Man with ’emotional support alligator’ denied access to stadium

Man with ’emotional support alligator’ denied access to stadium

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A man accompanied by an alligator on a leash was recently denied access to a Philadelphia Phillies baseball game. While it’s certainly not unreasonable to take your support dog with you when you go out, there are likely very few places that would allow you to bring along a fully-grown live alligator.This was the bizarre scenario that occurred at Citizens Bank Park a couple of weeks ago when Joie Henney, who had been hoping to enjoy a baseball game featuring the Phillies and Pittsburgh Pirates, arrived accompanied by a rather large (and very dangerous) alligator.

It wasn’t any ordinary alligator either – the 5ft reptile has gained something of a following since 2015 when it was revealed to be playing the role of “emotional support alligator” for Henney. Park officials ultimately refused to admit access, noting the policy was to only allow “certified service dogs or service dogs in training for guests with special needs.”

In other words – alligators don’t count.

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Are you kidding me. A #Phillies fan tried to come into game tonight with what they said was a “service animal.” An Alligator! Yes an Alligator. Thing’s I’ve never seen. This is it. ⁦@SportsRadioWIP⁩

— Howard Eskin (@howardeskin) September 27, 2023

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