Rune Fehu: meaning, interpretation in combination, photo

Rune Fehu: meaning, interpretation in combination, photo

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Rune Fekhu is the first symbol of the older Futark. Other names: Feu, Fe, Fooh, Fehu. Located under the auspices of two elements at once – Fire and Earth. Color – red.


  • In modern meaning: movable property and wealth, money, gold
  • In ancient meaning: horned cattle

From the point of view of spirituality, the rune faughter is the basis of each start.

Photo Runes:

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Character characteristic

  1. Elimination of power and power. And very large-scale affecting everything around. Rune action can be compared with a natural disaster that is impossible to prevent
  2. Symbol of fertility. Comprehensive – the rune energy acts in such a way that it flourishes and develops everything around
  3. Also symbolizes huge both destructive and creative strength. The value will depend on which direction you will send the action of the rune
  4. It is also the personification of the unity and harmony of two people or phenomena radically opposite. This is a powerful attraction of the “plus” and “minus” with their subsequent merging into one
  5. Fehu is evolution, progress, development. And very fast, dynamic, do not stop them
  6. This is the formation of a person, its socialization, the development of external and internal potential
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In combination with other runic symbols, the ame is the embodiment of the process that proceeds from birth to the reincarnation of something, the stages of the phenomenon from his birth, life, death before rebirth. In this case, the symbol is an energy that allows the process or phenomenon to move, develop.

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It consists of huge power, but not stable, but movable, what does not stand still.

Meaning in gadania

In the literal position

Direct position most often has favorable interpretations:

  1. Clearing awaits grandiose success in the professional sphere. Career growth, profitable transactions, the acquisition of large customers
  2. Favorable changes in personal life are coming. It may be a romantic acquaintance, marriage conclusion, harmonization of existing relationships, the birth of new love
  3. Successful resolution of existing problems. Difficulties and obstacles will stay behind, ahead – a calm and lucky life, filled with happiness and well-being
  4. Execution of cherished desires. A dream, which has long been in your imagination, will be implemented without any effort on your part. Fate will provide many chances so that you can get the desired
  5. Very good sign if the rune fell in fortune-money for money. Then she promises a big profit, a big win. Money will be easily and as if nowhere
  6. In the life of a gadget, the situation will arise in which you need to be decisive, to defend your opinion and not be conducted on provocations around

The faughter in the literal position is money, luck, success, solving personal problems. This is a white stripe in life that will not dare with nothing. This is a grand increase, improving the quality of life, the embodiment of the desires and the implementation of the goals for a long time, the acquisition of something important, valuable for humans.

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The Council in direct position: you need to make the most concentrate on the financial side of your life. Now it is impossible to challenging and inattentively treat working duties. Disconnect the imagination, stop dreaming and deal with the case.

Now the most favorable time to save and increase the existing capital – take advantage of the chance, in the future such an opportunity may not be introduced. Consider the strengthening of business connections, acquiring new partners. Evaluate all emerging situations with reason, and not by emotions. You have all the advantages to achieve a lot – use them.

In the turned position

Most often has adverse values. For example:

  • You will find yourself involved in some kind of extremely risky enterprise. Think well before accepting participation
  • In a relationship with a loved one, a crisis is coming. You will cover the wave of misunderstandings, conflicts and quarrels. Try to be more restrained not to destroy love, but save and strengthen it
  • Workers and financial affairs will be not very favorable for you. Losses are coming and serious expenses. It is necessary to be most concentrated, thoroughly think about every decision.
  • In the near future, you will have to experience serious disappointment, which will give you a mass of negative emotions
  • You risk losing something, very valuable and meaningful for you
  • On the way to the intended goal there will be serious obstacles and difficulties, overcome which will be very difficult

Fehu in a turned position – a sign that is a black stripe. We’ll have to face many difficulties. Your mood and mental state will be extremely negative, which may affect the relationship with loved ones. Problems with money, work, relationships will be discarded.

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Council when falling out in an outstanding position: to the money and any financial transactions now need to be extremely careful. Avoid large spending and rapid costs. Now not the best time to invest money in anything.

Any negative situation, try to appreciate from the part, as if you are an extraneous person, and the outcome of the event is not important to you.

Watch the video in which the author talks about the modern meaning of the rune Fehu:

Interpretation of a faughter in magic

Rune Fehu is used in magical rituals to achieve the following goals:

  • Get rid of negative energy in the house, eliminate the effect of black magic
  • Solve problems in relationships with spouse, beloved
  • Save personal property when moving
  • Find the best way out of the current, very difficult and incomprehensible situation.
  • Provide a favorable result of real estate transaction

Talismans with this rune are able to push any stagnant process, make the matter move. Also, amulets and charmings with this symbol help to return the lost health and protect a person from any negative coming from the outside.

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