Mantra of infinite joy – how to quickly change life

Mantra of infinite joy – how to quickly change life

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Sometimes in life we ​​really lack positive emotions. Eternal chase for money, youth, the situation in society deprives us of the usual joys of life, which, nevertheless, are very important. Mantra of limitless joy is a very strong set of text, allows you to get rid of the accumulated negative and attract positive emotions and experiences in your life.

How to use mantra

Sound oscillations, as mentioned earlier, interacts with the human body. In total, in our world there are own vibrations, inclined to change in the process of sound influence.

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When you begin to regularly utter a mantra, there is a change in the structure of the energy body, the mental is destroyed with energy toxins, and, as a result, there is a noticeable improvement in the quality of your life. Your energy merges with a single light source.

Mantra of joy will allow the mind to be cleaned from a permanent mental dialogue, gives him deep silence and peace, improves the state of the nervous system. Chakras as a result begin to work equally well, and the soul and body are included in the state of complete harmony. The elimination of unnecessary frequencies for you, cleansing the surrounding reality, and due to this a lot of free energy appears to achieve goals.

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But the mantra brings the proper effect, it needs to be properly applied. Recommended regular singing of the magic song for ten-thirty minutes. At the same time, try to use high high with low tones of your voice.

Traditionally, it is believed that for the connection with the abundance channels, our universe will require daily repetition of mantra for eleven or twenty-one days. But repeats should be no less than one hundred eight.

The text you want to repeat the following:

“Ohm Tara here is Tara Tour Soka”

Listen to the mantra of limitless joy:

How to activate the action of the mantra with movements

Do not everyone know that you can make the effect of mantra of joy more pronounced if you make certain movements during the reading process.

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So, you should perform a mantra in a sitting position, the hands are put on his knees, so that the palms look down.

Further simply perform the necessary movements when pronuncified by certain sounds:

  • “OM Tare” – Detached the right palm upstairs;
  • “TU TARE” – Now sat down up the left palm;
  • “TU RE” – on this syllable, the right brush is located at the heart level, the palm should look into the floor;
  • Sokha – This word assumes the location of the left hand parallel to the stomach so that the palm look upstairs;
  • “OM Tare” – It is necessary to combine palms around the third chakra (solar plexus);
  • “TU TARE” – Love both hands up above your head;
  • “TU RE” – arms cross in the shoulders area;
  • “Sokha” – On this word, an initial position is taken.
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Turn to the translation of the sacred text. Divine song in translation means the following: ” I find yourself in a state when my body begins to laugh».

Regularly practicing a mantra of limitless joy, you will be able to achieve a qualitative improvement in your life, get rid of the negative prefering to you and fill with positive emotions and experiences. Mantra helps you direct your life in the right direction, so as not to lose, but only accumulate life-giving energy!

How does the mantra of joy acts on man?

Mantra of limitless joy is not just a source of positive experiences, but also gives astounding vigor and energy for a whole day forward. She awakens your body and adjusts it to a wave of active activity. Therefore, it is recommended to contact this mantra in the morning when the body is gradually awakened from a night rest.

There is an opinion that in the process of reading the mantra of joy there is a merger of the strength of your voice with the divine energy of being, at the expense of which the surrounding reality begins to line up the way you need.

To whom they appeal in this mantra


Mantra of Joy is an appeal to the savory of Tara. This is a Divine representative of a beautiful sex, who managed to achieve perfection, but who refused the highest bonds to help people on earth. It is believed that Tara is a female attitude of the Buddha, who always supports people, in it in need.

Green container is a warrior who successfully decisive various issues to help fight difficulties and accelerating the achievement of the desired. Mantra’s magic words are impregnated with powerful energy, which concentrates on sound vibration. Mantra of joy has a unique strength and has a sacral code, carefully encrypted from outsiders.

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A total of twenty one packaging is known, but the most famous can be attributed white, green, black and red containers. The main text is the famous mantra of joy. It is advised to apply in the morning hours immediately after waking up. Thanks to the regular practice of the Divine Song, you can achieve the elimination of all obstacles in its path, cut out the darkness and protect yourself from unclean power.

Interestingly, the mantra will work even in those situations when a person remembers only a small part of the phrase. So the Buddhists have a very popular legend about a person who walked along the bridge surrounded by demonic entities, and repeated the words I remembered from the mantra. And Tara defended him from evil spirits.

The mystical situation in the Korean city of Si’an occurred quite recently. When the divine song was performed, the sound streams were synchronized with the divine stream of energy, and one of the servants of the temple of the chunks began to shine with bright green paints.

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