How to remove the curse with yourself and protect yourself from bad wish

How to remove the curse with yourself and protect yourself from bad wish

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Curse is the most common type of negative impact. With a curse you can meet anywhere, even in public transport. The curse is not a magic rite, but an emotional promise of negative thoughts. Our ancestors knew how to defend himself from this misfortune, but modern people lost touch with useful methods of self-defense from evil. How to remove the curse and can it be done independently? It turns out that it is possible to remove the fresh verbal agent of negative at home, without referring to the help of magicians and kneaders.

Rite with residue

Each hostess has a lattoon in the house through which the flour is sifted. This item is useful to remove the curse! Only the sieve must be metallic, not wooden. The metal is well quenched negative energies, and with the help of the knife you can neutralize the sorcerer – if you plug it into the door of the door or in the window frame.

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You need to gain an approximately liter of tap water and skip it three times through the sieve with the words:

When skipping the water through the sieve, beware of it with the words:

You don’t need to wipe my face, let the water itself dries. This simple rite is based on the principle of similarity. Frequent sieve dispels dense energy – and its black words compact with negative information. The water that passed through the sieve acquires its properties – disperse dense. When you wash this water, black energy dissipates. This ancestors knew about it, so it was often used to remove the dirty energy.

Rite with holy water

Fresh curse can be removed by the Holy Wader, scored in one of the church holidays. Such a driver should always be in stock, especially Epiphany. Drum should be a lot – at least three liters. If you do not have such a volume of consecrated water, you can make it so – in the container with simple water, pour consecrated. As a result, all the water will become consecrated. Just can not be proceeding on the contrary – pouring simple water into consecrated – there will be an opposite effect.

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Now you need to light the church candle with the icon of seven, read our father and the Mother of God three times, then prayer to the icon of sevenrser. After that, put the pelvis before the icon and wash the holy water, reading the plot 12 times:

Wipe the face can not. After that, go to the church, put one candle for your health from the icon of the Savior and three for the health of the curser. If you do not know the name of this person, say so:

After leaving the church, you can not serve alms, you can do it later. During the week, long-distance travel can not be planned, to conflict with people and attend crowded places. Before bedtime, you must read the following words, autumn yourself with a cross-sign:

Nobody let’s do anything from the house, even a simple salt or bread. In a week you can live your usual life without adhering to these restrictions.

Rite with porridge

If you wished troubles, poverty and lack of money, do as follows. In full moon at 12 nights welded porridge. To do this, take the cereals:

  1. buckwheat;
  2. millet;
  3. pearl barley;
  4. Wheat.

When you boil porridge, do not read our Father. After each reading prayer, the baptism of porridge and himself. Cover the saucepan with a lid and go to bed. Stand at dawn and taste porridge. The remaining of the birds are on the street. When the birds begin to peck the Crupe, say:

Come home, pray in front of the savior and tell me:

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Go to the temple and put the coil candle to the damned you. At the same time, imagine a clean blue sky.

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Rite with church candles

To take off the curse, buy on a decreasing moon of 12 church candles in the temple. Houses put them around on the floor and stand up in the center of the circle. Read the Father our 3, 9 or 12 times and begin to light the candles. Read for each candle:

Stay for some time in the circle, then put out the candles, take the disharges to the church and put the curse for the health.

Remove the old curse

This rite spend three weeks in a row in the morning and in the evening – in the morning and evening dawn. It is necessary to gain a complete bucket of water and boil to him plotted words:

In the words “Kyszy, Kysh, Kukish” need to show a fig. This is an old method of protection against unclean strength and its positions. After a conspiracy, you need to undress and pour water on your head. If you are removing the curse in the cold season of the year, water can be warm on the stove. Dilute sprinkled water warm from under the tap is impossible.

Rainwater curse

How to get rid of damage and curse yourself? You need to wait for thunderstorms with a torrential rain. While there is a shower with thunder, you need to post your clothes on the street and squeeze the water in the pelvis or bucket. So do all the time while the bad weather is raging.

After sunset, drain the water in the bath and tell it on it with lit candles (3 church candles in candlesticks). Go to the water and water yourself with a brush from head to the legs – 7 times.


Fix the water from the bathroom, representing how the black curse goes with it. Write up with a new towel and go to bed, talk to anyone you can not! In the morning, go to church and put candles to the Virgin and the Icon of the Trinity, order a forty-head for health.

Important remark. The rite is carried out with the female and men’s days. That is, for women – Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. For men – the rest of the day. On Sunday, rites do not do.

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To curse evaporated

If you were cursed, make the next rite on a decreasing moon. Pour water into the usual pan and turn on the gas. As soon as pairs go from the water, tell me 7 times:

Then the water should be cooled and pour out into the street. The rite spend 7 days in a row. Pans can be used, thoroughly flushing it under running water. You can put on the day and the moon for a day – they clean the dishes from the negative.

Remove the wishes of death

To read the wish of death, you need to enter the desert intersection after sunset. Look in advance this intersection for the rite – even stray animals should not appear there. You need to go there silently and come back home too silently. Having come to the intersection, bow on all parties – East, South, North, West. Then tell me 3 times:

The rite do not on the last day of the calendar month and in the first. Also can not be carried out in the rain. Do not report any stranger about your actions, neither the rite will lose force.

Walked from curses

So that thin word does not stick, you need to have a guard from curses of evil people. To do this, on Sunday, burn the church candle, put the handkerchief on the head and pray to God. Then write down the words of the overag on a non-similar sheet with a new handle:

Sewage wanted incente or tissue bag and always wear with you. It will save you from black naval.

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