Whether from damage and evil eye – effective rites for all

Whether from damage and evil eye – effective rites for all

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The wubble of the evil eye and damage is necessary for each person to protect against unkind views, wishes or directed influences. Conspiracies, items or specially made amulets may become champions. AMULET HAMSA (Hand Fatima), minerals, protective plants and even specially selected aromas are considered an effective faucet.

Carrying from Schalza

Schalz – the most common negative phenomenon. Anyone who has a strong energy can be smoothed. The reason for the evil eye can be unkind thoughts, envy or frank hostility towards another person. Negative energy filled with places of mass accumulation of people – queues in stores, public transport per hour of peak, pavilions and large shopping areas.

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Amulets and chambers are specially conspired subjects or spoken words. The challenge of the overag is to accumulate negative energy aimed at the owner, or to remove it aside. Verbal chambers have a short validity period, about a day or a week.

Conspiring items serve long: until they spoil or not lose. To verbal conspiracy acquired strength, it can be written on a sheet of paper and dip in wax. While the wax does not turn around and the words will not erase, the charm will protect against the negative.

So that good luck is not smoothed

In order for your happiness and good luck to be smoothed, spend a protective rite. You need to go to the river during the growth of the Moon or full moon. On the shore, find the stone, hold it in your hands for a few minutes – the stone will absorb your energy in yourself. Then throw a stone into the river and tell the protective words three times:

This charm from envy and the evil eye must be done after the wedding or other significant event to protect themselves from envious views. Effective overages from the evil eye are minerals: a tiger eye, bullish eye, cat eye. These stones must be worn with me. If the stone from the evil eye is lost or cracked (it can lose the shine), he fulfilled his role defender. From such faces, you get rid of – bury in the ground.

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If you go to the crowd – Charm

When a responsible event is to be protected from unkind people with strong energy. Before leaving home, read the special words on the water three times, and then work yourself and do not wipe:

Ring from Schalza

A closed object is considered a good faith from negative energy. When equipping a conspiracy ring, the biofield is closed, and the negative energy cannot harm the person. If you take off the ring, you need to re-pronounce protective words when equipped. Words to amulet from the evil eye Pronounce Naraspov:

Mirror defense

The mirror is an excellent wubble from the evil eye: it has a property to send a negative back. To protect yourself from unkind views and bad wishes, wear a small mirror on the chest near the heart. For women, the mirror must be a round shape, for men – square. The mirror is located on the reflective side.

Purchase the mirror is needed on the mother’s birthday until noon, you need to pay a little over a purchase – just leave the store in the store. When you place a sirror on your chest, kiss the reflective surface three times, cross and ask to protect against everything unfaithful – from the evil eye and damage, secret thoughts and wishes.

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Effective protection on the pin

How to make a wubble from the evil eye and damage with your own hands? Acute iron objects are well protected from negative effects and unclean strength. If the house appeared in the house, it is necessary to stick a knife or score a nail into the place where you watched a phenomenon – more than the ghost will not appear.

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Plug, pinned to clothes, closes a man’s biopol and does not miss the negative. On the growing moon, buy a new pin and church candle. Keep the pin pin above the flame and read:

Print the pin to the involving side of the clothes with the edge down, in the chest. While the charm does not unzip or not lost, he will defend its owner. The pin can not be detached from the clothes: you can speak a few pins for different things from your wardrobe.

After six months, the plot must be repeated with the same pin. If the guard unbuttoned, it is necessary to get rid of it – the pin accepted the astral blow. Just jump into the ground. If the pin is lost, make a new charm.

Protective bracelet.

In old days, the decorations were not a decorative element of the wardrobe – they defended the owner from unkind views and wishes. Decorations served to remove the eyes, attracting attention to themselves. Together with the attention of the evil strength of an envious person. Jewelry is a trap for negative energy, for example, a bracelet from the evil eye . The bracelet can be made of protective stones suitable for energy to its owner.

Protective force has a simple Woolen thread, moistened by a saliva man . The wrist was tied up, and in the evening the candles were burned on the flame. The human DNA code is in saliva, the thread itself is a saliva container. Take the wrist with a thread of a red color, in a mixture of its saliva. In the evening, before bedtime, just burn the thread – along with her all the negative will burn. In the morning, make a new thread on the wrist.

Protection against damage

To damage the damage to the Aure, you need to protect yourself with the help of the overag. In addition to the overama, the precautions should be observed so that the negative force does not penetrate the aura:

  • Do not raise money, wallets or valuable things at crossroads – with them take someone’s illness or misfortune;
  • After sunset, anyone do nothing from the house, whoever asks;
  • Do not solicate someone else’s comb, especially at a party;
  • Constantly wear a silver cross under clothes – this is not a decoration, but protection;
  • Remove the rug outside the entrance door – it is easy to damage it.
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A permanent visit to church services is an effective remedy for various types of negative effects. However, it is necessary to stand under the dome of the church during the service, and not at the door or the altar.

Protection on black feather

For this, the rite needs to be found on Vorona Pen Street. At home, put a pen into a bowl with water and read the protective spell three times. When you read, keep a bowl in your hands. Then go out into the street and pour water along with the pen on the ground. The charm will protect against negative impacts until the pen has elapsed. The words of the conspiracy are as follows:

Damage by phone

Completed phenomenon was damaged by phone. If you are with someone scandalous or feel unkind, fold the fig from the fingertips of your left hand. At the same time right hand, along with the phone, draw a cross in front of me and tell me:

Then turn off the phone, put it away from myself and read the prayer “Our Father” three or nine times. Damage will not stick.

Protection on a guest.

Pitch can pass through food, so it is necessary to apply security measures on banquets, weddings or anniversaries. Take a bubble with conspiracted water and drink before meals. You can drink water in the corridor, as well as in the toilet room. The words of the conspiracy should be pronounced three times, and the bottle is immediately closed.

See another kind of overag in video:

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