How to find out if there is a damage or not

How to find out if there is a damage or not

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Poor well-being, a terrible mood, problems in relationships – when everything fell into one moment, the question arises: there is a damage to you and how to find out if someone didn’t bring a bad naval. Let’s talk about how with the help of simple ways to determine the wines of everything dark magic or you need to look for other reasons.

How do damage on a person?

In the word “damage”, associations with magical rites immediately arise, in the imagination there are images of strange rituals. But the damage is not always guided in this way. Sometimes the bad effect of their own thoughts leads to the fact that you are programming yourself to damage yourself.

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How to damage for a person:

  1. With special dark rituals using various magic attributes – mirrors, candles, hair and other things. Usually a person who wants to damage, reads special conspiracies, holds rites.
  2. Cut the damage to another person can be unconsciously. No wonder specialists do not recommend throwing words in the hearts like: “Yes, if you are damned!” or other similar. Anger, insult, anger and irritation may accidentally ruin the life of a person.
  3. You can smooth yourself, if you surrender to the power of negative emotions. Therefore, try not to criticize yourself, do not call bad words. Smaller scold yourself.
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Regardless of the type of damage, you need to know how to determine if there is a slogony on you, or the cause of problems in life lies in something else. Let’s talk about the signs of damage.

Are there damage on a person? How to find out this? First signs

First of all, it is worth checking how vulnerable are you and are subject to a bad evil.

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Signs of damage can be expressed as follows:

  • Take a look at your palms. Each person traces three clear lines. If two of them intersect, it is easy to smooth out enough. It is required to additionally protect your energy field.
  • If on the palms there are intersections of lines in the form of clear crosses, probably damage comes from the past. The magical imaging could be at your ancestors – and the curse began to move from generation to generation.
  • The same applies to the Moles – if there are many of them, you are especially vulnerable.

We summarize: if the three main lines on the palms are clearly pronounced and do not intersect, it is practically impossible to smooth you – you have a strong biofield and powerful energy. Otherwise, you need to defend.

After such elementary diagnostics, pay attention to the following signs of damage:

  • Weakness. The lack of vital energy affects well-being – you feel weak, lacking forces on elementary affairs.
  • Pain for no reason. If you considered yourself a healthy person, then after damage can occur frequent pain without visible causes.
  • Nervous overvoltage. The person who was smoothed, becomes incredibly vulnerable to stress. His nerves are very weakened. He is annoyed by trifles, often changes the mood.
  • The person who “spoiled,” the fear of sunlight appears. Unbearable to be on the bright sun.
  • Frequent diseases and injuries. Immunity is weakened, increasingly occurring traumatic situations.
  • Confusion, depression, stress. The psyche is very weakened, the person begins to be very nervous and worried about trifles, is in constant anxiety, thoughts are confused.
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The damage is very strongly affected by the bioenergetic shell of a person. He suffered, first of all, a subtle body – there are trifles in Aure, which cannot but affect well-being.

Diagnostics Powered: Methods

There are several available each ways that help determine the presence or absence of damage. It:

  • Rite with water and egg. Put a glass with water yourself on the top and scroll into it. If divorces appeared in the water, the protein was permeated with white threads – damage is.
  • Rite with matches and water. Take a glass of water in my hands, looking into it, focus on your own thoughts. Then he burn the match, wait until the fire burns, and throw the beam into the water. If he drowshes, there is a damage. Fall up – with biopole everything is in order.
  • Rite with wax candle. Light a candle and drive around the human body. If the flame goes out, it will start smoking, it will shrink, there is a damage. If it is burning exactly – there is no reason for concern.
  • Rite with silver. Take any silver decoration and spend them on the cheek. If there is a dark mark, there is a damage.

Watch the video on how to find out if there is a damage on a person:

How to cure damage?

So, you found out that there is damage to you. How to get rid of the evil evil eye? This is perfectly helped prayers. For example, our father.

So that prayer has affected, follow some rules:

  • You need to read it twice a day: in the morning, barely waking up, and in the evening, before going to bed.
  • In the process of treatment, the damage must be fast. Avoid alcohol, smoking, do not eat oily, meat, sharp food. Become a vegetarian at time.
  • It is worth checking the house for the availability of conspired objects. It can be needles, scarves, crumpled money, hair clocks. If you found something suspicious, immediately burn, reading the prayer.
  • Wear a consecrated cross on the neck (for believers) or use special charms. The easiest way is to pin to the clothes pin.
  • It is necessary to refrain not only from harmful food, but also from harmful thoughts. Do not allow negative, critics, condemnation to your consciousness.
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In severe cases, it is worth contacting those skilled in the art. They will definitely diagnose, and then help to remove the evil eye, determine its cause.

You should also think about whether you yourself have become the cause of all the problems that have fallen on you. Perhaps everything is not a bad naval, and your own actions, thoughts and actions.

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