Orthodox prayer from the evil eye and damage

Orthodox prayer from the evil eye and damage

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In life it often happens so that the black stripe is suddenly begins: failures and troubles are pursued by one after another, health problems appear (often serious), the financial situation deteriorates – in general, everything goes under Sunny.

Moreover, the reason for such a sharp change of negative nature cannot explain a person. And the answer is simple: all misfortunes are a negative magical impact in the form of damage or evil eye. In such difficult moments, victims often refer to the services of magicians. However, a true Christian, first of all, asks for help from the highest strength and will do it using the Orthodox prayer from the evil eye and damage.

The difference of the evil eye from damage

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The evil eye and damage is similar to each other because they are a negative type of magical impact. They will differ by the power of their influence on the sacrifice.

The evil eye is characterized by a weaker and easy effect. It happens most often inadvertently. There is a certain group of people who are called “glaze” (about such people also say that they have a “bad eye”). Such people are characteristic of themselves to accumulate a large charge of negative energy, negative emotions. This negative is transmitted to another person (victim) usually through envy, during which a stable strip of bad luck is established in the life of the victim, and failures are literally starting to walk along the heels. Risk energy risks under the influence of the evil area.

The damage is much more stronger and terrible kind of negative magical impact, frightening even people who are skeptical about witchcraft. The most common varieties:

  • Damage to health – It manifests itself to the weakening of the immunity of the victim, as a result of which he begins to root often and for a long time. Claims may exacerbate chronic or new, with difficulty with traditional medical treatment.
  • Damage for money – affects the material sphere of life and is often carried out by competitors for business, more successful business partners, unfriendliers. Such a damage leads to various kinds of financial problems at the victim.
  • Damage to luck – It usually makes people envious, which someone else’s luck, success and success do not give a relaxing life.
  • Damage to death – The strongest of all listed types of damage. Leads to a fatal outcome. Its removal usually requires a colossal amount of effort and time and often subject to only an experienced person.

The evil eye or damage – “diseases” unconventional, therefore, “treat” their unconventional methods. Some helps the witchcraft conspiracies and spells, however, much more effective is the calculation of Orthodox prayers.

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What Orthodox prayers can be read to remove the evil eye and damage?

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The church claims that evil forces cannot harm the believing person if his thoughts are clean, and the heart is filled with faith and love to neighbors. To refer to the prayers of a Christian should only be cleared of all over the mind. Under the “superfluous” implies the entire negative, capable of penetrating into the thoughts of a person and linger there.

If the Orthodox became a victim of the evil eye or damage, he should not only think about revenge on his “offenders” – instead, it is better to appeal to his heavenly patrons with prayer, ask them to health and protect against enemies. My prayers with a request to get rid of negative witch influence can be addressed:

  • his personal guardian angel;
  • Saint Cyprian;
  • Matron of Moscow;
  • Nikolai Wonderworker;
  • Son of God – Jesus Christ.

To remove the damage or the evil eye, you can also read the prayers of our “Father” and “Live in Help” (Psalm 90) – both texts have a very powerful protective energy and are considered in Orthodoxy among the strongest.

Texts of Orthodox prayers from damage and evil eye

Appeal to the Guardian Angel

Guardian angel is the closest assistant. He protects his ward throughout his life, pray for him to the Creator. In minutes, when the believer feels the need to protect against evil, failures, diseases (including those caused by dark magic), he can turn to his heavenly custody with a prayer:

Instead of brackets, the believer should call the name given to him when baptism. The pronouncement of this prayer does not need some special rite. It is advisable to learn all the text by heart and read in any difficult moment.

Prayer from the damage and the evil eye of Saint Cyprian

Remove the curse imposed by a slogony or spool will help the prayer of Saint Cyprian, which can be read at any time and even several times per day. It can also pronounce one of the parents if a child suffered from the bad witch influence, – it is necessary to do it above the baby’s head. Words are also allowed to read on the water, which the victim should be pushed afterwards.

