How to find out who brought damage – a few effective rites

How to find out who brought damage – a few effective rites

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Patch, as a rule, is saturated by secret, without revealing their true intentions. When a person discovers a negative effect of dark forces on fate and health, he wants to know the customer or artist of the black rite. How to find out who brought damage? Consider several magic rites opening the curtain of secrecy. After carrying out simple rituals, the enemy will certainly give itself felt – either comes, either call, either dream.


Ordinary sewing needles are a magic tool if they are properly used. With the help of the needle, you can burn for the future, send the damage back and find out who brought the magic impact.

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For the rite you will need 7 needles purchased specifically for this action. You need to buy needles without passing, you can pay money for the calculation – the main thing, not to take the delivery from the seller.

When you return home, split the usual frying pan and throw 7 needles on it. Keep the pan behind the handle over the fire and make the rotational movements clockwise, as if preventing toasted onions during cooking. Take this way:

You need to say as many times as the heart tells. Often, during the rite of enemies, they are determined – begin to call and be interested in anything or even come if it is familiar personality.

When complete the rite, you need to get rid of the needles. You can throw them out in the street trash tank (not in a home bucket) or bury into the ground. Needs to use the house is categorically prohibited!

When is it better to hold the rite? The best time is when no one will interfere with or distract. Practices are advised to hold a rite from 12 to 3 nights.

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Rite with keys

This rite is carried out only on Friday at sunset. You need to find 7 old keys from seven different locks and throw them into boiling water. The keys must be their own – take from home, from the car, from the mailbox. When the keys are brewed, tell me the following words 7 times:

After that, close the fire and leave the water to cool. Drain the water, get the keys. They can be put in the house, they do not imagine dangers. Water pour at the crossroads of the roads, which is closest to your home.

After a while, the organizer of the damage will make himself felt. It can be a phone call or a reminder of yourself in a different way. You will understand that this person is guilty of your misfortune.

It may happen that the rifler will appear under the door and starts to ask for a house. It is impossible to let it, especially give something out of the house. If he starts the scandal, do not join the rewritten – just silent. He behaves like that because he is bad and he wants to get rid of unpleasant sensations.

Important moment! Immediately after the rite, put on magic protection. If you do not know rituals, just read Psalm No. 90 every day.

To apologize for the perpetrator

This rite acts on the rifler very much, causing apologies. These apologies can concern any question, not necessarily induced negativity. A person will find the reason to say: Forgive me. Important condition: apologies will be in the first three days after the rite. The following days do not matter.

Rite spend at night. You need to walk around the apartment and touch every angle and each door with your right hand. In your left hand, keep the burning candle, and right touch the corners and doors. If the candle after the rite itself does not go out, let the fruit to the end. Conspire text:

Among the penshers there may be the best acquaintances or friends. A person suddenly calls or start apologizing in a personal message on the social network. Worse, if you come to the house and starts to ask for some thing, or will suggest to take a thing from him, – Do not take and not give away.

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See a nickname in a dream

How to find out who brought damage through the dream? This rite should be carried out under one of the two-month church holidays. Going to bed, tell me the following words:

After pronouncing a conspiracy, you need to go to bed right away. You can not talk with someone, go to the kitchen to drink water. At night, you will dream about the vision in which the image of the villain comes.

Rite at salt

How to recognize damage and find out who brought? The rite with salt will help determine if there is a negative on a person, as well as learn his enemy. Wait until the stars appear in the sky, and put the pan on the table. When it gets warming, throw three handfuls of ordinary salt.

You need to roll salt in a frying pan at least 20 minutes. Stir the salt with a wooden stick or a wooden spoon and read the words:

If the salt darkens and becomes the crack, then there is a negative. In this case, you need to go outside and count 21 star to the right of yourself, and say:

Return home, pour out the salt from the frying pan in the crook and crumble at the crossroads. It is necessary to leave the crossroads. For three days, the rifle will make himself felt.

Rite with wax

You know that you are damaged, how to find out who brought damage? This can help casting on wax. Prepare the following items:

  • A bowl with spring (or frostable) water;
  • Water bath saucepan;
  • 100-150 gr wax.

Why is spring water needed? Because there are no impurities in it. Spring water can be prepared independently. Freeze water in a package or bottle, drain the muddy precipitate – the ice is melt at room temperature. This water is considered purified.

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Now you need to prepare the wax for casting. Melt it in a water bath to become liquid. Carefully leut wax into the bowl with water and say:

When waxes freeze in the water, remove the casting and look carefully on it. If you see a month, the moon or flowers – a woman did a damage. If the shape of the bear, a wolf or any animal male film appears, a man was damaged. A man will also tell geometric shapes in the casting. Sometimes in the wax you can see the face of a nucleon in special signs.

Who carries garbage to the threshold?

Often, damage is caused through the lining under the door. However, adolescents may be littering because of harmfulness. How to determine? Bring an aspen rod and put near the threshold, saying:

If for three days some neighbor complains about poor health, it means that it was wing.

To protect yourself from the witchcraft of the neighbors and repel the desire to read the following. Stick three new needles into the threshold up the edge and read the plot:

The needles can be stuck in the clefts between the threshold and the door jacket. They must be invisible, and the edge of the needle will make her protective care with a penshelan. You will definitely complain about health, and the trash at the door will no longer appear.

The garbage needs to be shifted by a broom on the newspaper and burn everything together in a deserted place. When you are quiet, say the following:

When the fire turns around, go home. Stand against wind so as not to breathe smoke from the fire. After read “Our Father” 9 times. At home, take a shower.

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