Lapel husband from wife – signs and consequences

Lapel husband from wife – signs and consequences

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Love triangles in modern life are not uncommon. They arise not only in pairs where partner relations are not yet issued officially, but also in the established families, where the spouses lived together for more than one year. Also, there are also challenges of her husband from his wife who applies the stakeholder of the love triangle to destroy other people’s strong and happy relationships.

The victim of the disorder ritual is most often the husband who want to lead from the family. The main suffering falls out to the share of an unhappy wife. However, the most lightweight spouse is not easier – the ritual is destructive effect on its energy and negatively affects his entire life in general.

What makes outsiders (especially women) interfere in someone else’s life and destroy the family with the help of a challenge? Primary, but most common causes of appeal to this ritual and ordinary human egoism are envy. To break the connection between loving husband and wife will only solve the unfortunate man deprived of his own life, simply by placing someone else’s happiness and harmonious relations.

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However, there are exceptions when the title is being done to stop family relationships that have already gone. In such a marriage, both spouses suffer, but it is not solved for any reason to dissolve it. Lissel husband from his wife, made to a unhappy family, is designed to act for the benefit and give spouses a chance for happiness that they will be able to find, but no longer together, but separately.

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How to Recognize Lapel: External Signs of the Rite

The fact that a person has become a victim of a disorder ritual can be judged by several signs. Common symptoms of decrees include:

  • changes in the behavior of a light, sharp, without visible reasons;
  • cooling to the partner for marriage;
  • indifference to life, apathy, lethargy and loss;
  • Sleep problems: regular nightmares with the participation of the performer (artist) of the rite, insomnia;
  • lack of sex entry to the partner, all of the avoidance of sexual contact;
  • anxiety, anxiety;
  • Detection in the house of objects of incomprehensible origin (wax, earth, thread, needles, hair, and so on).

The lapse is similar: in it, as in any physical illness, it is very important to recognize the first symptoms and take appropriate measures in time. If the action of the turning rite will go too far, certain difficulties and negative consequences may occur, right up to tragic.

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What is dangerous with a husband from his wife?

Takes are white and black. If a man begins to avoid society of his wife, then black acts more destructive, forcing her husband to see only negative in his wife. The second half begins to annoy it, becomes nasty and repulsive. The man is mastered by sharp irritability, aggression, anger, in some cases it comes to the hands-written.

Revolutionary ritual (especially black) is a kind of damage that destroys the relationship of her husband and wife, causing a lot of suffering. One of the most common consequences of this rite is the deterioration of physical health: the immunity is weakening, chronic diseases are sharpened. The greatest vulnerability to this magical impact is characterized by:

  • In men: Eyes (vision worse), the brain (problems with memory), heart and vessels (developing cardiovascular diseases), liver, stomach (their activities are violated);
  • among women: The genitals (develop and exacerbate “female” diseases), breasts (breast diseases), heart and vessels (cardiovascular diseases), stomach, kidneys.
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In addition to health, the impact of the head of her husband from his wife affects other areas of life. A beaten man may be under the rule of bad habits. Most often, he begins to drink alcohol or taking drugs. This phenomenon may appear due to the internal struggle between the action of the rite and the desire of a man to save the family. In this case, alcohol and drugs serve as a means of calm.

As a result, the decomposition occurs strong exhaustion of the body. If the choice of a man is made in favor of the family, he can become an impotent – the rite will not allow living a full sexual life with his legal partner.

Also strongly suffers from the concentration of attention, which adversely affects the sphere of labor. At work, serious difficulties appear at work, with whom he often does not manage to cope alone. Many at this time are deprived of their position.

A severe man’s husband from his wife launches a self-destruction program from his victim. It may start to interfere in various squabbles and fights, may not die of death, often attempting suicide, which ultimately turns out to be fatal.

If you suspect that there was a magical impact on your family in the form of a husband from his wife, in no case leave this serious problem without attention. Revolutionary ritual must be removed and make it best to turn to the Mago practitioner.

A professional will be able to correctly assess the scale of the situation and choose the right decision. Any delay can turn into very serious negative consequences, up to the most tragic.

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Remember that for your happiness, you need to fight for your family!

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