They symbolize the birth of a new life (spring), as well as material goods (autumn).

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