Amulets and stones from the evil eye and damage

Amulets and stones from the evil eye and damage

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For people, it is quite ordinary to contemplate at present various decorations from precious or semi-precious stones. You can quickly go to the store and acquire absolutely any stone. But few know that the roots of such a fashion for beautiful things come from the antiquity itself, namely ways protect against negative impacts.

Because such decorations have no reason. Stones have a strong energy structure, which can enter the resonance and tune in for a certain energy of a person, performing the function of amulet from the evil eye. Also, due to the structure of crystals, the stones are perfectly accepted and transmitted information. Washer from Schalza – the highest quality protection against specially directed negative.

How to choose a stone from the evil eye

  1. First of all, immediately need to abandon precious stones in the form of charms. They are undoubtedly very beautiful. But to overcome their most powerful energy will be only the most experienced MAG. After all, by itself, that the presence of expensive precious stones in the jewelry causes a strong envy of others. So you should leave the idea to be protected from the evil eye with the help of expensive jewelry, otherwise a person can quickly please under the fire of malicious looks that he is absolutely nothing to do with anything.
  2. Necessary Stop your choice on simpler, semi-precious stones , For example, gems from the Urals. Their protective properties from damage are incredibly large, if you apply this kind of carigue according to the rules.
  3. When choosing such stones, attention should be paid not to appearance and shell. Man should just feel to this stone confidence. Such feelings are formed as a powerful answer of the mineral at the desire of a person to find a defender.
  4. You need to take a stone and hold it for a while in your hand. Need to try Listen to your feelings. You can even ask yourself whether the stone will be able to become a faith.
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Properties of various stones from the evil

When choosing an amulet, it is necessary to take into account the properties of each stone, as the tradition of conveyed to people the most important information about each stone.

  • Chrysocolla. Such a stone will be appropriate to protect women. If a girl often has to be in public, that constantly determines the existence of dozens of malicious and envious views, This fighting stone will feel boldly fighting any kind of negative near the woman.
  • Moonstone. The qualities of this stone are simply awesome. He not only can protect against damage, but also gives True harmony man , protecting that from evil!
  • Agate. This mineral just protects perfectly from any anger and envy. He quickly and reliably absorbs the whole of the negative energy and serves as a “ram”, protecting a person from the evil eye. After the implementation of such a task, it can just crack. In such a situation, it is best to bury it.
  • Tiger’s Eye. NS Risk of this mineral can be revealed negative action . He in the literal sense of the word replaces his shade and even a mass. In this case, it should be cleaned.
  • Jet. Also an incredibly powerful faith. When it is elected, it is necessary to give preference to which will choose its owner himself.
  • Feline eye. This mineral is just perfect To protect women from the evil eye . Also this is the otnaya charm for family life.
  • Malachite. This cute and very warm stone is excellent. protects young children from the evil eye . Also It prevents various diseases . Therefore, you can take care of the protection of the baby with the help of malachite. It is also useful to furnish the apartment with crafts from Malachite.
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Cleansing stone after shopping

After buying, the stone is required to clean. The fact is that the stone could already have time to absorb various kinds of information. From her and should free the keeper, in order to lay the charm’s information there later from damage. The easiest cleaning method is Hold a stone in clean water about 50 minutes . To exemplate from third-party data it will be abounds. Then the stone should be charged with the energy from the sun. To do this, put its sun rays and leave for a couple of hours. The lunar stone must be charged from the month.

Cleansing stones from negative energy

This kind of cleansing will significantly varies with ordinary cleansing after the purchase process. Remove excess information is one thing, and completely different is a dark part of the energy that was absorbed by the stone.

Cleansing frost

  • Such a cleansing should be carried out monthly Before each New Moon.
  • Three days before the arrival of the new moon should be placed mineral In a clean package of polyethylene And tie, leaving inside the air. The package is put in a jar with water, close and placed in the freezer.
  • After three days, the bank should be delivered. Water must exhaust itself. And the stone should be rinsed with clean water and hold a few hours in it.
  • Water from the jar is poured into the sewer.

Cleansing stone with salt

  • In the vase from the crystal, it is required to pour salt water and put the amulet there. The stone should lie there about four hours, and then wash clean water.
  • The solution is required to merge into the toilet And the vase is thoroughly washed.
  • You can also lower the amulet in Ordinary salt for 4 hours or bury.
  • If negative energy was strong, then stone bury for 3 days.
  • After cleansing the salt you need to make as you can Further from the apartment.
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Fire cleansing

  • Amulet must be put on very Clean fabric , a Above it should be a burning candle, making circles over it.
  • At this time should read Our Father Or voice your text in which it is necessary to say that the stone is currently cleaned from the total negative and negative.
  • After cleaning Candle is not stealing, it must be exhausted.
  • Stones after that must be charged On the sunlight.

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