How to remove damage at home

How to remove damage at home

Obsession spells with pictures

How to remove damage and can it be done on your own? The damage is a negative program that is in a man’s biofield and destroys his life and health. Sometimes, together with the spoofing, the sorcerers attach to the man demons or the soul of the deceased – in this case, a long time is getting rid of the negative. Consider several effective rituals that help get rid of ferrous energy at home.

Removing the cemetery damage

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  • 6 Recommendations for the treatment of damage
  • Cleaning Porch by photography

    How to remove damage and evil eye at home? To do this, prepare a photo and a blank sheet of paper – A4. There should be no lines or cells on the sheet. Put your photo face down on the sheet. Then right hand Move the move, as if you want to press a photo into a sheet of paper – it does not need to touch the photos. Tell me several times the words:

    Speak as many times as necessary. Focus on the inner sensations – it is easier for you or not. After paper, you need to burn, but not in the room. Do it on the balcony or on the street – smoke should not be on you. Cleaning can be held for several days in a row, as needed.

    Healing from damage to earth and water

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    How to remove the evil eye? The black energy of the unfriendly person breaks the protective biofield and leaves “holes” in it. Any negative information is penetrating through these holes – viruses, diseases, troubles. A person becomes unprotected in front of the aggression of the environment. You can remove the negative using the cleansing force of the earth, water and fire.

    Take two white candles and a new faceted glass. Come to the splinter or natural source in a small place, find a flat stone. Install candles on the stone and put a glass with spring water. Light the candles, keep your palms over a glass with water and say:

    Keep your hands above the glass until you represent the winding black energy from the palms. It can take three minutes, and can last 20 minutes. You must give all the bad water, so do not rush to remove your hands from the glass.

    When you feel that inside it became easy, tilting the glass. Water should be poured onto the stone and drain from it to the ground. Sign candles and leave home. All items leave on the stone. It is impossible to turn around the way home, and it is impossible to talk with anyone too – you will cancel the action of the rite.

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    Removing the cemetery damage

    How to remove the damage made through the graveyard? To do this, you need to leave the negative on the cemetery. On the descending Moon, buy a knife with a black handle (if you do not find this, paint black paint). Buy a knife follows a certain day corresponding to the floor – male or female. Wednesdays are considered Wednesday, Saturday and Friday. The rest are men.

    The knife is better to acquire on the market so that you can leave the delivery to the seller. Give money with your left, talking about myself the following words:

    Take the knife with your right hand and quickly leave. Along the way home should be made alms with three or silence. If you ride at least one word on the way home, the rite will not take place.

    In the evening of the same day lit a simple wax candle. If you can make it yourself, it will be best. You do not need to buy a candle in the church. Sit at the table, covered with a clean tablecloth and take a knife – turn the blade to yourself, and the edge to the floor. Keep the knife by the handle and say three times to the flame of the candle:

    Cut the candle with your fingers, leave everything on the table and go to bed. In the next evening, burn the candle, take the knife into the right hand and “scrape” to them by photography – their own or other person – with the words:

    Love me spells that work

    Words need to pronounce 12 times, making blowing movements from top to bottom. Cut down, photo and knife leave on the table – and sleep. It is necessary to clean the photo three evenings in a row (before bedtime).

    On the third evening after cleansing, go to the cemetery, get your back to the fence (not a gate!) And throw a knife over your shoulder – it should fly through the fence and be on the territory of the cemetery. At the same time talk:

    The knife should be thrown through the left shoulder right hand do not confuse anything! After that, without turning around, go home silently and go to bed. The cleaning effect manifests itself immediately – there will be drowsiness and decay of forces, the exacerbations of chronic ailments are possible. Rest, soon the strength will be restored. This cleaning can be carried out for another person.

