Runa Veles: fortune telling and ways to obtain the location of the Divine

Runa Veles: fortune telling and ways to obtain the location of the Divine

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Rune Veles or Treka is a symbol of a mighty warrior, a man developed and physically, and spiritually. This ancient symbol has a very deep meaning – this is a sign of achieving goals, global, able to benefit not only a specific person, but also to society.

The value of Rune Veles.

In Slavic mythology, Veles is a powerful god of livestock, patronizing merchants and farmers. But Veles has a reverse, negative side. He can reincarnate in Via – a terrible deity, capable of towing one glance a whole army.

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The value of Rune Veles:

  • Equal exchange, in which both sides of the dispute are invested equally. Without such an approach, the transaction will not take place.
  • Element of fire. But not a devastating, but a blessing, cleansing person from restrictions and evil, all negative, extra, unnecessary.
  • Loss of something important. But this leads only to favorable changes.

Runa Veles is often used for the manufacture of faiths. They are made exclusively of gold, because this precious metal is most like the ancient deity. You can use more affordable materials – bones, bronze, wood. Exception – oak wood, it is categorically impossible to use it.

Obligration of Veles.

To attract the attention of the Veles, to enlist his patronage and help, the ancient Slavs used a powerful ruffeed betrayal of the Slavles. These are certain prayers, with which you can refer to the ancient deity in magical rituals.

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If in a traditional understanding of becoming a combination of several rune characters, then in the case of Veles it is only an appeal to God, praising his qualities and thanks for the help.

There are several options for ancient texts. They are read before bedtime on a burning candle.

Here is one of the options for addressing Veles:

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Fortune telling

With the help of the Rune Veles, you can find out the future and get answers to all kinds of questions. Our ancestors believed that it was this God that gave the runes to people and helped learn all the secrets of Rounic Magic.

It is believed that the future cannot be changed – it is predetermined in advance. There is a logical question – why guess if it is impossible to influence the course of events? In fact, by means of Rune divination, you can be warned about some of the key moments of your destiny. And at the crucial point, select the most favorable option for yourself, which will allow you to get out of the problem situation with minimal losses.

If the Rune Veles falls out in the inverted position (Viy):

  • Prediction of death, darkness, oblivion. This fire is destroyed, which destroys everything completely, not leaving the chance to escape. But you can change the negative prediction if you can accept some restrictions in your life.
  • Veles indicates prediction and what you need as quickly as possible to settle with debts. Not only financial, but also spiritual. The cargo of accumulated debts will be tight and interfere with fully live.
  • In the negative value of Rune indicates that you are threatened with health problems, large financial losses and difficulties with career growth.
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The negative meaning of the rune is not a reason to despair – if you can redeem all the debts to “pay” them completely, the black stripe will end in life.

How to fix negative alignment?

Veles reacts sensitively to requests facing it. Therefore, the negative value of the runes can be neutralized and attracting success in their lives.

To do this, you need to create altar houses for offering:

  1. Take a small stone. It is desirable that it was granite or other natural mineral. The perfect option is obsidian.
  2. Cover the stone with a dense black tissue made of natural fibers.
  3. Draw chalk on the fabric Runa Veles.
  4. Install the altar of the bowl, filled with wine, water, juice. It should not be empty.
  5. Light incense. It is best to use the fragrance of juniper, because he drives the negative, helps to cleanse spiritually, gain strength and cheered up.
  6. And then you can proceed to reading the prayer that glorifying the veins, the text of which is indicated above.

If during the ritual you felt the chill on the skin, entered into a trance state, which means everything turned out, and Veles heard your prayer. From this point on, favorable happy changes will begin to occur in life.

Watch the video about Veles:

Affection in love relationships

Runa Veles is a good assistant in love affairs. It helps to attract a worthy chosen one and build a happy harmonious relationship with him.

How can an ancient sign be used in order to attract favorable events in a personal life:

  • Pictulate the rune symbol on the wrist as a tattoo. This is the most radical method that will always have to have support and magical power of an ancient sign.
  • Sew on clothes. Preferably at an invisible place. Choose those wardrobe items that wear constantly.
  • Engrave on gold jewelry. It is important that you wore them often.
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In fortunate on the relationship of the rune will have such values:

  • Get ready for some restrictions. Your chosen one will try to dominate in a pair, it is important for him that you will be submitted by his rules. Are you ready to take a subordinate position and drive your own interests?
  • In the negative meaning of the rune, it can add treason, deception from the beloved person. Be vigilant and do not allow anyone to interfere with your relationship.

In most cases, Rune Veles has an unfavorable value at first glance. But this is not so – negative situations does not happen, each is perfect. Each nuisance carries an important life lesson. It is important to understand it and not despair.

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