Alleged ‘alien’ captured on camera along Bolivia’s Pilcomayo River

Alleged ‘alien’ captured on camera along Bolivia’s Pilcomayo River

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An image of what looks like a semi-transparent extraterrestrial entity recently went viral on social media. Take a look at the above photograph – what can you see ?This was the scene captured on camera along the Pilcomayo River in the city of Tarija, Bolivia, recently when something unexpected showed up while a man was being filmed in the foreground.

Exhibiting anomalous proportions, long limbs and an almost skull-like head, the figure looks distinctly like the stereotypical ‘alien’ entity that you might see in science fiction movies or TV shows.

On top of that, it appears semi-transparent, with the background partially visible through its body. “It looks like a transparent being with long limbs, typical of a gray being,” said Ufologist Javier Carlos Cordero. “But we must apply a filter to the photo that will allow us to determine its veracity.”

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“Tarija seems to have a special connection to activities of this type and this reinforces the notion that there could be something more at play.”

Skeptics argue that the image is a clear hoax created by digitally inserting the ‘alien’ into the picture, especially since there’s no reflection of it in the nearby water.

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