    How to remove damage to mirror cleaning

    How to remove damage from yourself at home? Negative can be sent to the castorgal. For the rite, prepare the following items:

    • 4 new square mirrors;
    • own photo in full growth;
    • 4 small church candles;
    • incense – Sandal or incense;
    • Black bedspread on the table and reflective surfaces in the room.
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    Mirrors need to be bought on the growing moon, hold the rite – on a decreasing or full moon. Prepare a room for the rite – make cleaning, do well, clean the candle. In the evening, shield the table with a black bedspread, as well as all reflective surfaces – furniture, windows. Light the candles in the candlesticks, put a photo between them – the candles must surround the snapshot from four sides.

    Behind each candle, put the mirror so that the photo in it is reflected (it is impossible to look in the mirrors!). Now burn incense – sandalwood or incense. Look at the candles and slowly repeat the spell:

    Repeat the words until the candles bargain. You must be in a state of light trance and think only about one thing – free from negative. In the room, except for candles, there should be no other lighting. No one should interfere with you – damn the room. At this time, you should not call the phone, animals from the room you need to remove.

    When the candles ran down, go to bed right away. Do not remove anything from the table. In the morning, despite the mirror surface, hide the mirror in the box – they will be useful for the next ritual. Black cloth roll up, remove the photo in the album. Important note – these 4 mirrors cannot be used for household needs, it is dangerous.

    Decision Rite Removing Blow

    Sometimes the warlocks can send demons on man. This is done by order of the client who wishes to revenge the competitor or the enemy. The life of a pursued becomes unbearable – all the affairs are treated, overcome diseases, money disappears, other troubles occur. Eleaches are so much that man does not want to live. How to remove damage yourself? This will help the rite with church attributes.

    This rite can be held on certain days:

    • On Christmas;
    • on the trinity;
    • On the birthday of the Virgin;
    • on your birthday;
    • On the day of the angel.

    The rite is so powerful that it will remove any black impact. Also, the rite gives protection from black magic for a year – becomes a powerful faith. You need to prepare the following items:

    • Church candles – 7 pcs;
    • Floor mirrors – 2 pcs;
    • vessel with holy water;
    • Thursday salt;
    • white tablecloth;
    • The icon of the Almighty;
    • The icon of the Vladimir Mother of God.

    Ship the table with a white tablecloth or web. Put the mirrors opposite each other so that you are reflected in them. Between the mirrors, you should place icons and 4 candles, the remaining 3 candles set not far from yourself. Right put the vessel with holy water.

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    Now you need to make a protective circle. To do this, sprink off the holy water in a circle so that the table and the chair are in it. Krophive can be a beam of parsley / dill. Next closer to yourself, pour over the third salt of a thin line – you will have a double protection circle. Holy water must be external, salt – internal protection.

    Sit on the chair and read the conspiracy by heart. For the suspension, you can write out words on paper:

    Conspiracy needs to be read by a quiet voice, clearly uttering words. Candles must completely ruin. The rite must be carried out in a light cotton shirtless sleeveless, ideally naked in the belt, so that the Holy Water dried on the body.

    Special conditions: Three days before the rite, you need to keep a post on black bread and water. Post to continue and after the rite for three days. After holding a rite, go to the church and put 12 candles: three to the healer Panteleimon icons, Trinity, Mother and Jesus.

    Recommendations for the treatment of damage

    The negative impact is easier to be removed if you follow the following rules:

    1. Unresolved man should be picked up in the church – with ritual, every Christian receives the guardian angel.
    2. Not wedded spouses are better to hang on, so as not to live in sin.
    3. Any treatment of damage should be started with reading prayers – buy prayers.
    4. Attend holy places and monasteries where there are miraculous icons and holy power.
    5. Consecrate the apartment – invite the priest to hold the rite.
    6. When cleaning, exclude animals products from the menu – sausage, fat, meat products.
    7. It is impossible to smoke and drink alcohol during damage to damage.
    8. Take baths every day with the addition of holy water – pour some water crucifably in the bath and blew with reading prayers.
    9. Always wear a native cross.
    10. Before going out of the house, wash yourself with non-ripped water – type the water in the bucket and will be shattered from it.
    11. Near church candles in the house daily and fuse the placement incense.

    Observing these uncomplicated rules, you will be able to get rid of the ingredient of the negative.

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