How to consecrate the apartment alone: ​​3 ways

How to consecrate the apartment alone: ​​3 ways

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The space in which we live is also infected with informational pollution, as well as a man’s biofield. Esoterics are recommended to clean the aura of the house as regularly as aura of the person himself. What kind of rites and how to consecrate the apartment yourself, or is it better to invite a priest? We will talk about it in the article. My friend taught me to clean the apartments to be cleaned by simple methods that it helps to cope with the accumulated negative. As a result, positive energy is always felt in her house, and households live in peace and harmony.

Why sanctify the room

Many people with surprise perceive information about cleansing space if there is no poltergeist or ghost. But there are such apartments or houses in which it is very uncomfortable. This inexplicable feeling of psychological discomfort does not let go for a minute: I want to quickly reach fresh air. An unpleasant atmosphere can be caused by a damage to the house, which began its destructive effect. Perhaps the room is the subject in which the curse or damage is concluded. Also, a heavy atmosphere is felt when cursed, the evil eye or when finding a seriously ill person.

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In what cases it is necessary to consecrate the space:

  • After the funeral of someone from the relatives;
  • After severe household diseases or pets;
  • If there are regular scandals or fights in the house;
  • If in the house of an alcoholic / drug addict;
  • after an accident in this room;
  • After purchasing secondary housing;
  • When moving to a removable room.

Esoterics recommend cleaning the room even if the water pipe flowed or there was a different breakage in the room. This happens not by pure chance, but is always associated with energy samples or a targeted energy attack. It is also recommended to consecrate the apartment after a noisy party with drinking and a feast.

Sometimes breakdowns in the apartment appear one after another: just fixed the refrigerator, as a washing machine broke. A TV, a mirror fell behind the washing machine, and so on. This is the result of energy imbalance, and not a simple chain of accidents. Accidents in our world causes and consequences does not happen, like smoke without fire.

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In addition to church consecration, there are other types of energy purification of the apartment – the elements, smoke of herbs, fire and water. These methods are well suited for unchurched people. For believers, it is best to invite a priest to spend the rite of consecration at home.

But you should not call the father from the church to consecrate the apartment if you intend to continue sinful life. First you need to clean your soul with repentance and communion, and then consecrate your accommodation.

What premises can not be sanctified

If there is a dishonest business in the room or legislation is violated, it is impossible to consecrate such places with church attributes. Do not sanctify the premises selling or consumed tobacco and alcohol, bookmakers and casinos.

I risked to consecrate the demonic places with holy water and church candle, wrapped the wrath of God. If you still need to clean the space, it is better to apply neutral methods: cleansing the smoke of herbs, a non-chunk candle with fire.

Consecration of church candle

How to sanctify the house? It is possible to consecrate the room yourself, if urgently need to eliminate the negative. To do this, go to the liturgy in the morning, after it to buy several church candles. One candle should be lit in the temple in front of the icon of the aspiration and say:

Then you need to come home and immediately get around the entire room around the perimeter with a burning candle, reading our father. So that the wax does not drop on the palace and did not burn his hand, you should make it easier for the candle “skirt” – just cut through the candle hole in the napkin (see in the picture).

On a note! Upon consecration, you need to read the prayer of our by heart. If you know by heart a prayer “God will resurrect,” you can read it.

Move with a candle around the perimeter of the room should be directed towards the sun (embonod’s), that is, clockwise. In every corner you need to stop and baptize the candle space, saying: “In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.” If in some place the candle will shrink or start to challenge, you need to stop and wait until the fire calms down. There was a negative, and the fire should be completely destroyed.

Before consecrated space, you need to determine what you need to get rid of. These may be diseases of family members, quarrels and conflicts, visiting unkind guests and other points. When you consecrate the room, keep this intention in my head. You can talk to such words between reading our father:

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To fully clear the room from all the troubles and drive all demons, you need to spend the ritual for three weeks in a row (sometimes it is required more) on Thursdays. If the apartment will not be cleaned with its own, then invite the priest.

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Consecration with the help of holy water

How to consecrate the apartment on your own Holy Water? Before consecration, it should be carefully to gain all the room, wash the windows and floors. You also need to light the lamp before the iconostasis so that it burns all night until the morning of the Sunday day. Cleansing should be carried out in their thoughts, deeds and affairs:

  • do not fade;
  • Do not drink alcohol;
  • no smoking;
  • Read the morning / evening prayer rule.

Consecration of apartments / houses spend on Sunday after liturgy. Clothes must comply with church requirements: a long skirt, a brazer on the head, a native cross.

The hostess at home fills a bowl (better glass) holy water and bypassing with it the whole apartment around the perimeter, heading the ambatis (clockwise). It is necessary to read continuously our father, dipped with a pinch fingers (as for cross-signs) into water and sprinkling cruciform walls, corners, doors and windows with water. Starting the movement follows from that corner, where it is icon with a lamp. Between the prayer of the Father, our should periodically say:

After consecration, you need to trace your feelings. If a heavy atmosphere continues to be in the apartment, it is better to just invite the father from the temple.

Is it possible to consecrate the apartment together? Can. One person sprinkles the holy water of the wall and windows, and the second at that time reads prayers for prayer.

If you need to sanctify some thing, a special Orthodox prayer is used “to consecrate all things”.

You can consecrate both weeds and strollers / bike / car. But to consecrate the car it is better to invite a father from the church.

Other methods of consecration of the apartment

In addition to church candles and water, you can clean the room and other methods:

  • sea ​​salt;
  • sound;
  • essential oils;
  • smoke.

To clean the room smoke, you need to prepare endless herbs:

  • sagebrush;
  • St. John’s wort;
  • thyme;
  • juniper;
  • sage;
  • nettle;
  • rosemary;
  • oregano
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You can take separately every grass, you can compose compositions. You can use herbs in a beam if you dried them yourself. You can use pharmacy chopped herbs. A bundle you need to set fire and slide the fire so that the grass began to smoke. Course with a beam all house around the perimeter of the conficuous.

Grinding herbs are thrown into pre-buried wood coals, periodically be satisfied. Coals are put in heat-resistant dishes with a handle (you can use a frying pan or ceramic bucket (any).

Important! During the fusion, the smoke should be very strong.

You can put a candle-tablet to the tin can, place a metal strap on top of it – crushed herbs poured on it. As soon as the grass begins to smoke, bypassing the entire room with her.

Sage Well copes with cleansing space after quarrels and unpleasant conversations. After digging by the sage, it is desirable to join the room Finger : It will eliminate fragments of negative information. Also, wormwood can be expelled to demons and finely evil spirits. The grass is used to enhance the room during the disease of any of the households.

Juniper Since ancient times, it is used to purify space from entities, demons and different mental / astral formations. The grass is used to eliminate damage to the house and to protect against astral attacks. Also smoke juniper disinfects the space, the fusion is carried out after the disease of households or pets.

Hunther – Strong antidelethic grass, drives any astral / mental education, protects the house from damage and evil eye. If unpleasant people visited the house, the smoke of the Hypericum will destroy their astral trail indoors.

When emparing, first fill the entire room with smoke with closed windows, and after well ventilated.

Essential oils Add to water when cleaning the premises. Water must first wipe the windows, doors, panels, and then wash the floor. Cleaning Sound bells Perfectly harmonizes the space and expels the unkilled spirits. Sea salt Dissolve in water for cleaning, you can also put it in plastic cups in all corners of the apartment for 3 days – then throw it away in the trash can on the street.

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