Scandinavian runes: their meaning, description and interpretation

Scandinavian runes: their meaning, description and interpretation

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Scandinavian runes are used for magical rituals. They help to know the future, protect a person from external evil, to succeed in the conceived matter. The runes were used by our distant ancestors, so the strength of their action is verified by centuries. Let’s talk about the meaning of the Scandinavian runes in detail.

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List of runes

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Rune Fekhu

Runa Uruz

Rune Tourisaz

Rune Ansuz

Rune Raido

Rune Kenaz

Rune Gebo

Runa Veuno

Rune Hagalaz

Rune Nautiz

Runa Isa

Rune Yera

Rune Evaz

Rune Pert.

Rune Algiz

Rune Soulu

Rune Taywaz

Runa Berkana

Rune Evaz

Rune Mannaz

Rune Laguz

Rune Ingus

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Rune Odal

Rune Dagaz

A little story about runes

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Scandinavian runes for a long time were part of the writing of the General Runic Alphabet and were used in this capacity in the 19th century in Scandinavia countries.

And the magic effect of Runes discovered our ancestors much earlier. More Julius Caesar reported to fortunate on draw chopsticks with the help of runes.

And the ancient Germans attributed to the Runic symbols such properties as the ability to protect a person from lies and external threats, heal from heavy diseases.

In modern occult, the runes are used for fortunes, as well as for the manufacture of faiths. Most often, the runic symbols are knocked out on the stone, but other natural materials can also be used.

Sometimes the runic symbols are stuffed in the form of a tattoo on the body. It is important to know what kind of Scandinavian runes have, not to make a mistake with the choice of drawing for the tattoo. It is impossible to underestimate the magical properties of these mysterious characters – in the form of a tattoo, they are able to dramatically affect human life.

Some esotericists believe that Runes are a kind of portal that helps to make contact and tie a person with his ancestors or gods.

Next, consider how the most popular Scandinavian runes look like, and we will analyze their value in detail.

Value, description and interpretation of runes

Wiking runes are considered one of the perfect characters used in modern fortune-making techniques. And their main dignity – in the simplicity of values. To study and remember the interpretation of the Scandinavian runes can almost anyone.

It is important to know that the same rune can have a different meaning in a direct and inverted position. If the image of the rune looks the same in any position, the value remains the same one.

Rune Feu.

In the literal position of the rune Feu – the personification of something new. For example, the acquisition of useful skills, knowledge, profit, receiving favorable relationship with partners. But everything new, which symbolizes this rune, comes to a person at the cost of great effort, and not due to the luck.

In the inverted position, the value of the runic symbol is the opposite. This is a loss, loss of something, intractable problems. As a rule, all these difficulties are solved – you only need to try a little.

Runa Uruz

In the literal position, the Uruz is emotions, passion, literally “fire.” Moreover, emotions are so strong that a person is not able to control them, it is completely given to the power of feelings. And feelings are these sincere, no grams of false.

In the reversed position, the rune personifies fears, complexes, weakness, the lack of moral forces for the realization of conceived purposes. A person is not able to take responsibility, preferring to shift it on others.

Rune Tourisaz

In the literal position, tourisas is a symbol of incredible power, an impersonation of power, also a sign that a person is under the protection of the higher forces. But it is important to understand that it is impossible to rely only on this success – the band of luck can quickly end, if nothing to do and stop relying on your own strength.

In the inverted position, the value is almost the same, but it acquires a negative character, because a person is not ready or is not able to perceive the information that the rugan symbol carries in itself.

Rune Ansuz

In the literal position of Rune Ansus – these are all the words that a person says, his skills of verbal communication and the ability to influence those surrounding with the help of oratory. With such a symbol, the words will be formed into a smooth speech without any effort, without any problems can be made contact with any person.

In the inverted position, this Runa is the personification of unreliable data, false information that is sent verbally. This desire to deceive, to write, distort these facts about any incident event.

Rune Raido

In the literal position of the Rune Raid – a symbol of long journeys, human movement to long distances. And these trips are pleasant, accompanied by joyful emotions and bright positive impressions.

In the reversed position, the rune also denotes travels, but unsuccessful and tedious, or even at all – disruption of the intended trip.

Rune Kenaz

In the literal position of the rune, Kenaz is similar to the value with Uruz – this is also a fire. But not bright, stormy, unbridled, but quiet and calm – even flame. This is the personification of the energetic, strength and power of man. They are enough, and there are no such negative phenomena, as excessive aggression and unrestrained desire to dominate anyone.

In the reversed position, the rune symbolizes a stop in the development, and even completely complete degradation of the personality. She personifies some events that are extremely unpleasant for a person, but they cannot be avoided, no matter how try.

Rune Gebo

This rune symbol has a symmetrical form, so the value is not divisible depending on the position.

Rune Gebo It has a very positive interpretation, which is almost impossible to worsen – it will become negative only if a ruffic symbol with a sharply negative value will be located near Gebo.

Gebo personifies spiritual calm, fullness. This is joy and happiness, peace and awareness. This means that a person found himself, he loves himself, can and knows how to share energy with others, does not seek the sources of filling with energy, and itself is such a source.

Runa Veuno

Woney in the literal position This Runic Symbol is almost the most favorable of all. This is the personification of everything positive: joy, liberation from troubles, good luck, luck. This is a chance that the fate itself provides a person to radically change life for the better.

In the turned out position, everything is not so rosy. This is a stagnation, “freezing” development, stop traffic, regression and degradation. A sign that the smooth course of events will change dramatically and everything will go awry.

Rune Chalagaz

The chalagaz has only one value, as it remains the same and in the straight, and in the outrestimate position.

This is the personification of the elements, but not positive, but the destructive, sweeping everything on its path. Elements can be both unforeseen events and bright negative emotions that a person cannot control.

It often means that the fate of a person is in the power of someone else, and only from this other will depend on how further life will be.

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Rune Nautiz

We are completing our description of the most popular Scandinavian runes – Ruhnaya Nautiz.

Little position is the personification of heavy labor, which always leads to success. These are incredible moral and physical efforts aimed at achieving the Great, almost global goal.

In the inverted position, the value is the same, but with a small difference, which radically changes the positive character of the symbol. This is an impersonation of great efforts, but incorrect, which will never lead to the desired result.

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