Runa Uruz (URUZ, URUS) – the value and application of the symbol

Runa Uruz (URUZ, URUS) – the value and application of the symbol

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Rune Uruz is one of the strongest runes. It is “charged” with a powerful stream of energy. A man using Uruz receives a lot of strength and opportunities to implement its goals.

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  • Uruz is the energy in its pure form. No action in the world may arise without energy – human life, health, relationships, professional activities and everything else depend on it. Therefore, the Uruz is a chopping wand for people who are not able to fill with energy, take and give it away.
  • The symbol is considered a very strong and powerful energy rune, which literally “charges” a person makes it incredibly active, active seeking to progress. In ancient times, people this rune symbol was very read, but also were afraid.
  • Uruz is an union of male and female start, merging of opposites, yin and yang. What is noteworthy, it helps a woman becomes more feminine, a man is more courageous.
  • It helps to correct the gender breakdown in pairs when the duties of her husband and wife were mixed. For example, a wife provides a family, and her husband is sitting at home and raises children. In such a situation, energy exchange does not occur, because none of the pair performs its functions, but only takes on others.
  • It helps to make health strong, both physical and mental. In magical rituals, it is used for the emergence of the patient, the restoration of forces after a heavy operation, injury. And the rune does not affect the physical shell of a person – she harmonizes his inner world, due to which the physical body is taking place.
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Meaning in gadania

In the literal position

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Uruz is change, challenge, energy rue, power, power. In gdeania, the uruz most often means that in your life there was a huge and very powerful stream of energy, circumstances, possibilities. And in what direction this stream will be sent – depends only on you

It’s time for cardinal change, transition from the old, regressive reality to a new, progressive and leading to success. Uruz is perseverance, perseverance, desire to defeat, no matter what.

When a Uruz is in a literal rune, its values ​​are as follows:

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  • In the near future, giving will receive an excellent opportunity for career growth.
  • Your health is strong enough, in the near future the disease will not interfere with the intended affairs
  • You have excellent potential that will lead you to success if you develop it
  • Soon there will be some complicated, unfavorable situation, but you have enough strength and energy to get out of it without loss
  • You have all the deposits in order to achieve great success in life. But only depends on you, can you take advantage of your abilities

Council when losing the runes of Uruz in the literal position: It’s time to let go of the past. Do not hold on to the usual things, people, work – release. Life provides you with a chance to succeed and stop tread in one place. Changes are coming, and if you open them, dramatically change your life for the better.

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In an inverted position

As a rule, in the turned off position, any rune acquires a negative value. If the Uruz fell out, it may say that a person “frozen” in place and cannot move forward due to the shipment of past circumstances. He needs to change the worldview, get rid of the progress of the installations and the programs laid down in the subconscious of programs.

Uruz in a negative meaning is disappointment and failures, dependence on bad habits and vices, material addiction or a huge, drug traction for another person who is indifferent to you. It’s all that pulls you down and prevents the movement forward. That which you need to get rid not to destroy your personality.

Very often, the twisted Uruz falls at the moment when a person because of a huge cargo of problems and failures is on the verge – is ready to abandon the planned plans, just a little – and not far to depression. At that moment it is important to explain to him that there is a way out, and with the right actions of the case will go to the way.

In the turned outline, the value of the rune Uruz is the following:

  • In the near future in some difficult situation, you will not be able to find enough forces in yourself to overcome the difficulties
  • Changes are coming to the worst – get ready for the blows of fate
  • Your health is under threat – in this period of life especially carefully
  • On the way to the intended goals there will be many obstacles
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Council when losing weight in an outstanding position : It is time to deeply analyze the current situation in which you feel uncomfortable. Now your inner “I” conflicts with the outside world, it is because you so bad. Understand yourself, not solve problems. As soon as the harmony is inside, everything will change for the better and outside.

Application Runes Uruz in magic

In the Occultis of the Runa Uruz used for the following purposes:

  • To strengthen health or cure a patient
  • To restore and consolidate friendly or love relationships
  • To attract good luck, luck, new opportunities and prospects
  • In order for a favorable situation in life, new circumstances appeared in which you can fully disclose your potential.

See the video in which the author talks about the modern meaning of the rune Uruz:

Runa Uruz can be used in all sorts of magical rituals, fortune telling. Amulets, charms and talismans with the image of the runes have a powerful energy that “charges” the owner of the amulete of vital power.

Also, the runes are often used for tattoos – it is believed that thus the rune affects a person most strongly. Uruz, in principle, it is suitable for this purpose, but be extremely careful and think well – the effect of the symbol will be very large.

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