How to Clean Apartment from negativity yourself: Candle, salt and herbs

How to Clean Apartment from negativity yourself: Candle, salt and herbs

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Dirt happens not only in the form of dust and debris, the energy of a person and space is subject to contamination. How to clean the apartment from negativity yourself? Do you know the feeling, as if in the house it became uncomfortable and anxious? You do not get enough sleep, although go to bed in the laid time? If the scandals settled in the house, and the clashes between their relatives occur daily, your room needs purification from accumulated negative energy.

The need for energy purification

Negative energy has a property to thicken in a certain space, like dust. If the dust is visible to the eye, then the energy mud is imperceptible. It can only be felt at the level of thin energies. In a polluted house, breathe hard, though around cleanliness. In the contaminated room, households often ill, and pets behave unusually. To prevent such a state of affairs, you need to regularly clean the energy of the dwelling.

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Cleaning the house is necessary:

  • After severe illness of the relative;
  • After gatherings with friends and acquaintances;
  • After the visit of an unpleasant person;
  • after the death of man;
  • After a quarrel and scandal;
  • If noisy neighbors live behind the wall.

Get yourself the rule to clean the room once in the season: in winter, in spring, summer and autumn. These are minimum requirements. If the apartment is unfavorable, it is necessary to clean every month, or even every two weeks – on full moon and new moon.

Diagnostics of the room Solua

If you suspected a nonladny, you need to test the apartment for negative energy – to make diagnostics. To do this, you will need a new pack of cook salt, purchased specifically for these purposes. Salt need to buy without passing – it is important. It is allowed to pay salt by a bank card, only in this case, do not buy anything with salt.

So, coming home, take a cast-iron or duralumin frying pan – new frying pans with a non-stick coating for these purposes are not suitable. You need to pour out a few handful salt into a frying pan and stock wood with a wooden stick or a spatula – stir salt during frying. Continuously reading our father, calculate the salt on quite strong fire.

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If after 20 minutes the salt just darkens, there is nothing terrible. This is a natural process when increasing the temperature. But if the salt starts to change the color quickly and acquire a black shade, many negative energy accumulated in the apartment. In this case, it is necessary to fry salt before charring so that it completely absorb energy mud.

Important! The properties of salt absorb various substances for a long time. This property is used in magic.

What to do with salt then? Let it cool down in a skillet, then lower it in the toilet and wash it three times. The frying pan needs to wash and dry. It can be used in the economy, as the fire destroys any traces of negative energy. A week later, you need to repeat the cleaning of the house from negative energy with salt. Perhaps this procedure will have to repeat several times.

Diagnostics of placing candle

This is another way to detect negative in the house. You need to take a wax candle, make a skirt on it (see photo) so that the wax does not drop into your hand. Now with a burning candle, you have to get around the house around the perimeter, ranging from the threshold. At this time, it is best to read the prayer of the Father our continuously.

You need to stop in every corner and make circular movements with a candle. If it starts to crack or smoke, keep the candle longer. Move around the perimeter of the apartment in the direction of the sun, that is, clockwise. Special attention should be paid to:

  • corners;
  • doorway;
  • Window passages.

Cleaning fire should be carried out each time after guests are left.

If the candle is burned, burn new and repeat the procedure. Ideally, the candle should not smoke or crack. If you have not achieved the desired effect, spend the cleaning of the house with salt. Before this, make general cleaning to make sure the absence of a subflade – unfamiliar subjects.

Consecration of housing in holy water

Water consecrated in the church acquires special strength. You need to take a couple of liters of holy water and keep it in the house. It helps for diseases, when decaying the spirit and is used for the sprinkle of the house and objects. How to clean the house from negative energy yourself?

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Before sprinkling the house, you need to make a general cleaning – throw away unnecessary things, wash the windows, remove the web with the corners and thoroughly wash the floors. After that, accept the cleansing shower, pour water into the bowl and read the prayer.


After that, take a bundle (or a few twigs) of dill or parsley and sprinkle the entire room crosswise, saying “in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen”. This guy needs to be supplied to a sick person if it is in the house, as well as washed his face and hands.

Fast harvesting

How to clean the apartment from the negative after the guests of guests? To do this, you need a sandalworm and brass bell. These items can be purchased in esoteric stores either through the Internet. The brass bell breaks down thickens of negative energy at the level of vibrations, and smoke from sandalwood is cleans the residues of energy mud.

Instead of the sandal, you can take a sage grass bundle or make her herbal collection from Sage and Hypericum. In this case, the bundle is ignited and poisoned to smoke. If you use herbs from pharmaceutical packaging, then they should be poured on a hot iron frying pan either on hot corners. Walk around the room with smoking herbs so that the cloud of smoke has got all the corners. It is also recommended to open the doors of all cabinets and extend there.

Important! All windows and doors during smoke must be closed tight.

How to clean the house right? Contact the bell all the room, and then produce it with her herbs. Then open the wide windows and the front door to ventilate the apartment. Cleaning is over. Now you can safely live indoors for a while.

Quickly absorbed the negative can ordinary bulb. Put the bulb-cut in half into the room where guests were all night. In the morning, take parts of the bulbs with a cellophane package and throw away into the trash can on the street. Having come, ooohed hands on the elbow.

In the summer, Narvita thistle and dry. This herb has wonderful cleansing properties. How to clean the house from negative energy by thistle? It is necessary to set fire to the twig and alone – the smoke will fill the room and drive the negative. Also, thistle branches are hiding under the threshold, in the window frames and inside the house – they absorb the damage and other types of negative formations. Twigs can be changed every six months.

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Negative energy traps

If your home lives a scandalous or seriously sick person, one-time purification of energy can not do. In this case, traps should be made for negative energy, from which you need to regularly get rid of. Good absorb negative trees. Among the vampire trees can be noted:

  • Osin;
  • Lipa;
  • poplar;
  • cherry
  • lilac.

Put the twigs or bark of these trees in places of accumulation of negative energy – near the bed of the patient, under the chair or bed of the scandalous person. Once a month you will need to burn twigs in the fire, and on their place to put new ones.

The imposses of negative can serve as one-piece grains:

  • corn;
  • Oats;
  • rye.

Spread the grain on the plate and put in the room. You can put the grains in a canvas bag and put it where follows. The grains are then burned and replaced with new ones.

To charge placing positive energy, use donor plants. Among the trees, these properties have:

  • Birch;
  • oak;
  • Pine;
  • maple.

Among the cereals – rice, wheat, buckwheat. Previously, the Slavs were made from cereals dolls: filled with a stitched doll with croups. Breeding dolls and to this day did not lose the relevance, because they attract positive energy to the house. You can make the brunt yourself.

Cleans yourself

How to clean the house, we disassembled. However, after dirty work, it is necessary to clean themselves, because part of the negative energy could remain in your aura. Salt and water will help us in this. Salt can be taken from that pack, with the help of the cleaning of the apartment. If there is nothing left, you need to buy a new pack without surrender.

Sattail the wet body with salt – from the head to the heels, trying not to rub it into the skin. When you do the body with salt, you will just need to stand under the shower. In the process of cleaning, read our Father – it will help to cleanse the soul. When the soul drops will flock through the body, imagine that energy mud comes with you.

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