Runes by date of birth – Interpretation on the horoscope

Runes by date of birth – Interpretation on the horoscope

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Calculate your runes by date of birth is not necessary. Everything is very simple – each symbol corresponds to a certain time cut. Look for your character in our list and see its value.

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Runic horoscope by date of birth

In accordance with the rune science, each character of an ancient alphabet corresponds to a certain temporary segment. Therefore, you can easily determine what your rune by date of birth. It helps to find “your” symbol and use it correctly.

Isa (December 23 – January 7)

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Characteristic of the symbol and the person he personifies:

  • Corresponds to the water element, but not violent and sweeping everything in its path, and calm, peaceful.
  • It personifies a calm person who cannot be outlined.
  • People of this sign have a closed character, they are deprived of society, but it does not prevent successful in life.

Isa is a single person, hermit, who is happy in his own Mirka and is not looking for a better life.

Evaz (January 8 – 21)

Evaz is a symbol of updating some kind of process, reboot. Sign of man of persistent and purposeful. He loves to command and always seeks leadership. Almost devoid of luck, success reaches hard work and high performance.

Ansus (January 22 – February 6)

If a person under this sign Ansus is not engaged in creativity, he will be unhappy. It is very important, not paying attention to public stereotypes, find its purpose and do your favorite thing. Create good, beauty, improve the world.

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Dagaz (February 7 – 20)

Under the sign of Dagaz, great people who can change the world are born. Often are in conflict with others, because they express themselves in the eternal protest, throw a challenge to public opinion, it is hard to converge with people.

Algiz (February 21 – March 7)

Algiz – Nerdy’s man. He is interested in everything, he seeks to know a new one, to learn something, develop and know himself. It is important in pursuit of new knowledge not to lose themselves and not forget about true purposes and desires, the needs of their soul.

Laguz (March 8 – 21)

The Laguz man is very characteristic, unusual, bright. He is noticeable in any company, remember him at first glance. It is important to learn yourself to control that the power of natural energy does not destructive and sweeping everything in its path.

Tourisas (March 22 – April 6)

People Runes Tourisas Authoritarian, prone to despotism. If these qualities are aimed at global goals – excellent. For example, a person can go to politics and make the world better. But in everyday life, he is completely unbearable, often poisoning his life close.

Tayivaz (April 7-21)

Teivaz – Runa Victory and Huge Clearance. A person clearly knows what he wants, and seeks to achieve his goals by any paths. It is indifferent to what funds will be used, the result is important. Because of this, it can take a violation of the law, neglected the interests and needs of loved ones.

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Fehu (April 22 – May 7)

Very powerful sign. Fehu is a monetary symbol, so a person born during the ace is always accompanied by financial luck. Also, such features are characteristic as:

  • Huge perseverance in achieving goals;
  • constant desire for knowledge;
  • self-confidence;
  • insatiability – always seeks to have more than it is now.
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It is very important in the race for the material not forgetting about spiritual values.

Uruz (May 8 – 21)

Urus – very stubborn people. Hardworking, love to work, even if they do not get big money for it. Will strive for superiority, Stakhanovtsy, most often achieve the fulfillment of all their desires.

Raido (May 22 – June 6)

People Rado attract, first of all, new impressions, emotions. Therefore, they often turn into avid travelers, adventurers. Choose extreme entertainment and outdoor activities.

Gebo (June 7 – 22)

For these people, Runes GEBO are the highest life goal – harmony and happiness. They are trying to come to this state by all ways. Often engaged in spiritual practitioners, wanting to live in agreement with the Universe, and others.

Eyvaz (June 22 – July 7)

Progressive personalities that never stand still. Constant development, self-knowledge and self-improvement – here are their goal. Never be satisfied with what have now.

Otila (July 8 – 23)

Very deep personality, spiritual development at the highest level. They seek to maintain related ties, always feel the huge support of the kind. Harmonious and happy, as a rule, personality.

Soul (July 24 – August 8)

Soulu is a symbol of victory and winner. A sign of a born leader, very energetic and vitality. They seek to take a leadership position in the company, at work, personal life. Excellent leaders, if they do not spend their energy to empty things.

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INGUS (August 9 – 23)

Fate generously gives people ingus luck and luck. They are successful, happy, loved surrounding. But sometimes periods of vitality are replaced by deep depression.

Yera (August 24 – September 8)

Hospitable nature that love to “nest” is tightly standing on Earth. Family and native Yera for people are above all. Love to receive guests, the best holiday is to make delicious food and invite close, sincerely communicate.

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Berkana (September 9 – 23)

Rune Berkana – a symbol of female creative energy. A person is accompanied by financial luck. He converts and harmonizes the space around him, favorably affects all the people around him.

Woney (September 24 – October 8)

Dreamers and emotional personalities of the runes of WUNO, they are forever in the search for sources of inspiration. Aesthetes and creative nature. For them should always stand someone more landed, otherwise household difficulties will kill cravings for creativity and will not leave chances of happiness.

Mannaz (October 9 – 23)

Man mannaz runes can not be called a soul of the company. He prefers a closed and lone lifestyle. But the rest of the people like it all the same – the faithful, devotee, calm, excellent listener.

Hagalaz (October 24 – November 8)

These are people able to make an incredible discovery, change the world for the better. But it is very important not to spend your energy on everyday life, a tedious routine.

Nature (November 9 – 23)

Very disciplined personality. Rules for the nutrition above all. Perfectionist and realist, you can not dream and does not like. It is firmly on earth.

Kano (November 24 – December 8)

Kano – very cheerful nature, sociable, humorous. They adore them, they usually have many fans. It’s easy to contact people, but inside can be deeply unhappy, although they do not show it.

Perth (December 9 – 22)

Perto – mysterious nature. Their soul is always a mystery for seven seals for others. They may seem active and sociable, but you will never recognize them to the end. The main goal in life is to gain mutual happy love.

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