How to remove the evil eye from the child – simple rites at home

How to remove the evil eye from the child – simple rites at home

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Small children are defenseless in front of negative energy and are often susceptible to slocses and damage. Maternal love has a huge force and influence on the child, and the mother’s prayer will be able to protect against any evil and even death. In the article, consider several old ways, how to remove the evil eye from the child who can successfully apply his mother.

Simple leader

The evil eye from the kid can be removed on any day of the month, waiting for a decreasing moon is not needed. Type in the church holy water and buy a candle. Houses burn the candle, read over the kid “Our Father” 9 times and cross it with holy water.

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It is necessary to do this: wet your fingers in the water and touch the baby’s forehead, to the navel, then to the left and right shoulder. It turns out a cross. Then read three times plotted words:

An hour later, buy a kid in the infusion of birch leaves, and water from the bath to the crossroads or under the roots of the birch. If there is no leaves, you can make a decoction from birch bark and buy a child in it. It will be enough for several leaves or a small piece of bark.

Holy Water

This method well cleans the aura of a child from negative energy, can be done in preventive purposes once a week. Bring the holy water from the church and pour into a glass / crystal glass. Put the clean night shirt and blossom hair.

The procedure for performing a ritual is:

  1. Wash the lobik kid with a driver and read ours “Father”.
  2. Moisten the back side of the baby’s palm, reading ours “Father”.
  3. Moisten the back of the kid’s feet, reading a prayer.
  4. Wipe the forehead of the baby Podol shirts.
  5. Wanks pour the door of the door.
  6. Burn the match, squeeze the ashes on the saucer and fingers put the point on the forehead of the child.
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After that, remove the shirt and put separately from things – it will be needed for the next ritual. Lay the baby to sleep, you don’t need to wash the point on Lobik.

When wipe the forehead with a pitch of shirts, say:

Corgent and egg

This method used our great-grandmothers. Removal of damage and evil eye Removal need to be carried out at any time if you felt something wrong. Burn the match and throw the corner into a glass with clean water. Read over the water:

Intenit of the baby’s toddler, saying:

Then boil the fresh chicken egg, cool and clean. Roll the egg on the solar plexus baby 11 times in the direction of clockwise and 11 times – counterclockwise. So you need to do three times, that is, roll the egg 66 times in total.

When the ride, read the “Our Father.” Then the egg is necessary to bury somewhere under a tree. Arriving home, wash your hands under the faucet to the elbow. Let the water wash away the remnants of negative energy. Thereafter, it is desirable to ignite the candle and simply sit in front of it, looking at the flame. It also clears away negativity. Calcine can be thrown in the toilet.

Prayer from the evil eye and spoilage

How to protect the child from the evil eye? To do this, you need to read over it a prayer to Saint Nicholas and conspiracy when he sleeps. The room should be the Wonderworker icon every time you need to light a church candle.

Prayer Wonderworker of conspiracy:

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Next Read zagovornye words three times:

Let the candle burns. Then stubs collect and bring to the church, put in a box for the spent candles.

Remove the evil eye bread, salt and matches

Young mothers do not always know what to do if a child jinxed. You can use the old way of healing the baby from the negative energy, it is very simple and effective. Prepare the following items:

  • a piece of black bread;
  • Matchbox;
  • a salt shaker;
  • church candles;
  • faceted glass with pure water.
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Now do it. Light a candle and read three times, “Our Father.” Otschipnite of slices of bread three lump, keep in a pinch, and baptize them in a glass of water, saying:

Throw bread into the glass. Take a pinch of salt and do the same thing as with bread. After that, spray the child three times with water from a glass with the same words. Sprinkle thrice his bed, and then spit three times over your left shoulder. Pour a glass of water in the toilet bowl.

Important! At run time, the ritual can not talk to anyone and distracted. Turn off your phone, television and other communication devices. Ask your home you do not get in the way. After the ceremony, wash your hands under the faucet at the elbows, wash your face.

Rite with matches and water

How to remove the evil eye from the child alone? There is nothing complicated in this. Type in a glass of plain water from the tap and prepare boxes of matches and salt. Throw a pinch of salt in the water, light and crosses water match with the words:

Baptize three times, three times to speak. Charred portion matches discharge into water. These matches shall be three. Then the water recite 9 times the plot:

Then you need to sprinkle the child with water three times, saying:

This can be some water to cook porridge, cook compote child, added to the bath for bathing. After two or three sessions of the baby will be easier.

Wax casting the evil eye and fright

How to understand what baby has been smoothed? The baby becomes capricious or sluggish, refuses to eat, does not want to play, quickly tires. Mother should be alert after such behavior. It can be confused with a cold, but the temperature of the kid does not rise. As soon as it was noticed, carry out the rite of removing the negative wax.

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You must have a pure wax ingot – 70 grams enough. If there is no wax, you can melt church candles and pull out the wick. Melt the wax in the water bath and prepare a bowl of cold water where you can pour wax. Put the child on the chair or put in bed. If the kid is completely small, you can spend a casting over his clothes or photography.

Read three times “Full our” with church candle and images and start casting the evil eye. Keep a bowl over your baby’s head, Leite Wax and say:

When you say in the conspiracy, the name of the body parts, take a bowl for them. When the wax in the water freezes, wrap it into paper and throw it into the street trash can or scream into the ground. Water from the bowl to the toilet, the hands are oooked under the crane. After all, they ventilate the room, sprink off the holy water or burn the church candle – let it be prohibited to the end. The room should be the icon of the Virgin.

Remove a strong negative with a child

If the child has a strong evil eye or damage, you need to do the following. Light church candles in front of the images, pray for the Virgin and Jesus. Crighten the kid three times church candle and sprinkle three times with a holy driver. After that, wrap the toddler’s face with a nightdress with a nightdress.

Shirt remove and burn somewhere on the wasteland. Follow liquid for ignition so that it burns completely. Leave without looking back, silent to the threshold. At home, take a shower.

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