What to do if they smoothed: rituals for removing negative

What to do if they smoothed: rituals for removing negative

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What to do if they smoked, “this question, at least one person who believes in magic and otherworldly forces was specified. The fact that the evil eye has an extremely negative impact on life and can greatly harm, many know. But how to act to get rid of the evil eye, as well as how not to smooth yourself, – you will learn about this by reading this article.

What is evil eye

The evil eye is an extremely negative impact on the human body and its fate. It is quite difficult to insure yourself from the destructive energy of others, and it can be diagnosed as consciously and unconsciously, without malice. In order for a negative program to start working, it is enough to have the so-called “bad eye” – that is, to have a powerful energy and direct it not to a positive direction.

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It may happen that a person himself suggests the evil eye. Often, this is happening in cases where you specifically boast others, trying to demonstrate your superiority over them. But it happens that even innocently told the joyful news turns around with poor consequences for the narrator.

Children and people with a weak energy field are especially susceptible. They miss almost all the effects from the outside and are easily amenable to a negative.

Signs of definition of the evil eye

The fact that there is a evil eye on a person can be established by the presence of certain symptoms, namely:

  • A strip of global bad luck in work and in any endeavors begins. Even small troubles become a major turmoil.
  • A person is experiencing constant fatigue, and also suffers from increased anxiety.
  • Relationships with loved ones are worse.
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There are other characteristic signs of negative impact, but the main one is a significant deterioration of your affairs.

What to do if you smoothed you

We advise you to seek help to proven magic rituals to get rid of the evil eye.

Washing from Schalza

It will be suitable for eliminating a very strong negative impact. The method is known as “washing”. With it, you will easily save your energy field from various negative programs. In particularly severe cases, it is recommended to resort to this ritual several times.

How do they take a wash from the evil eye?

  1. Pour warm water into the bath, add a pair of lavender oil drops into it (you can replace with any beloved oil). If desired, holy water is added.
  2. Before receiving the bath, tip the face to the surface of the water and read the consultation:

“Water, water, my sister – I serve you, help me. Spear, sprinkle with me a smoothness, scoffinishment, a yarn and other evil traces. True.

Magic text pronounced 9 times. Then you are immersed in water and lie in it, relaxing as much as possible. Main point – Think now just good, rest with soul and body.

When you achieve complete relaxation, say:

“I dip in the water, I reborn, all someone else’s, washed-out – I open the roads! True.

In total, it is necessary to plunge three times, smoothly read and conspiracy.

Thanks to this technique, you get rid of any negative energy, the evil eye, as well as improve the circulation of energy by body. You can use such a procedure for the purpose of prevention to protect yourself from the accumulation of household negative.

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Love me spells that work

Note! Often after this ritual, a person feels purified from the inside, his sleep is normal, the mood is improved – these are all signs of eliminating the negative. But it can happen that you, on the contrary, feel strong weakness, you will want to cry, various doubts will come to your head – this indicates that there is a strong evil eye on you, and you have to perform a cleansing procedure several times.

Baby smoothed what to do?

Children are particularly strongly subject to negative impact. The child decreases the concentration of attention, schoolchildren deteriorates in school.

Unfortunately, many parents do not pay attention to whims and unfortunately crying their baby. It is easier for them to write off all the indicated signs on laziness, but in reality, most likely, on your child there is a negative impact. What to do in such a situation?

It would be nice to make your child a protective guard against the evil eye and other negative energy. He can always wear him with him, and put an amulet at his bed at night. But first of all it is worth performing a special ritual, which will help to clean the baby from the evil eye. This is the so-called evening bathing rite.

To spend it, pour water into a children’s bath or just Omoot your baby, the main thing is to use the bucket, with the help of which you will pour water to the painting of the child. Place your Chojo bath, oven with it, and then start pouring the water to him on the head (on the area of ​​the crown) and utter a conspiracy:

Read the plot required 3, 7 or 9 times in a row.

Excellent technique helps to achieve good results. After the rite comes to normal, the baby calms down, gets rid of aggression. Parents also feel the positive effect of the ritual.

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Important moment – contact this method only if there is no need, not daily.

Conspiracy from the evil eye for newborns

When you were discharged from the maternity hospital, take the rope, thread or ribbon of red and hang her on the left handle of her baby – it will protect it from any negative impact.

If your baby often sicks for unknown reasons, a coin is taken (one kopeck), a hole is done on it, the thread is doing and hangs on the neck of the baby. Chado must wear a homemade medallion until he himself breaks away, “all pathology will disappear with him.

And if you and the baby got into the hospital, on the return, go around your home along the sun – this will not allow the return of the disease.

If the baby was smoothed, wipe it three times with a driver, taking advantage of the conspiracy words:

Read three times.

Ritual to get rid of the evil eye

Find a quiet secluded place away from the city bustle. Pre-poorer with a small bottle with water, it is important that it be clean, but not carbonated. For the Witch, nine times read the prayer “Our Father”, and then plot:

Conspiracy is read 5 times, each time you wash the cocked water, wet the top, as well as your hands to the elbow. The action will not wait long for a long time.

We also recommend for viewing a cognitive video about getting rid of the evil eye:

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