Celtic runes and their meaning: methods of application

Celtic runes and their meaning: methods of application

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Celtic runes are a whole magic system. In the ancient symbols, enormous wisdom of ancestors is concluded, and each icon is associated with the deity, which she patronizes. In total, the system has 24 characters.

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Celtic runes and their meaning

Each rune has its own unique meaning. It is necessary to understand the interpretation of characters to use the RUN value correctly in each case.

Total 24 runes:

  1. Feu is a symbol of money and financial prosperity. Helps to increase wealth or maintain already acquired property.
  2. Uruz – Rune Power. Gives masculinity and courage, it helps not to grasp life difficulties.
  3. Tourisas – helps to better understand themselves and the surrounding world. The problem situation allows you to find the only correct decision that will arrange all.
  4. Ansus is a universal rune, but is suitable for use only by experienced people in Rounic magic.
  5. Rido – Talisman, who directs a person on the right track, helping to build a half-time future.
  6. Kano – gives strength to a difficult life period.
  7. GEBO – improves relationships with others, teaches taking people as they are.
  8. Woney pulls out a man from depression, gives a feeling of optimism, vitality, resistance. Fills vital energy and helps to successfully overcome difficulties.
  9. Hagalaz – destroys everything unnecessary, which prevents moving forward. Frequent problems and errors from the load.
  10. Naties – provides support for hard time, attracts favorable opportunities to life.
  11. Isa – Rune, slowing down processes. Helps to get a timeout to take vital decisions.
  12. Yer – used when it is necessary to complete the current situation with a favorable outcome, and quickly.
  13. Eyvaz – fills the energy, gives physical health and leads to the harmony of psycho-emotional state.
  14. Perth – literally revives the ashes after experienced difficulties and troubles.
  15. Algiz – attracts favorable opportunities to achieve human goals.
  16. Soulu – harmonizes the soul and body, teaches to take and love themselves.
  17. Teivaz – illuminates the path, helping to find the right solution to the exciting problem or the situation.
  18. Berkana – contributes to spiritual and physical development.
  19. EVAZ – withdraws from degradation and stagnation, stimulates progress.
  20. Manaz is the personification of the inner world of man, the display of his ego.
  21. Laguz – enhances sensuality and develops intuition.
  22. Ingus – improves the reproductive abilities of the body, treats infertility and frigidity.
  23. Satal is the most non-magic rune. Used to enhance other signs in the runic formulas.
  24. Dagaz is a symbol of prosperity and vitality. It helps to overcome the period of stagnation and get out of the lowest loss situation.
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Tattoos with Celtic runes

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The runes are often applied to the body as a tattoo. A distinctive feature of such images is their realism. Pictures, as a rule, are very voluminous and highly artistic.

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You can choose for yourself some one character, the value of which responds in the shower. But you can also create runograms from several characters. Only a specialist can pick up a suitable combination.

And the tattoo with the most powerful value is a ruffic circle, compiled directly from all 24 feet characters.

Thus, you have many options:

  • Separate rune. Choose such a symbol, quality and properties of which you are especially strong.
  • Runogram. A combination of ancient icons should be compiled in such a way that the properties of each rune echoes and complemented each other.
  • Runic circle – composed of all characters immediately.
  • Realistic portraits of warriors, Valkyrie or gods that patronize the chosen rune.

Important: You can not fill the drawing on all parts of the body. Runic symbols are best decorated with blades, forearm or chest. In no case do not take the tattoo on the bottom of the body – the value of the rune will change on a negative, which will entail not very pleasant changes in life.

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Fortune telling

With the help of the runes, it is possible to guess – ancient symbols will tell about the past, it will help to better understand the present and open the secrets of the future. But for fortune telling there is not enough to memorize the decoding of Futark characters.

What do we have to do:

  1. Make a set of runes or purchase it in a specialized esoteric shop. Self-made runes will be endowed with a part of your own energy, so they are preferable to use them.
  2. Prepare a cut of natural fabric. It will be used for scenario.
  3. It will also require a leather or tissue bag for storing runes.
  4. Prepare everything you need and create a cozy calm atmosphere around yourself. No one should interfere.
  5. Focus on the question that concerns you in the current period of life most common. Concentrate and mentally ask Runas question, say how important you get the right answer.
  6. Shake the bag and get out of it 1-9 runes. The amount depends on the scenario. Lay out signs image up on the fabric.

Further see the characters – they will answer your question. The prediction is unlikely to be unequivocal: it will be necessary to think and understand what exactly they want to tell you ancient signs.

Important: If the rune fell out in an inverted position, its value changes to unfavorable. Consider this when you will decipher the results of divination.

If you sincerely believe in the runic magic and figured out with the value of each symbol, then deficiency is deficiency in the right way.

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