Damage to health: signs and how to remove it using different methods

Damage to health: signs and how to remove it using different methods

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In this article we will tell you what damage to health, its signs and how to remove it, if you have undergone such a misfortune. This dangerous magical impact can very quickly apply irreparable harm to human health and even represents a threat to life. In order not to be among his victims, we find out how to recognize it and how to deal with this phenomenon.

What is damage to health

Porch on health is a negative program implemented with magic rituals or simply strong energy impact. Most often, to create it, turn to professionals in the field of black magic.

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This thickening of negative energy is directed to the victim and causes a crushing blow to its biofolt, forming holes. Through them begin to leak the vitality of a person, failures appear in the work of the body. If you do not notice the damage on time, the human health will be underestimated. Strong damage is capable even lead to death.

The damage will continue until it gets rid of it. From the easy impact, induced by usual, not familiar with the magic man, it is easy to get rid of their own. If the energy blow was applied by a professional, it is very risky to remove damage to himself. You can cause even greater damage to health.

In arsenal, black magicians and sorcerers have many ways to bring damage to man. They differ by the where exactly the energy blow is sent. Most often, damage suggests as a whole, but you can also affect some particular body or the appearance of a person. In this case, the victim will suddenly start to lose weight or, on the contrary, will greatly recover, problems with skin or hair will appear.

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Types of damage to health

Usually species are divided into three criteria: the directivity of the impact, their essence and frequency. In the direction of damage come:

  • Driving on all organism systems that destroy the human biopol and its immunity as a whole.
  • Affecting a specific organ or a separate function, for example, reproductive.

In fact, the damage is divided into two types: organic and inorganic.

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Organic damage

In this case, the immune system is falling under the blow, which is destroyed by the influence of harmful microorganisms. With the help of organic damage, severe diseases are launched, which are difficult to treat: cancer, heart problems and vessels, pneumonia, tuberculosis. In the case of such an energy impact, the body decreases protective forces, it becomes susceptible to any infection.

Organic damage can be two types: single and multiple.

With a single damage on health, the magic blow is applied only once, but its impact is felt over a long period.

In the case of repeated damage, magical rituals are carried out regularly after a certain period of time. Her task is to constantly maintain a disease in the human body, not to provide opportunities to restore forces. With extended damage, treatment with traditional medicine is inefficient. If the destructive program is not stopped, the disease will go into a chronic form, the patient’s condition will gradually deteriorate.

Inorganic damage

In this case, the psyche of man turns under the blow. Physical health is not violated. Under the action of inorganic damage is the destruction of the psycho-energy field. A person becomes subject to neurosis, phobiam and often becomes a patient of a psychoneurological clinic.

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Signs of damage to health

It is possible to assume that there was a magical impact on human health, it is possible by such signs:

  • The painful condition begins sharply and suddenly, quickly progresses. Medical treatment does not help, but to diagnose the disease is often unable.
  • A person disappears interest in life, apathy arises, weakness. He suffers from depression and the depletion of the nervous system.
  • At the signs of damage also indicate “running” pupils or their different size.
  • Flashing uncontrolled aggression and sharp mood change. Often there is a thought of suicide.
  • Failures in the work of genital organs and infertility.
  • Sharp weight set or, on the contrary, physical exhaustion.
  • Being in the church, a person becomes bad, he faints.
  • The presence of a damage is indicated by the changed behavior of pets. Especially sensitive to the negative energy of the cat. If your cat hides from you or, on the contrary, exhibits aggression, scratches and breaks out of the hands, it can talk about the presence of a wizard char.

How to determine whether there is a damage with the help of church candles

To check the availability of damage, run a simple rite. To fulfill it, you will need three wax candles from the church. Act in this way:

  • It is necessary to light the candles and prone conspiracy three times:

Virgin Mary Virgin Mary, performed by the grace of God, rejoice! Lord with you; Blessed you between your wives and blessed fruit, you born, because you gave birth to the Savior of our souls.

  • Follow the behavior of the candles: if they continue to burn exactly and calmly, there is no magical influence on you. But if suddenly the fire began to hide, went smoke with Sochu, the crackling appeared, there is a damage.
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If you have diagnosed in yourself damage to health, it is better to seek help to a knowledgeable person. With light magic influence, you can try to get rid of it yourself with the help of a rite.

How to remove the easy damage to the health of salt and water

For the rite, prepare a cup with water, a little salt, ash, candle and red wine. Conduct it on Wednesday, Friday or Saturday with a growing moon. Act in this order:

  • At the sunset you need to get up by contacting the face towards the West.
  • Neigh myself you need to put a bowl with wine and throw three handfuls of salt and ash in it. Add some water there.
  • Light a candle and say a plot:

At the end, boil with water from your head to the legs and do not wipe the towel. After this rite, the lightest damage should terminate.

Find out what other ways can protect you from damage to health, help the video:

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