Very powerful mantra intuition or how to develop super

Very powerful mantra intuition or how to develop super

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Mantra intuition performs the most powerful means to develop supernatural abilities. Thanks to her, you quickly learn empathy (the ability to feel other people), and you can also see the human aura. And supernatural abilities will help you better navigate in the surrounding reality and always take the right solutions.

Powerful M.

strong>Antraces for the development of intuition

Divine songs contributing to the disclosure of the “third eye” will help you to open your eyes to many things in the surrounding world. Quite spoken and shifting, you can even see the negative karma of other people and help them cleanse from the mistakes of the past.

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There are many different mantras contributing to the development of intuition, and it is best to apply them complex. Thus, the connection of man with its true nature occurs.

Such examples of powerful mantras for intuition can be given:

  • Divine song, making a person clairvoyant.
  • Mantra, opening the third eye.
  • Mantra, reinforcing reality superpure.
  • Mantra, allowing you to deepen in yourself.

Thanks to the regular practice of the Mantra Complex, you will discover the amazing features that will change your personality, and the full reality surrounding you.

There is also a very powerful mantra of intuition called Mantra Ajna-Chakra.

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Ajna Chakra is the sixth energy center of a person (the very notorious “third eye”). Its disclosure allows you to go to a new step in your development. Having mastered the energy of Ajna-Chakra, a person can be taken for comprehending the seventh energy center – Sakhasrara.

Such a person will always make a right decision in the current situation. She can create both kind and evil deeds. But, of course, every evil certainly happens, so do not harm the harm to others.

If you wish to know the strength of this chakra, read the following magic words of the mantra:


At the same time, the maximum concentrate on the purpose, which was set in front of them, and follow all the recommendations of your mentor. The disclosure of Ajna-Chakra has an impact on organs of vision, as well as on the spine with the nervous system. Therefore, it is important to adhere to all the rules of meditation to avoid negative consequences for its health.

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In the next video, you can listen to the unusually powerful and gentle mantra, which gives answers to many important issues:

Divine song that helps go deep into yourself:

“Om Maha Shunyata Jnana Vajra Swabhava Atma Ko Hong.”

Mantra, reinforcing the super-perception of the world:

“Om Rao Ram Fao Fero Eym Foram.”

Mantra contributing to clairvoyance:

“GATE GATE PARAGATE PARASYMGATE Bodhi Swaha Jidi Jidi Bolotszidi Bolantszidi paths sapoh.”

What is intuition

Intuition is the ability to get information not from organs of physical feelings that each of us has, but from the subconscious. Her second name is the “sixth sense”, or the “third eye.” It is difficult to say the exact mechanisms of its work, but in the fact that it really exists and is very powerful, no doubt.

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When intuition is well developed, a person celebrates many things taking place in our world. In the head as if a peculiar navigator is included, which indicates the right direction in life.

Methods for the development of intuition

There are a huge number of methods that allow you to develop your sixth sense.

  1. The first way is the practice of self-sufficiency. A person needs to convince himself that he is known for the faithful answers or the solution of the task set before him. When it concentrates on the problem, sitting in the appropriate Mudra, the correct way out of the situation begins to arise in the head.
  2. The second way – you need to establish contact with your inner “I” And get the necessary information from it. A daily practice of meditation is helped to achieve this, immersing into your inner world, where your spiritual mentor will meet you. It may appear in the form of any living entity or in its present image.
  3. Third way to develop intuition – To transfer your consciousness to place either to a person who helps you find the right answer to your question.
  4. And the fourth way protracted mantras. Their reading either listening will help access the depths of their subconscious and always correctly navigate in life.

How to read mantras

Along with all the other mantras, the divine songs to disclose intuition should be pronounced, being alone with them, the indispensable condition is silence.

It is best to be taken for meditation at the beginning of the day – preferably the time of dawn, immediately after sunrise. At this time, consciousness is still clean and not clogged with unnecessary information.

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And what if you really want to develop superpowers, but can not immediately read the required number of repetitions? Then it is allowed to read a comfortable number of times, but over time it needs to be increased. For example, you first read the mantra ten times, and every day add one more pronunciation.

A very important point that in no case cannot be neglected is the regularity of manter reading. No matter how tired and in what emotional state would not be, do not miss a single day, otherwise you will lose the result from previous readings, and you will need to start the practice first.

Do not forget the fact that it is impossible to hope only for mantras for the development of intuition. You can practice other ways, and if you competently align several methods at once, you can achieve impressive results.

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