Runa Berkana (BERKANA) – Photo, value, application

Runa Berkana (BERKANA) – Photo, value, application

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Runa Berkana (Berkana) is the eighteenth symbol of the ancient Germann alphabet. Located in the power of the elements of the Earth.

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This is a very feminine, soft rune. Often symbolizes the mother, the source of the birth of everything alive. Elimination of new, personal and career growth. Helps to understand personal relationships. Symbol of conception, rebirth, growth.

  • possesses powerful energy Venus
  • Rune fertility, birthday of something new, good health
  • to achieving awareness, enlightenment, revival of ideas
  • Helps to find their place and purpose in life

Meaning in gadania

Berkana may mean:

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  • The gaying will be accompanied by luck in all matters and life situations. A favorable time to start something new and solving old problems
  • The family will happen an event that will cause a lot of positive emotions from everyone
  • There is such a period in life when you need to be very careful and attentive

Berkan in fortune telling is often the way an adult married woman, mother. If in the fortune telling this rune symbol falls the young unmarried girl, it is worth waiting for proposals for hands and hearts. And if you are young and married – probably the occurrence of pregnancy. Men Berkan promises a meeting and familiarity with the girl who will become a companion of life, sweetheart, wife and mother of his children. This is the “that very” woman, which you can only dream.

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If Berkana falls in the situation on the relationship, the most favorable time has come to make a family and children. The moment came when you need to “twist the nest”, “plant a tree” and “build a house”.

In any case, Berkana is happiness and well-being in personal life, as well as career and personal growth. At the very least, there will be a lot of opportunities for this, do not miss.

The Council is awaiting: You need to be responsible for any cause. Either you must fulfill it well, at the limit of the possibilities, or do not care at all. Patience and perseverance are the qualities that need to be exercised soon.

If you put yourself a big, almost global goal, break it into a few small, so that the result becomes real. Do not relax and believe in yourself as stronger. Then growth and development are not far off.

Application in Magic Rituals: Popular Rune Formulas

In magical purposes, this Rune uses:

  • To “give birth” something new: opportunities for personal growth, ideas for work, even a child
  • To ensure fertile soil for personal development, career growth, harmonization of personal relationships
  • To get help in raising children who “beat off from hands” or naughty
  • For the treatment of infertility, helping in hatching and birth of a child
  • To clear a person from the accumulated negative, “bad” energy, literally “reboot” consciousness
  • To establish contact with the otherworldly world – this property is used by “serious” magicians in their rituals

Watch the video about the meaning of the rune Berkana:

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Very often, Berkan is used to rid a woman from gynecological problems, cure infertility and frigidity, make it more attractive for the opposite sex.

The rune is also used to create a family and harmony in personal relationships. It is used to create protective children’s amulets that are small girls.

Powerful shafts and formulas

In combination with other runes, it helps to achieve the following goals:

  • Uruz – Nautiz – Berkano. Helps to achieve career growth even in difficult conditions when a person is being serious psychological pressure
  • Uruz – Ingus – Berkano – restores forces with strong mental and emotional exhaustion
  • Laguz – Berkano – Gebo – Socuil – used for the manufacture of women’s amulets that make their owner more attractive, favorably affect women’s health, attract decent men
  • Fehu – Otala – Berkano – Sovil – attracts money and good luck. Helps increase permanent income, get out of the financial crisis
  • Berkano – Pertero – Nautiz. The combination is used by women who want to shit a man, call him a physical attraction and create an illusion of love
  • Gebo – Berkano – Otalo. Female formula that helps to attract harmony and love in family life, solve problems and difficulties, conflicts and misunderstandings

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