Runic Cleaning: Magic Esoteric Runes, Cleaning Rules

Runic Cleaning: Magic Esoteric Runes, Cleaning Rules

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Runic cleaning helps to get rid of negative emotions. For the ritual it is important to know which runes need to be used and in what sequence to act. Consider the features of the Runic Cleaning More.

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From the evil eye and damage

The first cleaning option will help to remove the negative impact of an outsider person from his life, who decided to jiggle you.

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Important: Immediately after cleaning, the negative in your life can exacerbate, but then a sharp improvement will come.

How to act:

  1. To begin with, you must be exactly sure that the reason for all the troubles that occur in your life is the evil eye. Review this will help special magic rituals.
  2. Then, in the photo of a person who has undergone a bad naval, it is necessary to apply a magical formula of three runes: Naties – Soulu – Nautiz.
  3. After that, over a photo, it is necessary to mentally say the name of each rune, say what you want to achieve and for how long.
  4. Then the photo must be destroyed immediately. It is best for the ceremony of cleansing to use fire – burn the photo, and the ashes to breed in the wind.
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This cleaning of runes will help eliminate traces of negative intervention and improve family relationships.

Women better use a combination of Kano – Laguz – Kano.

Poverty cleaning and to attract relationships

Very often, the cause of failures in personal life and the lack of finance is related to the lack of human life. It has too much energy negative, which creates stools in energy centers.

Therefore, it is necessary to use hundreds with runes that contribute to the accumulation of positive energy and remove the entire negative. Suitable formulas contain such runes as: Ansus, Natuism, Raido, Odilla, Kano, Hagalaz, Touriszaz.

Love me spells that work

Carefully consider the image of each symbol. Choose those runes that will respond in your soul. Runic bet with selected signs is necessary for nine days to draw on a clean sheet of paper, and then burn.

Runic cleaning with return

If with the help of the runes you want not only to remove the damage, but also to return it to someone who brought you, the following combination will help you:

  • Ansusis Direct – Ansus Inverted – Tourisas Direct – Tourisas Inverted – Evaz – Dagaz – Laguz Straight – Laguz inverted.
  • This combination must be carefully applied to the wax candle.
  • After the runes are applied to the candle, it is necessary to set fire and wait until it is completely den.
  • On this, the runic cleaning is considered complete, and the process of cleansing will immediately start.

There is another formula that acts very quickly – in just a day, damage will go from you to the one who brought her: Tourisaz – Nautiz – Yer.

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Important: You can pick up suitable combinations of runes yourself. But only under the condition that they are well versed in the properties and the value of each symbol. If not confident in your knowledge, use ready-made and proven formulas.

Tips and recommendations for beginners

If you just started studying Runic Magic, follow some recommendations:

  • Explore the name, drawing and the value of each rune. Special attention is paid to the study of the properties of magical symbols.
  • Try to apply each Rune separately and watch it affects your life. You must understand which energy sending is laid in each symbol.
  • Always visualize the finished result to which you strive. Mentally imagine what you would like to achieve with the help of runes.

And only when you feel completely dedicated to all the subtleties and nuances of Rounic science, try to make your own combinations and hundreds for runic cleaning.

Check out the video about runic cleaning and how to correct the unsuccessful ritual:

Ways to draw and apply runes

Every person who is trying to practice magic rune is called the operator. It can choose the appropriate ways of drawing the runes who happen:

  • Ricecrippot – recording multiple characters in one line.
  • Runotav – the runes are folded into the picture in the shape of a cross, a circle or another geometric shape.

There is one important rune placement rule: they should be located in a certain sequence:

  • The first place is the symbol that matches your desire. This is what you want to achieve.
  • In second place, we put a rune, reflecting a way to achieve the desired result.
  • In third place – the result.
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If you are just starting to practice runic cleaning, do not attempt to make cumbersome, from a large number of characters, formulas. Limit three.

They also apply runes on a variety of sources. You can use paper, photos, talismans, wooden blanks. You can also take a chance and make a tattoo with suitable runes. But it is worth it to approach with full responsibility – Magic Rune will seriously influence the entire future life.

Methods of activation of runes are distinguished:

  • With the conservation. This means that you need to pronounce a certain magic spell. There are no ready-made recipes – you are free to list what you want to get.
  • Without a tissue. In this case, only the name of each Rune in the process of applying a pattern to the appropriate surface is observed aloud. And the desired result you only visualize in your own imagination.

The way without a negotiation is chosen if you are not sure that you can correctly formulate your desire.

And remember that the runes are a very powerful magic tool that cannot be used for curiosity or entertainment. You must consciously make the runic cleaning, clearly understanding what kind of result you want to come. Act the most carefully and twisted.

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