The Pentagon has launched an official website for UFO reports

The Pentagon has launched an official website for UFO reports

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The official site of the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office will make sightings, photographs and documents easy to view. In an intriguing move, the Department of Defense announced yesterday that it had launched an official website dedicated to “provid[ing] the public with information concerning AARO and its efforts to understand and resolve unidentified anomalous phenomena.”The new site promises to make reports, photographs and videos regarding resolved cases available to the public as and when they are declassified, as well as to provide information and answers to commonly asked questions more easily available.

It will also provide a tool to enable government employees and servicemen to report their own UFO sightings – something that has, up until now, been problematic for them to do. “The department is committed to transparency with the American people on AARO’s work on UAP,” a press release about the launch states.

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“This website will serve as a one-stop shop for all publicly available information related to AARO and UAP, and AARO will regularly update the website with its most recent activities and findings as new information is cleared for public release.”

You can check out the site for yourself – here.

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