Text of prayer:

In addition, it is possible to pronounce another prayer text:

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The effectiveness of these two Orthodox prayers is connected with the fact that Cyprian initially himself was a sorcerer, but then he was able to remove the influence of the dark forces and adopted the Christian faith. After recovering him with a request to get rid of envy, the evil eye and damage was among the believers a kind of tradition.

Prayer Matron Moskovskaya

A prayer addressed to blissful Staritz Matron will be able to protect against black magic. How to feel soul or bodily indisposition, contact the Matronushka with the words:

It is desirable after the pronouncement of this prayerful text three times to impose a criste and pour the holy water three times scored in the church.

You can ask the Matron about getting rid of the evil char and in the walls of the temple, putting several candles before its icon.

Prayer ritual from damage and the evil eye facing Nikolay the Wonderworker

From damage and the evil eye will save prayers aimed at Nikolay Radio. They even help in very difficult cases – when the witch effect is very strong and other means for its elimination are useless. You can pray for Holy Nicholas for yourself, and for your loved ones affected by dark magic.

The prayer rite takes place in several stages:

  1. Go to the temple, order the organizing service for suffering from negative impact.
  2. To bow in the church by the image of Nikolai Wonderworker, put 3 candles in front of it and speak: “Wonderworker Nikolai, damage a family share, to protect us from the cases of the enemy” . Crighten.
  3. In the temple to buy an icon of saint, 12 candles and consecrated water.
  4. Having come home, retire, place on the table an eartere icon, a vessel with holy water and light all 12 candles. Read the text of the prayer:

After pronouncing the prayer, Nicholas, the plenty of waters need to cross, block a little holy water. This consecrated water should be pouring into food and drink all members of their family. The prayer ritual can be repeated after 2 weeks, if significant results do not immediately appear.

Prayer rite Jesus Christ and all holy

In the event of a damage or evil eye, you can ask about healing the son of God and all saints immediately. Prayer facing them is very powerful and will help get rid of a detrimental magical influence. She will also protect from enemies, protects from human hatred, malice and envy.

Prayer, the text of which is presented below, can be applied as a barrier, read with the aim of preventing the negative effects of black magic.

For a prayer ritual for the removal of damage or the evil eye, it is pre-buy in the church of 7 candles. The term of the rite is one week.

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Description of the ritual. In the morning time, all 7 candles on the table are on the table, ignite one of them, 7 times to say the text of the prayer (preferably by memory, having learned the text in advance by heart):

Give a lit candle to burn to the end, assemble the spars from the table and throw out. The next morning repeat the rite with the second candle. Continue until all the candles are used.

Church rite from damage and evil eye with a prayer “Our Father”

All that will be required to eliminate the influence of evil forces is to know by heart the prayer “Father Our”. On Sunday, the believer should go to the temple, buy a candle, light it and, holding in his left hand, 9 times to read in front of the Icon of the Lord:

After each time it is required to autumn himself with the procession. The ritual on its completion must be secured by 12-fold pronunciation of the following words:

“Health, happiness, cleanliness, well-being, love, good luck. Amen!”

This rite is strong and quickly quickly leads to the desired result, but if necessary, it can be repeated during the two Sunday days.

Prayer “Live in Help” – protection against any evil

Psalm at number 90, also known as the prayer “Live in Help”, has a huge feet. It can be applied and as a guard from a negative magical impact, from the goat and envy of evil people. Well, if the believer writes the text of this prayer on a piece of paper and will carry it near himself, “so he will provide himself with strong support from the highest strength. Text of the Prayer “Live in Help”:

The world in which we live is a place, unfortunately, not safe. It is too much evil – much more than I would like. Therefore, the protection of itself, its relatives and loved ones is the primary task of any believer. And the Orthodox prayers addressed to the Lord God and His Holy Raties addressed to the Lord, the Orthodox prayers addressed to the Lord, the main thing that the hard faith in the highest forces never faded in your heart.

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