Mantra Buddha Medicine – Listen online, text

Mantra Buddha Medicine – Listen online, text

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Mantra Buddha Medicine is able to treat physical diseases. This is one of the few prayers that combines spiritual cleansing and bodily rehabilitation so efficiently that it may even be replaced by some drugs. I immediately want to say that no prayer can displace the hospital and professional doctors out of everybody. Mantra is able to cope only with light ailments in the initial stage. If we are talking about the sore of a dangerous, especially associated with cardiology or oncology, then the campaign to the doctor should not be avoided.

Read and listen to mantra buddha medicine

The text of the mantra is simple:

Om Beanse Beanze Mahabeganze Ranza Samutgate Sokh

In the Tibetan version, the text sounds like this:

Tadyathh Om Beckanze Beckanse Maha Beckanse Ranza Samutgate Sokh

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You can sing both versions. Like other mantras, it is necessary to read 108 times in a row. Special rosary are often used to simplify calculations.

Listen to Mantra Buddha Medicine Online:

Sacred Relation of Mind and Body

Almost all physical diseases occur from soul diseases. No, you do not think that we are talking about madness. Vices are the main ailments of the human being, generating destroying processes in our fragile body.

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Of course, that you need to fight. But first should I figure out what kind of “enemies” are about. Not knowing the enemy in the face, it is difficult to win the victory, so they said all the ancient wise men.

  • Anger . He destroys all the human. Open angry and hatred is his regular satellites. This spiritual illness destroys the nervous system. A person becomes irritable and hot-tempered. From here, many diseases occur, including cancer.
  • Attachment . Dependence on something necessarily entails the refusal of some of the benefits of earthly nature. For example, if a person is tied to smoking tobacco, he deprives himself happiness to breathe fresh air. How not to be upset when, instead of flower flavors in the nose there is a disgusting stench from the glowing poisonous plant?
  • Ignorance . It is ignorance. If a person is not able to give answers to some questions, then it is Polwy. It is quite another thing if this happens because of ignorance and the absence in the head of the information that will facilitate life, and most importantly, communication with the surrounding people.

There are a number of other human defects, but they affect physical health much weaker. Mantra Buddha Medicine is able to save you from the root causes of the disease, that is, spiritual defects. This entails physical recovery.

On the importance of sincere faith

No prayer of the world is able to help a person, if he himself does not believe in a positive result. Mantras are no exception. Buddha is very kind, but it is upset by consumer attitude. Sincere faith gives the Divine sign that he loved as his father, regardless of whether he will make something for a person or will miss his ears by his ears.

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It is thanks to faith that a strong connection with the deity is established. This is the key to the fact that the prayer will be successful and the disease will retreat. The case is known when one of the Tibetan monks was able to recover after a heavy stroke in three weeks. As he himself then told, at first could not speak, but retained the ability to mentally utter the words of the mantra. It was literally speaking in three days. A week later, he got on his feet. Sincere faith, that’s what helped a clergy!

How to read the mantra

It is worth it to immediately say that this chant has the most powerful force with full loneliness. About any collective prayers of speech should not go. Need a complete concentration on yourself and its body, outsiders will distract, the effect will be lost.

The number of readings for one approach may differ.

  • 7 times. Surface improvement. Not suitable for cure from diseases, however, the body strengthens, especially during seasonal epidemics.
  • 21 times. Helps fight small ailments. These include runny nose or light allergies.
  • 100 times. This option requires deep spiritual training. It is not suitable for full cure, but helps to fight with the most serious diseases. It is also a good help when recovery after complex surgical operations.

I repeat – never replace clinical treatment with mantra. It can help, but this panacea is able to become only for people with deepest spiritual training. Among the population of Russia and the CIS countries such adepts are united, and their practice began in childhood.

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The reading of the mantra must be carried out in the calm location of the Spirit. The fact is that external experiences may interfere with concentrations on a disturbing disease. If any events are so strongly disturbed by your soul that it is not possible to calm down, it is necessary to listen to quiet music without words for an hour. It perfectly tones and charges positive – just what you need!

Mantra Buddha Medicine is one of the most powerful prayers. Preparation for its reading requires a very serious approach, because we are talking about health. If suddenly you feel the deterioration or a complete lack of effect, then you need to look for a mistake in the execution of the mantra. Spiritual practices do not tolerate oversities, they love the exact execution of all the rules. Be careful and take care of yourself!

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