How to remove damage at home – rites and rituals

How to remove damage at home – rites and rituals

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How to remove damage at home? The damage is an energy information impact that destroys the aura of a person, and then the physical body. The damage is manifested in different ways, depending on the information program: to destroy family life, on health, on a business, etc. Energo information impact is impossible to remove the treatment with a doctor or psychologist. Pitch is removed using a magical rite.

How at home to remove damage through the cemetery land

If you discovered the land before the door, it appeared there is no accident. Hooligans, too, the land will be plugged under the door. This land has certain information – cemetery.

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To remove the cemetery damage, it is necessary, first of all, to attribute the land back – in the cemetery. It is impossible to throw it into a trash can or just outside. Remove the ground into the clarity and take the cemetery, and then proceed to the removal of damage.

Buy a new white towel and wipe the whole body to them – from the head of the head to the spots. Immediately take a towel on the cemetery and find the grave of the same name. Tie a towel to the cross and repeat the conspiracy three times:

Leave me on the grave: Apple, raw egg, rye bread. Thank your words of the deceased in your words, which disturbed it. Then go without regard to the cemetery, but not home. You need to come to church and order the annual Pomex the deceased, whose grave you came. It is also necessary to order an annual organizing service.

Special conditions. Find such a cemetery where there is no grave of your relatives. After the cemetery damage is removed, you can not attend this cemetery until the end of life.

Remove damage to funeral candle

Sometimes the enemies can threaten the enemy of man alive. Is it possible to escape from this impact and how to independently remove damage at home? This damage leads to strong diseases and death of a person if it does not get rid of it.

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Before removal, it is necessary to pointer the new name – to pass the rite of baptism in the church. This is necessary in order to “take off” from yourself. Then it follows 40 days in a row to read a plot of 40 times:

Conspiracy should be read with the icon of John the Baptist and the grilled church candle. Before plot, read the prayer to the Baptist. You should also bring a generous donation to the church.

From the funeral damage

The clock damage is one of the most common in the modern world. The enemy or the sorcerer hired by him goes to the church and constantly puts on the eve of the candles for the rest of the living person, uttering special words. The victim of such an impact begins to lose force, and then health. How to help yourself in this situation? Prepare the following magic items for the rite:

  • Church candles – 12 pcs;
  • cut of natural material of black color;
  • Icon of the Lord Almighty;
  • Handful of little things for sputtering.

At midnight, bed on the table is a black cloth and set the circle of the candle. So that the candles do not fall, place them in improvised candlesticks or purchase ready-made candlesticks in the church. Light candles from one match. If the match is survived, ignite the candles from the first candle. Pleasses ignite not arbitrarily, but in turn, moving along the clockwise arrow.

Next, 6 times, read ours “Father”. Cover your hands with a castle at the solar plexus level and read the conspiracy:

After reading, hover the candles with your fingers – with your left hand. Wrap the firewood into the black matter, which lies on the table, and take to the intersection. Put the bundle of the roadside and tell me:

Turn off through the left shoulder, throw the right hand a trifle for sputtering with the words:

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Leave quickly, go to the door with the right leg. Operate hands with cold water and immediately go to bed. It is impossible to talk to your home, the more responding to calls by phone. Before you go to bed, read ours “Father” before icon 6 times.

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In the morning, go to church and put 6 candles at the image of the Savior. When you light up, think about the enemies – you put the candles for the health of your ill-wishers. This is an important point in the rite. Coming out of the Church, distribute the alms asking.

Important conditions. For a week, you will definitely be the one who put the funeral candles. He will ask anything or just try to talk. Do not let any of the house and in the dialogue do not join any pretext, otherwise the damage will return.

Remove damage for money

If you spoiled or smoothed your wealth, debts or money are bumping through your fingers, you need to correct the position. How at home to remove a curse or damage to prosperity and well-being? You need to collect all cash after sunset and put in a canvas bag. If it is not, there is a stente pillowcase from the pillow.

Put the bag on the table and burn the candle, put another candle for lighting. Electric lights need to turn off. Pour water into a glass cup and place next to the bag on the table. Tell me, turning to the water, the following words:

After that, sprinkle the bag with money water, swell the water and the candle. Put a few coins from the bag in a glass with water and put it where you usually store money. The glass must be as long as all the water evaporates. Then take the coins and put them in a secluded place – they will be faithful from cash failures.

Special conditions. Water for conspiracy needs to be dial at dawn when households are sleeping, and put in a secluded place before sunset. It is with this water that should hold a rite to remove damage from money.

Remove the spoil of an aspen plut

How to remove damage at home? This can help the usual aspen rod. Cut the branch, asking the Wood permission with the words. Leave coins or sweets under roots. Also, give 6 branches from other trees, also leaving the spill.

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At home, pour the water in the bucket, in the water crucifably pour the glass of the holy water in the water and put an aspen rod (remove the leaves from the branch) and 6 other rods. Light 3 church candles in front of icons and proceed to the rite.

You need to remove an aspen twist from the bucket and symbolically beaten by a pick-up, reading a plot 7 times in a row:

Rite spend three days in a row at the same time. Then make a cross from the aspen twist the cross and approach the bed below – it will protect a person from returning damage. Six rods tie black cord or ribbon and scream into the ground, saying:

After the rite there may be a weakness, poor well-being in both of the one who removed, and from whom the damage was removed. This state will soon be corrected. The one who damage removed must wash his hands after the rite and brush himself with a church candle.

Remove damage by photography

For this, the rite will need a vase from crystal. Late in the evening, pour water into a crystal vase and tell me:

Instead of its name, you can specify the name of another person for whom the rite is held. Then put the photo in the vase so that the water is completely covered by a person, and leave until the morning. In the morning, remove the photo and put on the windowsill. Water from the vase pour into the toilet with the words:

Vase rinse with salt. In the evening, repeat the rite. If the damage was strong and the person did not become better, the rite need to repeat 7 days in a row. Then after 7 days again repeat 7 times. Focus on the well-being of a person. This method is removed by any deterioration, except for cemetery and demonic.

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