How to protect yourself from envy and evil eye: Simple and effective methods

How to protect yourself from envy and evil eye: Simple and effective methods

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The evil eye is a powerful weapon not only evil people, but also completely safe. You can smooth out, without even suspecting it. Also, the evil eye can be obtained simply because of the silent envy. How to protect yourself from envy and evil eye? How not to become a victim of an evil person, gypsy or envious neighbors? Consider several techniques for effective protection from this attack.

Operational opposition

In order not to become a victim of the headache, you need to talk as little as possible about yourself, as well as share your happiness. You will not even think about that you can smooth hard when you shine with happiness! In Starin, they advised to shift three times through the left shoulder (there, they say, sits the demon) and after that they knock on a wooden subject three times. This applies to the incident when you rampatically praised something.

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How to protect yourself from envy and ill-wishers? If you communicate with an unpleasant person who can easily harm on the energy level, keep your fingers in the shape of a Cushkin behind your back. You can keep your hands in your pocket. While talking with a man, fingers do not straighten.

Another way to protect ourselves from energy zipper is the touch of a metal subject. Just take the keys in the hand or anything is metallic, you can capture the iron railing or door bracket. What falls at hand, for the time and hold. Metal has a property to record information into its crystal lattice – there energy lightning and will remain. It will pass through you and recorded on the metal.

The simplest method is to cross the limbs. Cross your hands (fingers among themselves) or legs. And better – both. This action will lock your energy cocoon and make it inaccessible for black thought.

Having come home, you need to immediately wash my face under the crane and hands. Spread the water in the face and imagine that the black energy of the evil eye is washed off. You can take a shower.

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How to protect yourself from envy? When communicating with a glaze, you need to do the following. Look in the interbracy area and tell me the following:

The bell ringing drives out any infection, cleans the subtle bodies of a person from negative. If there is a church next to you, come during the bell tongue and stand, while the bells call. At this time, you can read our father. Aura will be completely cleaned of energy mud.

If you managed to smooth yourself, you can immediately correct the situation. Light the candle, stand in front of the mirror and look into your eyes. At the same time, you need to speak three times the following words:

Put the candle from the mirror or on the windowsill, let them burn completely. Remember that it is better not to praise with your success and is not very rejected by the fulfillment of your desires. Sometimes it is a start-up button for reversal of events in the opposite direction.

Salt baths from the evil eye

If you feel the ailment, the decline of the forces or the headache of incomprehensible origin, you need to quickly correct the situation with salt and water. Salt is an excellent absorbent – absorbs any dirt, including energy. Only you need to pre-give it a task to remove the negative.

Put the salt in the bath (you can simply 9 grinds) and type warm water. You are in a bath of 10 minutes, and then ride under the shower. It is impossible to stay in salt solution longer, as it starts to pull and positive energy. In 10 minutes, salt will take everything negative, and you leave the bath as a newly born.

If you visit the steam room 2 times a month, no evil eye is terrible.

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In Starina, the evil eye was expelled by a birch broom. If you have the opportunity to visit the Russian steam room, then you can easily begone any dark energy. The main thing, after entering the steam room, rinsed with cool water. How many times to enter the steam room and for what time? It is enough to sit there for 3 minutes, go to the steam room 3 times. Do I need to read prayers at the same time? There is no need.

Energy defense

This method is suitable for those who are familiar with the energy structure of a person. Feeling something wrong, start rotating my aura on the helix. When rotating, your biofield is cleaned from black energy and updated. How to rotate biofield? It is necessary to start with the stop and finish with top.

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You should bother your body to energy. The first layer of energy falls close to the body, the second is slightly at a distance, the third is even further, and so on. You can apply 20 or 30 layers as you decide for yourself.

Remember that the world around me reflects your own thoughts and intentions. The more you will radiate positive energy, the more goodness will you come back. Do not give in to the provocations of malice and envy – take care of your mind and soul from destructive black energy.

From Gypsy Schalza

Many people justifiably fear gypsies, as they have a black eye. Gypsy evil eye is considered the strongest and difficult to remove. Therefore, it is better not to start a conversation with representatives of this tribe and not to look into mind. Go your dear, no matter how clinging the gypsy.

If you still talked to Gypsy, and even refused to pay you at the request, you need to urgently take action. A person may feel sudden weakness, headache and even heart pain. Therefore, on the parish home pour water from under the tap and read a special conspiracy:

Having said a plot three times, drink water and sprinkled the room. Conspiracy needs to be read, closely bringing a glass with water to the lips so that the breath concerns the surface of the water. It is impossible to read conspiracy words just into space, they should be immersed in water.

If you are a believer, read the prayer appeal to the Virgin and ask her defense. You can simply read our 9 times, putting the glory signs at the end of each reading.

You can read another conspiracy, longer.

How not to fall the victim of the evil eye

Do not everyone know that there is an emotional intelligence. Especially since it is not all developed in yourself. Our emotions are able to change the world around if they release them to freedom. This is especially true of energetically strong people whose mental sending can lead to great destruction. Therefore, try not to annoy those around your statements in order not to receive energy zip with an evil promise.

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How to protect yourself from envy and evil eye? Remember that the most unprotected place is back. Therefore, do not turn your back to the viciously tuned person. Evil words spoken in the back can hardly damage your aura.

Try not to justice about people behind their back, do not express the address unfriendly in someone. If you tell an evil person about your words, you will probably get a retaliatory blow from it in the form of a powerful evil eye. Nowadays, the time to seek about people is a non-disabilities. They can go to the witch to order on you damage. Believe me, many do it.

Orthodox believers have a powerful means of protection against the evil eye – the forgiveness of enemies.

We simply underestimate this is a potent means. When you forgive your unfriendliers, your defense is entitled to the right. You will return the blessing of enemies, and they are their own thoughts and wishes of evil. This is verified by centuries. Only forgive you must sincerely!

The nervous and easily excitable person is very easy to smooth.

You can listen to the eastern wisdom and follow the example of their wise men. In the East, it is believed that meditative practices are a strong means of protection against any evil. During meditation, the mind and emotions are in full rest, and this strengthens the human biopol. The more often you are in spiritual equilibrium and rest, the stronger is your bioobochka. A strong bioobole is very difficult to pierced with negative vibrations. So draw conclusions yourself.

Well, finally, let’s talk about the pin. Everyone heard that this small item is a powerful thunderbreaker of negative energy. This is verified by centuries. Only the pin must be fastened to clothing correctly: so that the tip is directed down. According to the tip of the pin and will stack the negative sent to your side. From time to time, check the pin – did it not unbutton? If you have lost a pin from clothes, it means that she adopted a powerful energy promise. Replace it with another.

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