How to check at home, is there any damage on a person

How to check at home, is there any damage on a person

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How to check in at home, is there a damage on a person? There are simple methods that you can use. Let’s talk about them in more detail.

How to determine damage on a person: proven ways

You can not believe in the damage, but this phenomenon takes place. Before proceeding with treatment, it is worth making a simple diagnosis to be sure that the cause of problems is in negative magical influence.

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To begin with, use one of the following simple methods.

Diagnosis with water

This method will help determine if there is a damage. How to check if there are no traces of negative magical influence? Very simple. You will need a container with clean water and three coal.

Pour water into the bowl and look carefully into it during a couple of minutes. Concentrate on your thoughts and sensations. Then throw coals into the water:

  • If black stones immediately went to the bottom, the negative energy takes place.
  • If the corners are fed to the surface, everything is in order.

This elementary method helps to determine only the presence of damage, but will not help find out what cause is a bad naval.

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Diagnosis with eggs

Pour water in a glass glass until the middle of the tank. Cook fresh egg. Before starting the diagnostics, make sure the egg is really fresh.

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It’s easy to do: lower it into the water. The fierce egg will pop up, the fresh drops on the bottom.

You will need an assistant. You have to sit on the chair, and the other person must hold a glass with water on your top for three to five minutes. After that, the egg must be broken into the glass and see how it looks:

  • It remains unchanged, and the water is transparent – there is no damage.
  • If the protein is penetrated by a white fringe, you can talk about the smoothing or non-mile spider. Most likely, it was convicted in order to bring failures to you, provoke problems in business or family relationships.
  • If there are black spots in the yolk, there is a strong damage to you on health. It is especially worth alert if the yolk looks like “boiled”.
  • If there is a bubble bunch in the squirrel, there are bubbles and black dots, and the yolk is deformed, you are very strong and enough dangerous damage. It was convicted in order to bring a person to death.

The stronger the damage, the sooner you need to be accepted for its treatment.

Strong damage: how to check if there is a damage, folk methods

You can also take advantage of the old ways to detect damage on a person. In the previous section, we talked about the most popular methods, but there are other, no less effective.

For example, learn whether there is a damage on the person and check the presence of traces of a bad naval, so possible:

  • Carefully wait your home. If foreign items found: needles, pins, hair bulls, it is worth alert. These things are often used for magical rituals.
  • Diagnosis of fire. Pour water into the glass and hold it in my hands for a few minutes, squeezing his palms. Then add the salt to the water and burn the match. When she burns, throw into the water. If the grinding was drowned, there is damage to you.
  • Candle diagnosis. Light a wax church candle and drive her along the body. If the fire remains calm, everything is fine. If the flame is “rebellion”: smoking, it burns unevenly, cracks, goes out, it says about the presence of a evil eye.
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Watch the video on how at home check if there is damage on a person:

Symptoms and Symptoms

It is also worth paying attention to your well-being, health, emotional state. If it changes without visible reasons, it is worth alert. The person who caused damage can manifest themselves the following signs:

  • Well-being worsen. This is manifested in decline forces, lack of energy. There is no desire to do anything, even engage in pleasant and loved things.
  • Apathy and emotional burnout occur. Man is indifferent to everything. The condition can be described as “there is no strength to feel something.”
  • Suicidal thoughts, depression, stress. The man is nervous in trivia, flows into depression without reason, the interest of life disappears, thoughts arise: “Why do I live? My existence is empty and meaningless. “
  • Relationships are spoiled with others, because a person becomes irritable, suspicious, intolerable and dissatisfied.
  • There are phobias and fears that were not before. For example, fear of closed spaces, darkness, people, sunlight.
  • A healthy woman cannot become pregnant, and doctors are bred by their hands.
  • Racing weights: A person can suddenly recover or lose weight very much.
  • Often there is not enough air – the person periodically begins to choke.
  • There are also unexpected obstacles to the intended goal. Plans rushes, problems arise and wen, there is a feeling of the “black strip”, from which it is impossible to get out.
  • Self-esteem suffers. A person can not look at himself in the mirror, constantly dissatisfied with his appearance, complex and originates with criticism.
  • It is impossible to be in the church. In the temple there is an oppressive state, the feeling of cargo on the shoulders, something presses, prevents the move, eyes hurt when looking at the saints. With a strong damage, a person may faint in the church.
  • Insects or mice appear in the house without visible causes.
  • In thoughts, negative memories of their past are constantly living, and nightmares are constantly shot.
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All these reasons are forced to worry, especially if negative signs of damage arise completely suddenly and unexpectedly. If you suspect that damage takes place, you need to heal as soon as possible. At home it is difficult to do this – it is better to find a good specialist who will help. Do not induce the charlatan – contact only the recommendations of the acquaintances.

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