Reading the Koran from the evil eye and damage

Reading the Koran from the evil eye and damage

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In addition to known methods, it is not less famous for the reading method from the evil eye and damage. Surely any representative of Muslim culture is known that Islam does not welcome any signs of magic, even if it comes to good fortunes or harmless conspiracies that save the body and soul from torment. After all, in their essence, any kind of witchcraft is an attempt to communicate with evil spirits: Shautans and even Iblis . However, the Koran does not deny the presence of magic in general – even Mohammed himself once turned out to be an unfortunate victim of curses, which enemies were convicted. Many people were going to help him, but Rorok believed only by virtue of Allah , refusing the temptation to cure the torment.

And Allah provided him with such a chance, told the prophet through angels a few Ayatov, in the process of reading which all the destructive power evaporated in his eyes. Based on the belief, the evil eye on Mohammed was induced with his hair, which imposed on the scallop. And every time he read Dua from the evil eye, one of the hairs fell out of the ridge, and the person was significantly greasy.

Evil in Islam

Shautans and Iblis Since ancient times carried Real evil . But not all of their representatives were very angry – they also had decent citizens among them. It is for this reason that the appearance of benevolent jinnings, which respect the Sacred Scriptures of the Quran, often apply different healers in practical activities. However, despite the fact that respectful genie in the power to assist a person, they are known to ban the use of any witchcraft. Therefore, they will not be able to help someone who broke the sacred covenants of Allah, while with the most honest people will be able to divide the element of their own strength, but only if people They believe in the help of the Most High.

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For this reason Do not trust sorcerers who argue about cooperation with good jinnings, because all kind Gins follow the desire of Allah and for nothing to provoke a good Muslim to malicious witchcraft.

If the approximate Muslim is constantly reading the Quran, and most importantly, performs all the vows indicated in the Holy Scripture, without breaking the will of the Great God, then he should not worry. A regular reading of a book creates an amazing protection of near a person, making it unstable. If a person suddenly happen to such a person, it can only be obstacles that were sent by God to experience faith.

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However, in modern times, not everyone can constantly fulfill the prescriptions of the Quran, as well as to constantly read it. Of course, this does not mean that the person will immediately get to Iblis for such behavior, but he can lose protection.

In such a situation, an unstable position will be able to use concrete enemy ; It can easily bring a curse or evil eye per person. Almost any evil eye is accompanied by diseases and disorders of behavior, but Allah is complacent, it provides a real way to heal for each. And this method is the Quran. A long and permanent reading of this book will be able to not only eliminate different negative influences, but also to raise self-confidence, give hope, and for a moment to bring the person to understanding Paradise.

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Real power has only reading this book in its original – In the Arabic language. Of course, if a person is not known to such a language, the translation of this Scripture will also have some influence on him, but it does not compare with the power of the original version of the book.

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Such suras will quickly help get rid of different witchcrafts:

The first surah of the Quran is called Al Fatiha:

112 Sura Quran entitled Al-Ihlas:

113 Sura Koran called Al-Falak:

Last Sura Koran is called AN-NO:

Features of the reading of the Quran from evil forces

  1. Based on the sacred book Koran, The first thing is the first thing affecting the most attractive personalities, which are constantly jealous others or who simply admire and praise every way. Even the most noble and decent man of Muslim faith, not wanting evil in a different, suddenly he is able to smooth him, admiring his attractiveness, material situation, good luck or happiness in his personal life. Of course, no one wishes to take such a sin to the soul, because every Muslim is needed to carry out ritual ablutions. If a person suddenly began to feel as if someone could not fit someone, he needs to wash his hands urgently , fingers on the legs, elbows and knees, and another face and side inside the hips with clean water, washing off from their body a manifestation of any negative magic. If a man smoothed or cursed someone specifically, such ablutions will be abundantly to wash, and the affected person is to get rid of Muk.
  2. It is because of the female beauty and severe danger for the female, which means that for the whole family of the evil eye, Islam as a religion suggests carrying the closed clothes. However, despite the less strict prescriptions regarding the male floor, they also should not praise their own body before other people, especially when God gave them a truly amazing beauty, powerful muscles or a reliable family. It is an excellent atmosphere in the family and a happy personal life often serve as a strong damage. For this reason, all people do not advise to endure their joy beyond the borders of the house, and if others are known, it is still a person in the family, you need to be at the same together, but to walk in all different roads.
  3. However, not only a person is able to smooth. Patch can be sent and genies. People are not able to notice them, but the Ginones themselves have a huge impact on the world around. As with ordinary mortals, the evil eye of such creatures may be unintentional, but harm from it is much greater. To get rid of this kind of curses, except reading the Great Quran, you can also use a person Special Islamic Amulet Hams, who is differently called the Fatima’s hand.
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