Runa KVORT – Fire Cleansing Energy and Premises

Runa KVORT – Fire Cleansing Energy and Premises

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KVORT does not belong to the rune alphabet of the older Futark and is not considered a Scandinavian rune symbol. This is Northumbrian Rune, which is an addition to the main rune row. In Magic, Rune KVORT is used to purify. Consider what the Northumbrian series differs from the main Futark and how to apply KVORT to purify housing and humans.

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Northumbria Runic Group

This series consists of 33 characters – another 9 characters have been added to the main attms of the older fethack. It is believed that Northumbrian runes are Celtic origin, as they are associated with a floral world. Writing the runes of the first three attitudes fully corresponds to the generally accepted classic, the difference is in the sounding of characters. The name of an additional fourth attta refers to the goddess of the Hell Helle.

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Since Helly will start the world of the dead, Rune Kveort symbolically refers to the funeral chipper of purification. Handling the runes resembles a wand for mining fire. In the classic Futarke fire symbolizes Rune Kenaz, however, the value of the fire is different from Kveort. Fire Kenaz is a flame of truth, while the fire of Kveorta devours a living body. Runa Kveort symbolizes the destructive power of the fiery element, in contrast to the fire of truth and light.

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If the Rune of KVORT falls in the diagnosis, it means that the time has come for complete cleansing from the negative – internal and external. It is necessary to burn everything that interferes with confident promotion forward and pulls into the past. However, the cleansing of KVORT is not always pleased: you will have to move the “burns”, that is, the aging state of rebirth. Some of your past life should be put on the burial bonfire, only after that it is possible to complete cleaning and updating.

Cleansing at home by Kveorttami

How to clean the room from energy mud? To do this, you need to take any candle, but not church. Church symbolism does not combine with the Celtic symbol and will cause informational interference.

On the candle you need to scratch the needle (draw marker) 4 KVORT – from the wick to the base of the candle. Then you need to write on a notined piece of paper the names of living in the house, including pets, – names should be recorded, starting with the oldest, pets are recorded at the end. From above on the list, drew the runes of Evas and Soulu – they will protect from the fiery vortex cleaning.

Then you need to express an intention out loud, that is, an indication of the candle that she needs to be done.

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Light a candle from the match (you do not use the lighter in magic) and go around the room along the sun. The candle must be carried not only around the perimeter of the house, but also to light it all the corners, windows, inside of cabinets and bedside tables. Do not forget that the bathroom and the chunnel are also part of the house – open the doors and sanctify the inside of the specified rooms. Special attention is paid to the mirrors – delay around them for a while.

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When you finish around the house in a circle, put the candle in the candlestick in the place where the movement began – it is advisable to start with the front door. Let the candle be completely burning, the remnants of recycle into the toilet or immediately throw it into the street trash can – you can not leave them in the house.

Important remark. The negative energy will burn in the fire, which the wax or paraffin candle absorbs. Therefore, make sure that no drop of paraffin falls on the floor. It is advisable to wear a candle fixed on a saucer or a small tray.

Cleaning man Ruhnu Kveort

To clear your own energy from negative, also use KVORT, but in a bundle with other runes. The formula looks like this:

Naties – Kveort – Naties

Runes Nautis limit the aggressive effect of KVORT, which can greatly burn subtle bodies. Lovely apply to hand or photo. You can draw a schematic image of a person and apply to it. The name of the cleaned one is written on top or bottom.

How long does the runic cleaning of KVORT last? Enough two hours, the maximum three. It is impossible to keep longer.

Cleaning saying:

Where to apply a runic liking and what? You can draw marker, vegetable oil on your hand. It is important that the lick then could be washed or erased. You can apply lick on a sheet of paper and keep on your body, and then burn. A modern option is to write formula on a medical plaster – stick on the body, then remove and burn.

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Important! Cleaning should be carried out only after cleansing the house, since the energy dirt from the room can again settle on thin bodies.

If you get bad after cleaning, apply the kiving runes to restore the energy either, or use other available methods.

When cleaning is needed

Cleansing runes are carried out in the following cases:

  • If medications do not help and the disease continues;
  • If the bad luck strip does not end;
  • If you decide to radically change your life;
  • If you have a serious enemy;
  • If you came to mind the idea to clean up.

Remember that after cleaning it is impossible to give something out of the house and take any things / money from anyone for three days. Cleaning relieves the magic negative, and the sender of the negative will try to defend. In this case, the “best” girlfriend may come to you and ask for anything borrowing or giving. Show vigilance.

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